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Win over $1.3 Million Worth of Food from McDonalds by Playing The "Drop into Macca's" iPhone/Android App



Closing Date 23/12/2014


Description 682,561 x Burgers, McBites, Apple Pies, Small Fries, Soft Serve Cones
No. of Prizes 65535
Total Prize Pool $1,324,168.80

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods App
Prerequisites n/a

Basically, McDonald's have launched their own version of KFC's "Snack in the Face" app – i.e. YAY FINALLY FREE MACCA'S.

You have 24 hours to claim a prize if you press "Redeem".

App Links:

• Android


Drop into Macca’s is the hottest new skydiving game to land in the App Store. Help Carl as he dives amongst a sea of the Internet’s most insidious memes. Avoid screaming goats, ginger-chindas and evil toast with the help of an adorable sloth and your rugged horse’s head helmet.

Beat the daily score for your chance to win delicious food, and prove you’ve got more stamina than a battery powered rabbit beating a drum. It’s the ultimate rush from fingertips to tastebuds!
Play for your chance to win one of 10x $1,000 Visa Cards to drop on any goodies you see fit.

Beat the daily score for your chance to win free Macca’s Menu items. We have over a million dollars worth of free food up for grabs!

Here is the freebie prize pool:

FOOD PRIZE RRP (AUD$) Quantity Total Value (AUD$)
Double Beef ‘n’ Bacon $3.00 54,605 $163,815.00
Chicken ‘n’ Cheese $3.00 54,605 $163,815.00
Chicken ‘n’ Mayo $2.00 109,210 $218,420.00
Chicken McBites® (10 piece) $2.00 54,605 $109,210.00
Hot Apple Pie $2.45 136,512 $334,454.40
Small Fries $1.95 136,512 $266,198.40
Soft Serve Cone $0.50 136,512 $68,256.00
Total 682,561 $1,324,168.80

Competition T&Cs
Starts 29/10/14 & ends 23/12/14 (AEDT). Open to Australian residents aged 14+. Under 18’s require parent/legal guardian consent. To register & participate: download & launch Promoter’s ‘Drop Into Macca’s’ mobile app via Apple App Store or Google Play on compatible mobile device & follow prompts to submit registration form & play promotional game on app in manner required. Participants must enable 3G/4G/Wi-Fi data connection, location services & push notifications on their mobile device to play game & must log-in to game to receive rewards & claim prizes. 1 registration/person. Daily Rewards: Each participant who meets or exceeds daily target score during corresponding day will receive 1 of following: 1x food prize voucher on app (up to $3ea) OR 1x automatic entry into grand prize draw OR bonus in-game currency to redeem at game’s ‘Drop Shop’. Multiple game plays/person permitted. To redeem food prize vouchers: (i) after 10:30am (local time) & within 24 hrs of winning voucher, ‘check-in’ at a participating McDonald’s restaurant in Australia by swiping ‘Swipe to Redeem’ button on-screen in restaurant; & (ii) within 20 mins of checking-in, claim prize by presenting voucher to restaurant’s crew member at time of order & swiping ‘Swipe at Counter’ button on-screen. ‘Mystery’ food prize vouchers revealed on app at time of check-in. Max 1 voucher awarded & able to be redeemed per person per day. Grand Prizes: 10x $1000 Visa debit cards drawn at 10am (AEDT) 7/1/15 at 20 Berry St, Lvl 12 Studio 4, North Sydney NSW 2060 & winners published on mcdonalds.com.au/drop-into-maccas 14/1/15. Total potential prize pool value $1,334,168.80. For how Promoter collects, uses & discloses personal info, see Collection Statement & Privacy Policy: mcdonalds.com.au/drop-into-maccas/privacy-policy. Promoter: McDonald’s Australia Limited (ABN 43 008 496 928) 21-29 Central Ave, Thornleigh NSW 2120. Apple & Google are not participants in or sponsors of promotion. NSW Permit LTPS/14/04682. ACT Permit TP 14/01997. VIC Permit 14/5164. SA Permit T14/1696. Full Terms: mcdonalds.com.au/drop-into-maccas/terms-and-conditions

Mod note: Number of prizes is 682561, no of prizes box is incorrect

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  • I can see this promotion going horribly wrong when some guy hacks the Android APK to give it a 100% success rate.

  • +2 votes

    What's New in Version 1.3.4
    - 12% more screaming goats

  • Trying it out now, doesnt seem like a typical competition. Its more a game of skill than chance, as you only need to beat the target score to win free food. My initial target score was 100, while dropping, I hit the first thing that I dont think I was supposed to hit, but landed on the bullseye on the ground. All that got me an easy 300 points to win 10pcs of chicken McBites.

    You also have 24hrs to redeem to prize.

    • Heck, I didn't even beat the score for my first shot, and I still got an Apple Pie. It's just a marketing thing – makes you feel good for "winning something".

      • -2 votes

        It's just a marketing thing – makes you feel good for "winning something".

        Yep, that's what all competitions are for…

  • I won some coins and apparently you can redeem this in store. Anyone know what this actually means!?!?

  • I won a mystery gift, then 300 coins. It tells me to go to macca's to claim them. I have no idea if that is worth my time or if the staff will know what the hell I'm on about.

    • I believe the mystery gifts are revealed when you check in at a store (much like the Hungry Jack's app):

      ‘Mystery’ food prize vouchers revealed on app at time of check-in.

      • I might do a drive by then to see if it's worth going in.

        That's if I can continue to stand the terrible attempts to be cool. 'swag' 'boss your mates' 'memetastic'. Really McDonalds… really?!!?

