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$30 off $50+ Order + Free Delivery @ Dish'd Food Store [MEL+SYD Only] - Ends 5pm Tomorrow


Good Food - Cheat eats: home-delivered meals put to the test:


Jacques Reymond, one of Australia's greatest French chefs, is now creating frozen meals. A cause of head-shaking for some, a reason to celebrate for others.

Dish'd is a bloody efficient operation. I ordered a few of the almost 200 items online and they were snap frozen, placed in a box with dry ice, and at my door in the next day.

Cookability: Can you turn on an oven and take something out of a box? Congratulations, you're a chef.

Dish examples: Heritage raspberry and pistachio frangipane tart with butter shortcrust pastry; cod en papillote; porcini mushroom and black truffle pappardelle.

Meal appeal: I'm making the call: these are is best frozen meals I've ever had. Of course, at the end of the day they're still frozen meals so let's not get too excited.

What's good: Opening a box filled with dry ice and feeling like an evil scientist.

What's not so good: The off-chance a child or pet could get in strife with the same dry ice if you're not home when the box is delivered.

Value for money: Meals are comparable in price to similar frozen items from the supermarket but taste much better. Free delivery for orders over $80. Huzzah!

Suitable for: Single folk who work late. Twentysomethings who arrive home from the pub late.

Rating: 3.5/5


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