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Kogan eBay Deals: iPad Air 16GB $400, Macbook Air $500 iPhone 5S for $549.60 and 5C for $400, Google Nexus 5 $336, LG G2 $328


Edit - iPad mini is sold out.

Edit: CLICK Commit to buy and apply voucher code CBIGTREAT at check out, $200,$549.6 and $400 are the final invoice amount you need to pay. In Paypal, it shows $250, $687 and $500 in your paypal transaction which contains VOUCHER $50, $137.4 and $100 with $200,$549.6 and $400 from your funding source respectively

EDIT - The group deal lasts for 6 more days (or until sold out), however the $200 price will end tomorrow (Monday) after the 20% code expires.

Posting this as a separate deal as you cannot get this price searching the Kogan ebay store alone. Its a group deal.

Deals of Interest

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5c

LG Google Nexus 5 D821 (16GB, White)

LG G2 D802 4G LTE (16GB, Red) $328

iPad Air 16GB

Macbook Air

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Get the iPad in fun size! The iPad Mini brings a whole lot of fun to your life with up to 10 hours of battery life and a great set of useful apps all packed in to an incredibly lightweight design. Not too big, not too small. The screen is the perfect size for anything you want to do, from watching a movie, to surfing the net, to reading a book, without taking up any extra space. Wireless internet keeps you surfing

Ultra fast wireless means that you can get the most out of your iPad Mini, all the time. Packed with classic features. With thousands of amazing apps, FaceTime and iSight cameras and fast, fluid performance, the Apple iPad Mini fits everything you could ever want into one neat little package!

Technical Specifications

Camera - Front 1.2MP Rear 5.0MP

Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n

Dimensions - 200 x 134.7 x 7.5 mm Weight 331g

Display Resolution - 1024 x 768 resolution at 163 pixels per inch (ppi)
Size - 7.9" LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology

Inputs - USB 2.0Lightning Connector

Outputs - 3.5mm Stereo Audio3.5mm stereo mini-jack

Recording - Video Resolution720p HD

Storage - Internal 16GB

Referral Links

Referral: random (12)

iOS Users Only
$5 credit for referrer and referee.

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  • can't check discount … have to commit to buy !

    • +2

      10 hrs later and I have bought an iPad Mini and an iPhone 5C - thanks OP for spotting this
      confirmed this works just fine
      oh and a quick tip: search for item-id on ebay rather than going direct to group deal and you will be abel to "Add to Cart" and check discount before paying

  • Ebay on facebook list it as $200 but when i click on it it shows as $250

  • +5

    Yes you must commit to buy but the code worked fine for me.

    I'll post up proof.

  • Just worked for me.

  • +4

    Thanks, just got a space grey one for my parents. A bargain at $200, even for the older model.

    • Now they can play Candy Crush all day!!

      • +6

        …until they run out of lives

        • -1

          i see what u did there :)

  • How about the iPhone 5s group buy? Listing $687 http://groupbuy.ebay.com.au/deal?itemId=351105005014 20%off will bring it down to $550

    • Should do, if you go through with it and can confirm the $550 post it up as a new deal!

    • and the iphone 5c for $400 !! (if discount works - as it should)

      • +1

        Can you please confirm if you got the additional discount?
        It's tempting. If only the 5S was in 64GB or the 5C with 32GB memory…

        • got the ipad for now … but I am sure the discount applies to all items sold from Kogan

        • Yes it does, for items sold on their ebay store only as per the main Ebay 20% off deal.

        • +1

          Not sure about the iphones as there grey imports.

        • Not sure about the iphones as there (sic) grey imports.

          Not sure about what exactly?

          The no warranty support from Apple Australia?
          The no 'out-of-warranty' support from Apple Australia?
          The HK Style AC Wall Charger?*

          Well, me too. However the price (with the additional 20% off) makes it all worthwhile. Only on the 16GB iPhone 5c and 16GB iPhone 5s though. The others are still not worth it.

          *I think KOGAN HK include an approved AU 240v USB charger or an approved HK to AU plug adapter.

