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[DSE] Apple Mac Further 14% off after 10% Discount


Pricing error or not, the apple mac range are 10% off atm (discount reflected on price) combine with the discount code for an extra 14% on top of it.(Thanks to whirlpool poster for the info)

Further Discount with cashback from CashRewards.

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      Wow, I'm totally surprised……cough

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      Dick Smith has the worst business practices out of any medium-large online Australian business. The sad thing is they realise they can get away with it without any significant effect on sales. People really should be reporting every one of these instances to the ACCC. While it's probably true they wont do anything in individual instances, they will record it and hopefully act on the trend.

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        Yes, individual cases are of no interest to them. We really need to document every case of a cancelled order and show how frequently they are making offers and not fulfilling. It's not that there's anything wrong with that, but that it's repeated time after time.

    • So ACCC can't do nothing about it ? That's just bs. Dicksmith should be sued for that. I believe it's not the first time they have done that.

    • What product were you trying to order?

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    Hi, scored a base model mac mini for $580, is that a good price, picking it up today?

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      Why would you buy something if you don't know whether it's a good price or not?

      • Not sure what you guys would consider a bargain..hence why I ask..

    • Its not too bad depending on updates this week. My hunch is the Mac Mini will go super flat/minimal without HDD so if that happens it might be good to have the 'old' one with hdd expansion.

      • I really hope mac mini would get a new update too. Fingercross

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    "DSE do not normally accept change of mind returns."

    Yet customers can't refuse change of mind cancellations :)

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    A sign that Apple Mac is declining in popularity and its foot soldiers are loosing the battle against mighty Microsoft Windows.

  • Just picked up my rmbp from dick smith. The manager said he can't believe the price, so he rang the headquarter office to check it lol

    • Did you get 10% + 14%?

      • yes

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    I just got an email saying "Dick Smith Electronics: Your shipment for Order # XXXXXXXXX"


  • so wanted to buy the rmbp, but i just upgraded my 2011 macbook pro to 1tb ssd and 2tb hdd…because the old ones can get dual HDDs internally by removing the superdrive…

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      Cool story Hansel :)

  • I also just got an email saying the order has been shipped and they gave me a tracking number. Waiting for it to be delivered :)

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    Just got my 15" rMBP delivered this morning. Feel bad for those who purchases were not honoured..

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      It's Monday morning, when did you put in the order for it to have been delivered already?

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    I just picked up my 15" at George St along with applecare for the 3yr coverage - no issues with my click and collect purchase. I'm happy the order wasn't cancelled.

  • I really should've selected click and collect. Still waiting on confirmation of dispatch or cancellation from Dick Smith. :/

    • Same here, I've always received the dispatch notification really quickly from Dick Smith too. Oh well, fingers crossed :)

  • Just received tracking email from cash rewards.. Thanks op

  • My order was confirmed and shipped.

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    I tried buying a Retina Macbook today but APPLE14 didn't work. Congratulations to anyone who did manage to buy one at a more reasonable price.

  • FYI,

    Got a new macbook pro from DSE! :)

    I paid via paypal, picked it up in store in WA.
    (I actually tried buying via CC the day before with just the 14% off and 2 orders got cancelled using 2 different credit card, 1 mastercard, 1 visa. No idea why it got cancelled and it takes a couple of hours to find out it was cancelled via email)

    I jumped right on this one when I saw the extra 10% off, but this time I used paypal.
    Not sure if it actually makes a difference, but worthwhile trying to use paypal to increase your odds for anybody who cares…

    Total cost $1301.03 for the MBP 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD. (after 14% off, after 10% discount, after 9.09% off for GST)
    pretty good deal!

  • Ordered one MacBook air, got charged for two and paid via PayPal…. What are my chances of being able to sort out a refund in store relatively easily?

    • Will you actually get 2? If you do, I might be interested in one… Shoot me a PM.

      Otherwise, I'm not 100% sure the store will do much. You might have to go through the online help :(

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        They were able to refund on the spot there for me with no problems whatsoever, the clerk said because it was click and collect it was easy (and also mentioned it would be a pain to go through emails/calls anyway which I agree with) so I will have the money back for the secondary unit in up to three days which is fine and pretty normal =) got the confirmation about thirty minutes later via PayPal that it was being processed.

  • Just received my macbook (after the checkout charging me the full $2700). I called up dick smith yesterday saying that I entered the coupon code and it told me the discounted amount but I actually got charged the full amount and they said they would look into it and get back to me in the same day. Sure enough no calls and I had to call them again today and the CSR didn't even know what I was talking about. He said he'd escalate it and I'd get a resolution in 8 hours.

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      Try to their Facebook page. Their staff are more helpful and responsive there.

  • Still Awaiting Fulfillment for the order we have here. Hopefully goes through! lol

    • Got confirmation later that day. Should be here shortly. :)

      • I'm still waiting on mine. :/

  • Regret not buying, may never see 24% discount and 3.75% from CR :'(

  • Well I ordered a 15" 2.2 GHz MBP Retina and a base model Mini at about 11:00 Sunday night.
    Got shipping confirmation and invoices on Monday.
    MBP delivered lunchtime Tuesday.
    Mini delivered today.

    Total price $2514 before TRS or Cashrewards!

  • My MBP 15" arrived Wednesday (:

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