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Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Overclocked 4GB $357.97 USD Delivered (2-3 Weeks) @ Amazon


Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Overclocked 4GB GDDR5 PCiE Video Graphics Card GV-N970WF3OC-4GD

FLEX Display
Ultra Durable VGA Series
WINDFORCE 600 Watt Out

First post and spotted this on Amazon. Same model is going for $495 at Shopping Express.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Get the MSI ver. Recommended by many tech review sites as the fastest, coolest, quietest OC'd model.

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      Got a link? Usually Asus gets the top recommendation, hence their price premium.

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        I'm assuming grab_ur_freebies means either this or this one.

        Both are out of stock on Amazon at the moment though.

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        Asus doesn't carry a price premium anywhere except Australia. It is cheaper than the gigabyte g1 everywhere in the US and is cheaper or the same price as the MSI depending on vendor in the US. I have no idea why ASUS are trying to charge more for their card in Australia though.

        Can't say I've seen any recommendations for the ASUS over either the gigabyte g1 or the MSI gaming. I would stick with the gigabyte G1 or the MSI gaming personally, both due to heatsink performance and higher overclocks. That is going off hundreds of forum pages on overclock.net and hardforum. I can't see anything on the ASUS that puts it ahead of either of those 2 in any respect really. But they're all good cards so go with whatever you like.

        The gigabyte g1 is not the same card as in the OP btw, that's gigabytes cheaper model.

        Also in regards to you asking for a link:
        There's not much out there in terms of techwebsite roundups involving all of the cards though so really the best source of information is around the forums.

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          Asus doesn't carry a price premium anywhere except Australia

          Ugh, looks like I should've done some more research. TIL. Looks like the Asus 970 just got permanently crossed off my list. I've always thought Asus was regarded as having really high quality coolers and being reliable, but maybe it's just a figment of my imagination. Ah well. I'm not too keen on Gigabyte, but the G1 is looking like the best option for me (of the current selection). Thanks for the links.

        • Asus is extremely silent when idle, I like the Gb but many reported coil whine noise and it's also the longer one. MSI had some issues with cooling compare to the other 2 . Asus uses only one 8pin connector so not as good for OC as the others.

          The 3 of them are very similar. I had bad experience with MSI , but excellent wit Gigabyte. Due to the noise factor I am decided for the Asus because the pc is most of the time on idle. (If I'm playing the game sounds covers the noise)

        • @ProspectiveDarkness:

          This is the exact same card as the G1 except with a lower stock overclock, keep that in mind. You could easily overclock this one further.

        • @Vaiels:

          It's also missing the backplate, and on a card this long it needs the extra support

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      Doesn't really matter, the 970 is already an extremely cool, fast and quiet card, just get whatever is cheapest.

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        That's a really general statement there.

        It should be noted that the gigabyte 970 comes with an extra two displayport v1.2 (total of 3) over the asus and msi ones (both only have one).

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          General, yes, but for most people, all 970s are the same. I've been buying graphics cards for a while and the 970/980 series are one of the quietest and most power efficient cards ever released. The 680 series was close in terms of quietness and power consumption, but still, the efficiency of the 970/980 is unparalleled.

          For most people, unless you're doing something that requires specific features, there's no benefit in going for one brand over another. At the end of the day, if you need the extra features, you know who you are. If you're sitting there wondering whether you should go for brand A over brand B, then just go for what is cheapest, because you're not going to use those niche features that differentiate them.

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    Hmm most recommended are the Asus strix and gigabyte g1

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    Or the EVGA, Specially if you want to use WC blocks. EVGA is the only company which doesn't void warranty if you take off it's cooler and put an aftermarket cooler.

    • EVGA is copping a bagging for its 900 series products, sorry can't remember details.

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        It's cause ver1.0 is a fixed fan motor that can't use the 0dB while cool, quite a flimsy build, but most of all there using the cooler from the 700 which makes 1 of the 3 heat pipes unused.

        They fixed the 0dB with a new motor and firmware update on ver2.0 and a new cooler design on a new card call FTW

        • The EVGAs are copping a blasting becuase both the acx 1 and 2 models are the worst performing of the big brands. The PCBs and specifically power delivery are junk compared to the best models. Add that to the inferior heatsink and they are just a bad buy compared to the gaming and g1 models.

          The FTW is a different card and has a different heatsink and should be a good card. After reading anandtechs review on it, it still doesn't look to be as good as the best models though.

    • MSI doesn't void it either if you don't damage the card replacing the heatsink, this has been guaranteed by MSI reps in both Australia and the US so it seems to be their policy worldwide. More importantly there are few cards using warranty void stickers at the moment so if you place the heatsink back on the card before sending it off for warranty no one is going to be the wiser.

