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Now $26.99 (Was $39.99) Folding Adjustable Stand Laptop Table Free Shipping @ Oz Shopping Heaven


The desk, can easily change its shape to suit a wide variety of functions such as a laptop holder, breakfast table, study table, bed desk, or as a lap desk. It’s designed so that whenever you need a holder or a small table tray it will easily adjust and lock into place, quick and efficiently. All joint can be 360 degress rolling.

  • A Slim and Fashionable Designed Laptop Desk with Light Weight and High Quality
  • Made with Strong Magnesium and Aluminum Alloy,Firm and Durable One
  • Suitable for in/Outdoor use with Folding Design and Portable Dimension
  • With Two Cooling Fans and Mouse Pad
  • The 360° Revolve Provides the High Flexibility just as Human
  • Convenient Self-Locking Joints, you can just Push Down the Buttons to Adjust Angle and height Freely instead of Spinning the Bolts;
  • Suitable size for laptop: under 18'
  • Adjustable Height: 40- 480mm
  • Net Weight: 1.5kg
  • Length of Stand Bar Knob: 255mm Number of stand bar knob: pcs 6 (3*2)
  • The High Quality Bearings and High Strength ABS Buttons Enable this Desk Bears the Weight of your Computer/Notebook
  • Adjustable Angle of Desktop: 360°
  • Table-board Net Size: 48 * 26cm
  • 360° Rotating Laptop Stand

Packing including:

  • 1 x Laptop Desk

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  • The image on the laptop on the stand is of a woman using a laptop while it is on the stand, I wonder what image she is looking at on the laptop that is on the stand?

    Also most people should have a laptop stand like this if they regularly use a laptop in bed. Don't let your laptop overheat!

    Not sure about the price though, might be good.

  • +3

    I love this style of laptop stand, so versatile. My daughter snapped a leg on a more expensive one and I bought one off Kogan for $29 shipped. This is a better price so just do it. Awesome in bed, in the kitchen, chairs etc.

    • +1

      Awesome in bed, in the kitchen, chairs etc.

      Does your wife know about what you have been doing to the laptop stand?

      • +1

        She stole it, so she knows and obviously wanted a piece of the action.

  • +1

    Possible to use for my logitech racing wheel?

  • Sold, cheers OP.

  • not a bad deal considering it's free shipping and the cheapest on eBay is $29.25

  • hows the fan get powered?

    • USB I believe.

  • Showing out of stock for me now :-(

    • yeah damn that was quick.. didn't seem like they had a lot of stock

  • Damn, I'd of grabbed this in a heartbeat if it was still available. Been looking for something like this for ages.

    • +1

      get it on eBay mate.. only < $3 more

      • Ah cheers for that, missed your link earlier!

        • I also realised that this was actually something I'd been looking for, missed this deal, and bought what looks to be a slightly larger version on ebay.

        • @idyllboy:

          Don't forget to use cashrewards for a discount of about 60c :P

  • +1

    Back in stock with about 30 of these Laptop Tables…for $29.99 (the $AUD has gone down). I think that this design is better than the alternative with less air-flow holes.