        • I asked support yesterday and they said that there is a 1 year Apple warranty for the iPhone 5s. That if it breaks down, I can take it to an Apple dealer to get it fixed directly.

        • Just to clarify…. support as in Kogan support or apple support you called?

        • Just to clarify…. support as in Kogan support or apple support you called?

          Well, as they said…

          "if it breaks down, I can take it to an Apple dealer to get it fixed directly."

          … it must not have been Apple Australia.

        • -2

          support as in Kogan support or apple support

          In another thread Dju appeared to confirm that it was Kogan Australia staff that gave him that false information.

        • @A3Australia: Yes I received my ipad mini and it did come with an AU adapter :)

        • Yes I received my ipad mini and it did come with an AU adapter :)

          Yes, so the charger had a USA/JP 'duck tail' plug (or the UK/HK style 'duct tail' plug) - and Kogan supplied and adapter from UK/USA/EU plugs to the Australian angled plug.

          The two iPad Airs my friend received were models from Japan, and had the USA/JP two pin 'duck tail' plug.

  • +2

    Wow, this is a really HOT price. I bought mine for $360 just over a year ago and it's keeping me well. I wanted a retina with bigger memory but this one is too good to pass on. I can resell my old one and keep the new one! :D

    Thanks OP!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Good deal at $200.

  • Just to confirm, this isn't the latest gen?

    • +2

      Not retina. First gen iPad Mini. It's still great. I have one and use it everyday, sometimes more than my laptop. Worst case is you can resell it and make a profit!

  • +6

    Damn ozbargain, I don't need one, but I want one at this price. Must resist.

  • +3

    Thanks Op. Finally took the plunge and purchased an ipad

  • +5

    Services from outside Australia - FREE

    Standard delivery from outside AU

    Est. delivery between Tue. 22 Jul. - Wed. 30 Jul.

    Redemption codeApplyApply

    AU $50.00 off voucher - CBIGTREAT

    Subtotal (1 item)AU $250.00


    Vouchers- AU $50.00

    Total:AU $200.00

  • +12

    This is the price Apple should have sold them for from the start…

    • +1

      In Target US, they had these for $199 USD not long ago. They are clearing stocks for the new ones!!

      • +1

        Yes I got one at above price as you said.

  • +2

    I dun need one but buy one.

  • +4

    I didn't expect to wake up this morning and paid $200 for a tablet. Damn, I already have 2 tablets. Great price tho for a new iPad mini!! Thanks OP

  • +2

    Just bought Asus memo pad from TGG deal. Not sure if I need another tablet lol. Decisions, decision….

    • +2

      The Apple iOS is a different experience IMO. I'm not saying it's better than Android, but from personal experience, it's very polished.

      • I prefer the Asus memopad as media consumption device over the ipad. For playing games, the ipad is better.

      • +1

        Thanks. I have a iPhone 4S and l do like the iOS a lot. But since I already have a mini tablet now. Thought about it, I think I'll wait for a deal for a regular tablet like the iPad. Ozbargain is going bankrupt me if I keep buying stuff I don't need lol. Need to have some self restrain

  • +7

    Also dont need one but bought one. Thanks

  • +1

    Thanks OP, Just bought one, been looking for a deal on iPad mini for over a month.

  • where do I apply the voucher, after click "commit to buy"?

    • Yes

      • Done. Thanks. :)

  • +3

    Nek minnit "Thanks for your purchase!"
    Seriously I didnt even need one! Damn it Ozbargain!

  • +1

    Ebay shows $200 but paypal shows $250 (Processed). Anyone experience the same issue?

    • +2

      click detail on the transaction.

  • Ipad has never been cheap as this… Got one white for $200

  • So thinking about getting this for my 4 year old son.. is it really that much inferior against the iPad Mini Retina?

    • Not as far as I'm concerned its not. Especially if its for a child.

      • That's what I was thinking… I think he'll just be watching YouTube episodes of TMNT and the occasional kids type of games…

    • For $200, buy this and a rubberized protector case

      • Yeah… just bought one. Arrgghh,… Nexus5 for myself and the iPad Mini for the son. How spoilt are kids these days!