    • +1

      Its a pity if EVGAs 9xx series isnt great. EVGA have one of the best international warranties. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI - all make it difficult to claim warranty from Australia if you buy from the US.

  • Product Dimensions: 15.9 x 3.5 x 9.3 inches ; 3.1 pounds
    Shipping Weight: 1 pounds (Place order now and you will get lower ship cost before Amazon fix it)

    • +2

      How long before we get Amazon Drone delivery?

      • We'll have to really piss of the US before we get drones sent here. Either that of a find a mother load of oil.

  • I'm going to wait a while longer for the Christmas sales

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      Newly released video cards usually become more expensive over time until they approach the next model change when they get cheaper. So the best time to buy is now.

  • Gigabyte I got one DOA and a friend's one recently died so personally I don't trust this brand like seagate

    • +29

      Yeah definitely get the Seagate 970 over this one. O.o

      • Oh

      • Pretty obviously was saying they trust Gigabyte as much as they trust Seagate.

        • Yes but is kind of funny.

    • Very anecdotal evidence. You're comparing a different range of product for one, and basing it on one experience.

      There will be someone out there with a faulty seagate HDD but never had a Gigabyte card die on them.

      Sample size is too small.

  • Is this going to be as cheap as it gets in the short term ie up to Christmas, or will there be sales to bring it to this or similar? Is this an introductory price?

    • +8

      Let me just get out my crystal ball here…

      • haha yeah well..how about - is this a sale price over there or the everyday price? Others on the same page similar in price suggests normal price - I just want to know if I leave it for a month or so that I can still pick it up at around this price.

        • It's the everyday price. Seems to be strong demand for this family of cards and no real discounting yet.

        • It's the regular price, though stock seems to run out prettty fast each time it's available. Also the Aussie dollar might drop further.

    • +2

      There's always Black Friday/Cyber Monday that may have better sales, but it's hard to say.

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    Not sure if this is applicable but if you're in Melbourne theres a gigabyte warranty centre in clayton. Might make a deciding factor. Then again I don't know if they will sort out warranty for international order

    • +1

      ok let us know what they say when you visit them tomorrow and post back here

  • $410 for a card. Not bad.

  • The older version GTX 770 is about this price too

    • +3

      Fairly sure the 970 is superior in almost every way.

    • +1

      Yeah as above, the 770 is not really an "older version" it's a completely different card and very much inferior.

  • Out of curiosity, does Amazon ship any PC part to Australia? Considering the price gap, I could save easily a few hundred on an expensive build in the future.

    • +2

      They do ship a lot to Australia but not everything. Many components aren't much cheaper or end up being more expensive once shipped though. Newly released GPUs are probably were you are going to save the most by ordering from Amazon. FYI, when searching Amazon click on the "amazon e-global elegible" shipping filter option down the left hand side of the page to filter out products they won't ship here.

  • A good upgrade for Nvidia 670 card owners. ~67% better framerates on demanding games, no noisier or hotter, and only slightly more power usage when running games. A definite bargain. These cards costs at least $500 AU now to purchase locally, so Amazon saves you around 20% if you can wait 1 month. Once this card arrives, I can Metro 2033 and Skyrim with ENB, with pleasure rather than dismay.

    • The 2 people I know that got 970s from amazon got them within a week not a month (using the lowest price shipping.) Obviously YMMV, but I think a month is a lot longer than it is going to take unless you are pre-ordering a model that is not in stock.

  • +1

    While this is a much better price than in Australia I still don't think this is a deal. If this is a deal then so is the MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte G1 and the EVGA ACX2 models from Amazon. They all go in and out of stock as I am sure this one will. You can pre-order most of them anyway on Amazon and they seem to be getting fulfilled reasonably quickly.

    More importantly PLEASE BE AWARE that this is not the model that is advertised on shopping express for $490+. This is the model that is advertised on shopping express for $469pp. There are two different Gigabyte models of the gtx 970. Make sure you are getting the one you want, particularly if you are getting it from overseas. The Gigabyte G1 has a different heatsink in both appearance and design, has a backplate and uses gpu's that have been selected for their higher o/c potential (claim gigabyte anyway). It also has higher core and boost clocks out of the box, which might matter to some. This one advertised here is the gigabyte "overclock" model and it is their 2nd tier product.

    On the whole I do think getting a gtx 970 from amazon does make sense though if you need to save the dollars. I was tossing up for a while whether to go Amazon or local. I went local in the end, with a price protection CC of course, so it will probably end up a similar price or cheaper in the long run.

  • Just expect to wait a month after ordering these cards through Amazon.
    This is my order for the G1 model, $369.99 + $16.57 Expedited Shipping. Cost me $450 AUD.

