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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player for US $95.96 Shipped @ Amazon


Hasn't been this low since June according to CamelCamelCamel

Price is back down to US $84.99 again (from US $94.99) plus shipping US $10.97.

Roku Set Up Guide
Swap any UK Euro thing for Aus of course.
DNS services provided by https://www.getflix.com.au/setup/roku, http://www.unblock-us.com/ and others.

What do you need:

A Roku box bought from the US. This is an important point as Roku has different firmware installed on each country’s device. So, if you bought one in the UK, that will not work for US channels and vice versa.

A compatible DNS service. It is important that your DNS service not only works with the Channels used by the Roku box, but also works during the set-up stage – not all do! This guide has been tested with Overplay’s SmartDNS service which works at both stages.

A Router which you can configure the DNS settings. Normally this can be done on the device itself, but the Roku box is one of the few streaming platforms that do not allow any network configurations.

Some good general tips

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  • I bought a Roku 3 maybe six months ago, and I highly recommend it to anyone who's on the fence about buying one. It's essentially a home media centre/streaming device, and seeing as I don't have a Smart TV or PS4/XB1 (which can replicate some of the features), it changed how I use my TV. I was tossing up between a Roku 3 and waiting for a Chromecast, but although the Roku 3 is more expensive, the ethernet connection for HD streaming, more powerful processor and a (pretty nifty) remote won me over.

    You can use Getflix for a router-side DNS service to get a Netflix subscription, or use Plex to stream local/networked content from your media server. Other than that, I only use it for YouTube, but there's plenty of other Roku Apps or Plex channels that you can access.

    • -5 votes

      A WD TV live does most of that too.

      • A WDTV pales in comparison to a Roku.
        Roku is far better.

        • +9 votes

          Roku is far better.

          Depends what you use it for.

          I just stream movies from my network, and WDTV live works great.
          Got it for about half this price thanks to Ozbargain.

        • +10 votes

          As per JV, it depends on what you use it for.

          I posted this deal as I know there are many fans of the device and the price drops occasionally. Many have posted here in the past that the Roku 3 is great for streaming (Netflix, Hulu, BBC, YouTube etc..), but the WD TV is far superior for playing back localised media. I would agree.
          I have a WD TV Live Hub, and it decodes everything and works very well as I supply the media from my Synology DS413 NAS via Ethernet. However, it is slow to navigate and respond, and as such I wanted to get something snappier. While the Roku 3 will only natively handle video in H.264 (MP4 & MKVs) that is fine by me as that is what 99% of my media is. I several issues with my unit and the style in which it playback media.
          Occasional to frequent stuttering of video, many complaints about this linked to its inability to handle the 24P (23.976) frame rate. This occurred for all optional media playback Apps available (Plex, DS Video, Rokus own etc..). Never an issue with WD TV.
          Audio (DTS, AC3, AAC) was at a lower level than the WD TV.
          When Fast Forwarding, the picture stays static on that image and the timeline only moves in minutes. If you are trying to FF the first 90 seconds of an HBO shows intro this of no help, there is no difference between 1:01 and 1:59.
          With Transcoding turned off, my NAS had its CPU working harder than when supplying the WD TV.
          Playback of a 16GB MKV DTS HD file caused the NAS CPU to spike to 100% and lock up. With WD TV, the CPU never got above 4%.
          All Playback options (apps) require one to two steps more to access, play, delete etc.. than the WD TV.
          To enable/disable subs or change audio, you need to go back to the menu, there is no button option on the remote to do this during playback.

          So I fully support the great for streaming, but not as good as WD TV for local file playback comments.
          Now if only WD TV could offer a speedier box or the Minix Neo X8-H could do Netflix in 1080P.

        • +1 vote


          Now if only WD TV could offer a speedier box

          Have you looked at this…

          specs are very impressive, and also displays in 4K Ultra HD

        • @jv:
          Interesting, something to look at.
          Now with the Nexus Player coming out, there should be more apps designed to work with TV screens instead of just tablets (Plex for example).

