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Toshiba Basic Portable 2TB $109, Samsung 55" FHD 3D Smart TV $1219. $10 off $48 SPEND @DS


$10 Off $48 $20 OFF $99, $40 Off $300, $60 Off $500 $80 Off $1k

Panasonic 50" (127cm) Full HD LED TV TH-50A430 $799 Delivered
Toshiba Basic Portable Hard Drive 2TB $109 after code
Samsung 55" (139cm) Full HD 3D Smart LED TV UA55H6400 $1219
Vodafone Samsung GALAXY Ace 3 4G White $129
UNIDEN Bluetooth Twin Handset with Answering Machine $79.95
Sony Premium Headset MDRZX750APR $38.99
Philips Over-Ear Headphones $39 Was $149

Code exclusions
Excludes Apple Branded Products, Beats by Dre, GoPro, FitBit, Netgear, Panasonic, Sony TVs and ChangHong TV, HP Computers, Samsung Galaxy S5 (EM5294, EM5290, EM5291, EM5293), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (EM5336, EM5357) Samsung Tablets, Navman GPS, ChromeCast (XH1443), Logitech UE Boom (C7626, C7629, C7635PAC4, C7636, C7628, C7635, C7627, C7630, C7638, C7637) Apple iPhone 6 & Apple iPhone 6 Plus (EM6700, EM6701, EM6702, EM6703, EM6704, EM6705, EM6706, EM6707, EM6708, EM6709, EM6710, EM6711, EM6712, EM6713, EM6714, EM6715, EM6716, EM6717 ), ASUS 10.1" T100TA-DK003H Touch Transformer Book (XC9233), Online Only Promotions (A4797, XM1425, XG0919, D4495, GE6851, L6310, A8346, S3751, PR8109, CN6505, E9554) Prepaid Recharge Vouchers, Calling Cards, iTunes and App Store Gift Cards, Dick Smith Gift Cards, Gaming, Gaming Preorders and Xbox Live and PSN Cards

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    Awesome TV price on the Samsung

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    Just wanted to share with you guys that UNREAL20 is working for PS4 games including pre-orders (didn't try for any other console).
    Link to screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/70xbmq/8

    • I can't get it to work with PS4 games :/ keeps coming up as not valid. Tried with combinations of assassins creed unity, shadow of mordor and infamous.

      • doesn't work on ones that say exclusives :) which is call of duty, assassins unity it think

        • +1

          Quick on the trigger Trent

        • It also doesn't work on some that don't say exclusive ie Infamous Second Son

        • @tborsje: Yeah I think any that are already reduced in some way

      • Thanks worked for me, WWE 2k15 and GTA V. :)

    • Not working for me, aliens & cod:aw

    • I suspect that worked for you because you've chosen 1 game that's out, 1 that's not?

      • Could be.. I just tried with the games that I wanted.
        edit: they fixed it now any ways. Good for them who scored.

        • Only issue is, would they consider charging you more or cancelling the sale?

  • Why doesn't it work for the Vodafone Nokia 630 when it works for the Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

    • THEY Have the Vodafone one in the wrong section, its under unlocked

      • But I can't see where it says prepaid phones are excluded, only prepaid recharge vouchers

        • +2

          Yeah a usual stuff up by dse

        • @TRENT86: You have to ring them for the $20 refund

  • +4

    still haven't got my last 5for10 giftcard. I hate DS. They post so many spams

    • send their fb team a message, they are pretty good at tracking things down for you

    • Same here. Haven't got my e-giftcard yet. It's been 2 weeks.

    • +1

      I'm waiting on one which is near a week now, I'll just be patient :/ they eventually turn up.

  • I got so excited for the Logitech G710 Mechanical Keyboard (http://www.dicksmith.com.au/pc-peripherals/logitech-g710-mec...) but it doesn't work :(

  • thanks..

  • Hopefully this is still going on when the preorder games are reduced to $59.98 today.

    • +1

      if they do change they will be labelled online exclusive and unfortunately the exclusives don't work with code

      • Those sly dogs lol. Bugger it, I'll just grab FC4 and GTAV with this deal.

  • I saw the codes and thought it was some kind of discount for unreal tournament lol

  • What do you guys think of the TV? Good for PS4?

    • +1

      The Samsung one seems good, clear motion rate is 400

  • Shadow of mordor PS4 is coming up as an exclusive now :(

  • No deal on Seiki 55“?

  • -2

    No Dick for me after the memory stick saga. Dick is dead to me now.

    • +2

      If you play with Dick, you're gonna get screwed.

  • Awe crap!

  • +1

    UNREAL10 is not working on the red DualShock as mentioned above. Gaming stuff (and almost everything else DSE sells) is excluded in the fine print.

    Dicked around yet again…

    • Deleted

    • Yeah, I noticed this as well. Basically they have taken $10 off the normal $79 and then saying you can't use the UNREAL10.

      Kinda annoyed I ordered red controller on the weekend but couldn't get the deal they had going then…so I spent the $79..And now it's down by $10..Oh well..Just bad timing for me.

  • UNREAL10 doesn't work for the "out of stock" chromecast

    • It is excluded anyway.

  • Ordered Lg G3 16GB for $589

  • Can anybody comment on the samsung tv? Is this the rock bottom price or should I hold out?

    • +1

      It's one of the lowest it's been. I don't think you will get much cheaper than this even if you wait cause remember this has an extra $80 off because of dse code which most other retailers don't offer

    • +1

      It has been $1182 before https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/163412. You will see cheaper.

      • +2

        Yeah like I said its one of the cheapest, not the cheapest but I agree it will be cheaper but prob not a massive amount till around post xmas sales.

  • I have the same question with the Samsung tv. Maybe try price match with appliances online and then get 1% back from cashrewards. Any other suggestions?

    • Its worth trying

  • Who ate my favourite UNREAL60 and UNREAL80?