  • i ordered the evga 970 from amazon delivered in 9 days cost $412 au

  • +1

    I'm stupendiously itchy to buy a 970 right now from Amazon, such good prices compared to what we have to pay locally.
    My only concern in that warranty issue. I contacted ASUS, MSI, EVGA, Galax, Zotac, to ask about what warranty support i'd get in Aust if buying from Amazon U.S., never heard back from ASUS, did hear from Galax, Palit, and Zotac but said sorry but no international warranty. EVGA replied within a couple of hours, saying i'd just need to send back to Taiwan offices but that yes i'd be covered. I'd prob go with their FTW model if I bought overseas.
    Bit frustrating as the prices are so good!

    Anyone had experiences returning a card bought via Amazon? Or international RMA of an EVGA card?

    • This is a very good question. Does Gigabyte or MSI & ASUS for that matter provide local warranty or at the very least cover expenses if you have to ship it back for an RMA??

      Otherwise this card could ended up costing a lot more than if you buy it locally.

      Risk to saving ratio. Is it worth it??

      • Check on the manufacturer's website if they offer global/international warranty.

    • Yeah, I want to order from Amazon too, but do I have to return it to Amazon for a defective card? Seems like such a pain to wait maybe 2-3 weeks each way to return the card - could be around 2 months before you get the card back!! For that I'd rather pay the premium and just buy the card here in Australia and you can return it immediately.

  • Any word on the usual 3 free games promotion for the GTX 900 series?

  • great deal ! i couldn't resist. i ordered the asus one.thanks

  • Sorry but what happened to the 800 series?

    • +1

      They didn't want to have a new card with both architectures since the 800M already had both Kepler and Maxwell, so they kept the 800 for mobile devices and the 900 for desktop all running on Maxwell

  • Im holding out till I go to the US at the end of the year. Anyone know where I can get cheap shit in the US delivered?

    • +1

      Yeah, Amazon.

      • -1

        Amazon isn't sending anything to Australia anymore.. at least when I tried last night. Everything said it won't ship to my address, even things I normally buy.

        • Err yes they are. Don't know why you think that.

          Are you even sure you're buying from Amazon and not one of the 3rd party sellers? I was looking to order some car parts off there this morning and had the usual look around, there was still plenty of things that ship the Australia.

          This very deal you're replying to proves you wrong too, as it posts to Australia without an issue!

        • -1

          @Porthos: Didn't try that. But they're not shipping movies to my address anymore. Even ones they were willing to send to a few days ago. And yes it's from Amazon, not marketplace.

          Apparently I'm not the only one having this problem:


        • @lostn:

          Apparently I'm not the only one having this problem:

          What.. one whole 13 post thread and all of a sudden it's

          Amazon isn't sending anything to Australia anymore

          I've just gone through the last 15 items I've ordered from Amazon, they range from pet supplies, electronics, hard drives, car parts etc and they ALL still post to Australia apart from a watch I ordered last year.

          I suggest you actually get your facts right before you make bold claims like you did above.

        • -1

          @Porthos: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/165070

          Here's another thread.

          Turned out to be a bug in the system.

          Did you actually get to the Place Order page before you deemed it being able to ship to AU? All the items I tried to buy said they would ship to my address, but when I went to check out they wouldn't. Somehow I doubt you went that far, but in any case it won't work if you try it now, because it seems fixed. It was a temporary issue with their system and not a permanent policy change.

          I suggest you actually get your facts right before you make bold claims like you did above.

          There are no bold claims being made. I said FOR ME they weren't sending anything anymore. And I know I wasn't the only one.

          Amazon isn't sending anything to Australia anymore

          At least quote my entire sentence if you're going to quote me.

        • +1


          Did you actually get to the Place Order page before you deemed it being able to ship to AU? All the items I tried to buy said they would ship to my address, but when I went to check out they wouldn't. Somehow I doubt you went that far, but in any case it won't work if you try it now, because it seems fixed. It was a temporary issue with their system and not a permanent policy change.

          Why yes, yes I did. But clearly, it must have affected every product on their range or else there'd be massive threads about it. Oh what, there's 2 threads about it? Oh dear.. must have affected everyone then hey? How do you think people were still buying this deal (and many others that were posted around the same time and since then) if no one could order anything from Amazon like you claimed??

          There are no bold claims being made. I said FOR ME they weren't sending anything anymore. And I know I wasn't the only one.

          No, you said they weren't sending anything any more. Don't try and swing it another way now you're wrong.

          At least quote my entire sentence if you're going to quote me.

          I did. If you wish to not be 'misquoted' maybe you should have written what you wrote more as a question, than an absolute statement.

  • Bought one. Thanks!

  • Now listed as in stock on the 16th Oct. and the price has gone up.

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