        • @snuke: Roku 3 - you don't have to exit playback to access audio and subtitle settings - press "down navigation" button during playback and the options will appear bottom of screen without stopping playback.

        • @rokufan:

          Good to know.

        • @jv: I agree, I have a WD Live and the firmware updates have bought it a long way, it is cheap, you can plug in a external hard drive and copy files over wifi to the box super easy, can do streaming over network probably too, Netflix works great, youtube app is so-so, there is an easter egg for a web browser on it if you are so inclined. Has access to iView and some other on-demand tv channels. Only down side for me is no NBA Game Time app.

        • @jv:
          as snuke says: interesting. I'll say. Thanks jv. It warns stocks to be sold out very quickly! ($150 USD)…I'll need some shades to look at that Open Hour Chameleon.

      • Crappy interface and navigation doesn't help either. Roku offers a much better experience.

        • +2 votes

          Crappy interface and navigation doesn't help either.

          You mustn't have used one then.

          I just select the 'movies' tab and then scroll through all my movies. Couldn't be easier…

          I even got one for my parents who have never used a computer, and they have no problem using the WDTV.

      • Also agree with jv. People buy Roku more so to watch US Netflix and Hulu etc, if you don't want those, then WDTV will works well too without having the hassle of configuring a US product here in Australia.

  • I love my Roku 3 too. I just bought a second for bedroom. Thanks

  • Love the dishworld app on roku……. And espn also, sooo much sport… Mmmmmmmmm

  • Its a good box. I had one which recently died after almost 1 year. A friend also had his die after about 6 months with a dodgy power supply. Keep in mind the warranty from Roku is only 90 days.

    Netflix app is excellent, as well as Hulu. The Plex app is a bit shitty imo. I've been on the fence about whether i should get another Roku or Amazon fire or hold out for the Nexus TV.

    But shipping direct from amazon is pretty awesome, which i couldnt do last time.

    I should add that i've been using adfreetime as a DNS service which is pretty awesome at $2/mth as well. My referral link if anyone should care to check it out: https://adfreetime.com/a/378 :)

  • I have a Samsung UA50ES6200M Smart TV, needed something cheap as my previous plasma broke and just came back from a o/s holiday. The processor on this thing is so slow and miserable! Bought my old man a Roku 3 for his dumb Pioneer TV and he loves it. I'm now thinking about getting one for my Smart TV because its on the verge of a dumb tv!

    If anyone is umming and ahhing about the Roku 3, don't, just buy it and you will love it!

  • Is it worth getting one if I can only get ADSL1?

  • Does this need a Oz power supply? Any international warranty?

    • Yes it does. Mine came with a 110volt only PSU.

    • +2 votes

      I googled my supply for roku 3 and said was fine with 240v,
      (I recomend double checking as may have changed it)

      I bent the 2 prongs with pliers to fit my plug and had no issues, (Do at your own risk)

    • This is what mine came with - http://i.imgur.com/ydwoCV6.jpg?1

      AC Adapter
      Model: ELW121210-A
      Input: 100-127V~0.4A 50-60Hz
      Output: 12V – 1A

      • So what adapter/converter do we need to buy in order to use it?

        • you need a new power supply…

        • I bought a replacement power supply from Jaycar. It was roughly $25 from memory.

        • @jv: No, you just need an adaptor or bend the pins. The specs on the power supply are not accurate.

        • @slckb0y:

          Depends on whether or not you are willing to risk this, for a few dollars instead of the remote possibility of a fire and insurance requirement being violated.
          Personally, I used another power supply with similar requirements form and old Logitech device.

        • @davidr:

          Sorry, I negged your comment when I was try to give it a positive. Not sure why you're being negged for doing the correct thing rather than take chances.

    • Just get an international adapter .. works fine.

  • Pro Tip.
    Set up your Roku account on a computer using a proxy before doing the setup on the TV to be sure to get the US channel offerings . I used Alabama as the state and added a 0 to the end my actual postcode for the zip code during account creation.

    Make sure your have set up static routes on your router for google dns and

    These are excellent players.