    • +1 vote

      I got a mystery gift as well.
      Redeemed it for testing purpose. It turned out to be a free apple pie.
      After you press redeem, you have only 20 minutes to do so.

    • you can use the coins to buy fashion, power ups, pin drops in the game, but no clue what you do with it at Maccas.

    • I got 300 coins too!

  • The game is really easy and is actually fun. Won a mystery prize first go. Thanks OP

  • Can you win a prize and claim it later?

    • Yes, you have 24 hours to claim it if you press "Redeem" (unless it's a "Mystery Prize", in which case, you get 20 minutes because it assumes you're in store).

      • Why would it assume I'm in store. Im at home and Ive got a mystery prize. Don't want to redeem it now. Hopefully it will be there tomorrow morning

      • No, my Mystery Prize gave me 24 hours to redeem. It says once I swipe redeem, then I will have 20 minutes to show it in store to actually receive something though. But I don't need to swipe until tomorrow.

  • What happens if i click play again? Will the prize disappear?

    Also can i just keep playing and winning prizes? Or is it one prize per day?

    • What happens if i click play again? Will the prize disappear?

      Why don't you try it and let us know ?

    • If you press "Redeem Now", the prize remains in the "My Prizes" section for 24 hours.

      You can keep playing, but I think you only get one freebie per day (because you're only supposed to redeem one freebie a day); the other prizes you will win are an entry into the grand prize draw, or those virtual store coins.

  • +1 vote

    i won coins. how does this work? are the coins edible and very bad for me?

      • +3 votes

        yes.. but… it says redeem them at maccas… this is where i fail to understand? i'm nearly 30, i don't want to walk into maccas and ask if i can redeem 200 virtual coins so i can buy a new clothes for my online game person.

        • What kind of clothes can you get for 200 coins ?

        • Yes, I see that – I just got the same message on my phone. Very odd, because when I redeemed it, it said I had 20 minutes to claim it, but I tapped "Claim anyway", and it just showed 200 coins in my balance.

          Perhaps it's a bug?

        • +2 votes

          a greasy maccas uniform… or a hamburglar costume.

        • I think you just need to be near a store to get the coins. You don't need to ask someone at the counter.

          Edit: Actually, as said above, it worked me for without being near a store. Although one had a connection error part way though, and when I tried again it gave me a code and said I have 18 minutes to show it to Maccas staff. I swiped redeem, and it asked me to confirm that I received my prize from the Maccas staff member, and then it finally gave me the coins.

          So yeah, seems like a bug. I don't think you're meant to annoy staff just to get some in-game currency.

  • Good luck actually redeeming these.

    None of the staff at Elizabeth st Melbourne today knew what to do and called it fake :/

  • I won 100 coins, no idea what that is?

  • found another 2 codes for coins

  • Code for 5000 coins - OFFICIALNOOB

  • Another code - YUMYUM

  • and EAGLEEYE

  • SPIKE - 3000
    WHATEVS - 3000
    AHHHH - 3000
    HEAT - 3000
    OUCH - 3000

  • WANTED - 10000

  • Won a chicken & mayo burger, swiped to 'redeem' and start the 20mins, went to counter, chick serving me had no idea, had to get the manager. Manager knew the app and the process, swipe to confirm you want to redeem, "are you sure?", yes. -loading- "Successfully redeemed" or something like that pops up in large text and that's it. Thanks OP + Maccas.

  • You need android 4.1 minimum apparently.

  • Mum chicken and Mayo. Thanks op.

  • +5 votes

    Tried to redeem it at Dandenong Plaze.
    Girl at counter did not know about it, same with the manager.
    They did not honour it.
    As I was walking away, heard the manager say to the girl that it was a scam; that I was trying to scam them.
    Was going to turn back and have a word with them, but have too much dignity to argue with them over an apple pie.

    • To me it wouldn't be about the ApplePie, it would have been about being accused of being a lair by some deadbeat McDonald's skank.

    • you're pathetic, putting all that effort into creating a game on your phone just to scam Mcdonalds for a free small fries. tsk tsk…

      on another note, girl at counter had no idea about the app, manager was busy, so just chucked a free fries into my order without me swiping the offer so still have it for tomorrow

  • Redeemed at chadstone. Thanks OP.

  • Is there any way to make sure you win food prizes?

    After my first win on day one, I haven't won anything but coins and entry to the grand prize draw!

    • After my first win on day one

      This is why, only one food freebie per day.

      Max 1 voucher awarded & able to be redeemed per person per day.

    • Maybe I just have to keep playing to win, but I'm finding that I can't win a prize everyday even though I've played 15 games daily!!

  • I redeemed in Clayton yesterday. The staff passed my phone around 4 times until the manager OK'ed it, but got my free burger in the end. The competition runs until Christmas so as time goes on they will be more and more aware of it (though I would have thought employee education would have been better).

  • Redeemed at Parramatta no problem. Odds of getting something are a bit low, though. XD

  • Thanks OP!

  • I won a double beef and bacon burger on my first go. Pretty much a giveaway given how easy it was!
    What happens if I press "Play again" instead of "Claim prize"?

    • What happens if I press "Play again" instead of "Claim prize"?

      The prize is still stored for you…

  • Does anyone have any tips on winning the free food vouchers?

    Can you only win one at a time? If so, how long before you can win another?

    • I'm guessing 24 hours after your previous win?
      I think the food vouchers are luck of the draw or something, but you only a chance to win once every 24 hours?
      Not too sure

      • I've had food vouchers within 24 hours of each other, so might be one per normal day

        • Given that, we might be able to keep playing daily until a food reward comes up.
          I couldn't redeem my free Double Bacon burger because as an OzBargainer I incorporated fuel costs to the total.