      • the survivor case is great, can pick up cheap from markets etc

    • I got this for my 5 yo son last xmas and its ideal for children,he loves it.

    • Just remember the PROCESSOR is different, the guts of it, not JUST the resolution of the screen. $200 is CHEAP tho!

  • Ebay running really slow…… The ipad mini deal have just been removed?…what!? #$@@# or is it an error?

  • anyone know if its wifi only or cellular ??

    • Wifi

  • sweet, impulse purchased.
    90 Space Grey left at time of posting (12:00pm).
    I'm guessing it'll last another 20 mins (if that) at this rate!

  • god been waiting for this to hit $200, almost bought some off gumtree for $240 used. OZbargains does it again.

  • Can u buy more than 1?

    • +1


      • Bought one already. Can I go back and buy 1 more?

        • +2

          As highlighted in the OP's helpful description:


  • Bought. Thanks for the heads up.

  • +6

    Another OB impulse buy! This is why I have no money.

  • Any opinions as to whether to buy this or iPad mini retina from Kogan?

    • This one. Retina is $200 more.

      • With the 20% off and tax deduction, it's about $100 different. Still worth getting this one?

        • +1

          What's tax deduction got to do with anything?

        • I'm looking out of of pocket cost - without tax deduction iPad mini retina would cost me about $150 more, with a tax deduction it makes it only around $100 difference so more of a decision on which to buy

  • +1

    Nice. Bought one for the car.

  • +1

    god dammit reslo, bought one!

  • +1

    Damn, made be buy one too!

  • Gone???? Edit. One per customer.

  • will I be charged GST on this and will there be an invoice?

    I am going overseas soon and want to claim the GST back via TRS.

    I assume I can now buy anything from kogan to take it up to $300…..or have I just bought this from ebay and not kogan?

    • No you won't. This is a grey import, no GST charged.

      • oh its a grey import….sweet thanks!

      • No you won't. This is a grey import, no GST charged.

        Sort of.

        It is a 'private import' of under $1,000 - no GST is collected.

        The buyers are buying from KOGAN HK P/L and importing the iPads, iPhones, etc.

        If it were a grey import, KOGAN Australia would have already imported it and then they sell it to the customer.

  • Bought one… did a bit of damage today with the Nexus 5 and iPad Mini… $540 lighter in the wallet… but thinking that I saved around $250 in total makes me feel that much better.

    • +2

      Did you NEED then?

      • My iPhone4S was slowly dying.. so decided to switch to Android with the Nexus5… But didn't really need the iPad Mini.. more of to distract the son away from my iPad..

        Having said that, he could have used my 4S..

  • +1

    Silly question. Does this $50 voucher means u end up with this amount in the PayPal account for your next purchase?

    • Ordered one it's straight cash discount. Beauty

    • Same question here - PayPal account charged with $250.00 with a "Related Transaction" Voucher of $50.00 listed as "Funding source:$50.00 AUD - 20% off Big Brands on eBay | 29-30 June 2014 #CBIGTREAT". Does this mean the $50.00 Voucher can only be applied to these "Big Brand" sales on eBay until 30 June?

  • well, took the plunge, now have to look for a case, anyone have any suggestions for a cheap case or cover for the ipad mini?

    • +1

      Woolworths have them for $5. Cases and covers. Brand is extreme mac. :)

    • Aldi have them next wed for $15.

  • Great deal OP,
    Bought one for daughter who will be rapt on her birthday!
    Great price for little kids who can then still use all the apps and features that older siblings have on full size iPads and don't feel left out!

  • Where do you put in the code?

    • +1

      Read the description, you put the code in after you commit to buy.

      • Blind.

        Thanks for the great post! Got it :)

  • Thanks OP. Got black one. I picked this color because it is gone fast.

  • Will it really take 4 weeks to receive this purchase? @_@ Est time is 22-29 July

    • Yeah, that part sucks about SLOWgan.

      • +1

        no that's good for me,as I plan on giving this to my wife for xmas,so I dont want to open it until then..

        • +3

          after the new iphone is released, and its outdated ;)

        • Though these may become collector phones when everyone has moved to unwieldy sizes.

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