  • There are heaps more channels on the Roku but do they all require individual subscriptions?

    • some do, some dont,

      There are plenty of free channels, But they are hit and miss,
      Most of the American cable channels (except HBO) will let you watch some of there current content bit like catch up tv, without a subscription…

      But for Hulu & Netflix alone, Great easy setup @under $20 a month.. So much better than Foxtel..

  • What sort of channels can I see using Roku? Do they also have subscription based channels for different regions? Like Asia, UK, etc.?

  • Roku box comes free if you bundle this up with 1 year TV subscription from yupptv.com
    I have recently ordered one for my parents as they like to view some Indian channels.

    www.yupptv.com for more details.

  • except for the lack of HBO, the Amazon fire tv is a much better device imho. it can even run xbmc

  • This is a great device.
    I have the original version which I got free (used) with something else I bought. Sat in a cupboard for a year and decided to see if it would stream youtube to a non-smart tv.

    After a firmware update, it was up and running. you tube controlled directly from android phone. Good interface, fast and great size.

    Anyone know how to get the android remote app to download- says not available in your country.

  • so the content you get on roku for free? or some sort of paid subscription?

  • Keep in mind the warranty from Roku is only 90 days.

    Now that is a piss poor effort.

  • Great piece of kit, especially when you add Plex. Been using one for 18 months now without a glitch, streaming everything no problem. Highly recommended.

  • Not a bad price for a great bit of kit and its even better when you install plex onto it. I bought mine back in December for $79 and its been plugged in ever since with no issues just using a travel adaptor :)

    lol snap with above comment :)

    Edit 2: plex for roku costs $5 a one off fee.

    Edit 3: have a read of the last 3 posts as I cant be bothered copying and pasting https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/142895

  • Can you also get BBC Iplayer, ITV, Channel 4, Demand 5, etc from the UK? And if so, can they work at the same time as , whilst you also have Netflix and Hulu from the US?

    • jk200sx, yes we watch iplayer but never botherd with the other UK ones as we never watched them when we lived there, we also subscribe to Netflix which if fantastic (no ads unlike hulu!).
      If you can change the DNS in your modem (easy if it allows you to) and subscribe to a service like getflix (a few $ per month) then you don't have to mess with settings as it fools both sites into thinking you are in the respective countries.

      Plenty of support to help you get going on here or whirlpool forums should you need help :)

  • I want something that streams from simple Samba/Windows shares without all the library nonsense that slows a large library down and/or messes up directory permissions for Samba (Windows Media Center, I'm looking at you!). I have tried every free DNLA server I could get my hands on. They are all just pure rubbish.

    xbmc or anything else that works from samba, a bit of magic with windows junctions and a well organised windows directory structure limit your library only to the number and size of the hard disks you can buy and connect to a single machine.

  • The Roku just works for me and as a previous person mentioned the remote is great.

    Whatever "box" you get you’re going to want Netflix and Hulu, for me it was content and the remote that sold me on Roku.

    I have helped 14 folks, through my work colleagues, all purchased a Roku (I have a US mailing address) after I set up an old one I had with Hulu and Netflix and let them borrow it for a week using my accounts.

    One friend had a BBQ at his place and he calls me and wants 6 more units cause all his friends saw it in action.

    If you’re on the fence about buying one, I highly recommend them.

    I also have an Apple TV and a Boxee Box.
    Been watching Hulu and Netflix since 2006.

    • I never used the remote except for the initial setup. It does instigate fine with Harmony universals though.

  • Since it's Halloween tomorrow. This would be considered Foxtell's worst nightmare.

    BTW… I've been a Roku user for 12 months, and I LOVE IT.

  • Slightly off topic… But I selected Expedited Shipping for a few dollars more expecting it to be delivered by DHL or UPS or one of the US couriers but no, the 'Ship Carrier' is AUSSIE_POST. I never knew Aussie Post is now a courier for amazon.
    I hope I get my items, seeing that half the time the postman doesn't even bother knocking on my door or even leave a card.