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Avancer Air Fryer - $75.05 Free Shipping


Cheapest so far for an air fryer?
EDIT - Rank Arena on Deals Direct is same price

Avancer has their air fryer on sale for $79 with free shipping

Up to 80% Less Oil than a conventional Deep Fryer
This outstanding Air fryer cooks crisp, mouthwatering fried food with minimal oil. By cooking without oil, the dangerous hassle of disposing of hot, odoriferous cooking fat is eliminated.
With all components dishwasher safe, cleanup is a breeze.

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  • I have been thinking of getting one of these. Would this model be good? I am not willing to spend too much, so if this is a dud I will give it a miss.

    • I got one of these a while back… for the money, I can't think of better… I've only used mine a little, but had no issues with it. Good build quality, easy to use.

      • Also, fast shipping, and a postage paid sheet for any returns if you need it.

    • I have bought this one, pretty good so far, worth that for money wise,

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    Use code for 5% off:


    Total: $75.05 delivered making it the cheapest :)

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      just bought it for $75.05. Thanks mafmouf for the coupon!

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      Thanks for the code.

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      Awesome. Glad I can help people save $3.95. Go treat yourself 13 soft serves :)

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        Actually the soft serve is back up to 50c do you'd only get 7 with some left over. Outrageous.

        • That's enough incentive to go to Hungry Jacks for a soft serve instead, theirs is way nicer & creamier than McD's!

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    I've been heavily using one of these for around 6 months now. Works a treat and haven't had any issues.
    No discernible difference in result to a Phillips one (which I used a lot in my previous house). Noticeable difference was:
    Philips doesn't turn off when you pull out the basket/tray (avancer does) - therefore Philips must be turned off at wall if there is still time on the timer.
    Avancer is easier to clean. Philips has a weird metal lip in the bottom of the basket that you have to clean around.

    It's basically a heating element and a fan. Not much can go wrong.

    Avancer were upgrading warranties to 3 years in one of their previous sales (deal 138362). I got mine with 3 years after sending them an email :)

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      Thanks for that review, bought one cus of your comment :)

      Now 75.05 poorer.

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      Not related to this deal but with Phillips Airfryer you can turn the timer to 0 manually and that will turn it off.

      As far as air frying goes, I used it to prepare fish, chicken wings, chops (pork and lamb), sausages and all sorts of veggies and it works really well. Veggies need a light spray of oil but meat can be done without any extra oil and all the fat will drip away from the food and accumulate at the bottom of the basket.

      Cleaning is a bit of a task as it requires soaking and then scrubbing which takes significantly longer than doing the same with the frying pan but I think it's worth it as food tastes better.

      • You can turn off this one manually too. I initially thought you couldn't but I just wasn't turning hard enough.

    • Do these use much power? I've heard that they take quite a long time to fry the food (compared to a traditional deep fryer anyway).

      What is the result like for things like home made chips and shop bought frozen crumbed calamari, chicken nuggets etc?

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        Slower than a deep fryer and faster than a convection oven.

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    About time. I was after something to put next to the unused bread maker on the top of the cupboard.

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      I've been through 3 bread makers, I use them to death. It does go through phases of sitting idle though, but you can't beat fresh hot bread or home made pizza dough

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    Bonus 3% cashback with - Every little bit helps!

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    I've had mine for about 6 weeks. The only thing I use it for is to make chips, but I have to say, they are the best chips I've had in many years. :)
    I use Golden Delight potatoes from Woolies.

  • How much electricity this thing use??

    • 1500W

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    I had the Kogan fryer which looks the same except it was black. It was GREAT while it lasted but died after one year of use. It was well taken care of, but it had a few issues because of the large amount of heat it produces.

    The issues were the timer button always got too warm during use so if you tried to increase the time it would threaten to break as it was melted effectively. It did break once and I just learnt not to change the new replacement timer button while it was in use and soft from the heat.

    The basket grill, although non stick, is hard to clean because everything burns on it. So cleaning was not as easy as I would have like. The main part that catches the oil/dripping is easy to clean though and can be chucked into the dishwasher but the basket grill we drive you up the wall unless you have a system of soaking it for hours before scrubbing like crazy. The non-stick coating inevitably will not last.

    The thing does keep contained some heat and oil smells as advertised, but you will still have a large brown oil stain on your wall behind it's rear fan so it is not perfect.

    On the plus side, I loved how I could heat up meals quickly, make chips, chicken wings, juicy steaks etc.

    I will not but another one though as the cleaning was a pain in the bum and a mini oven does a similar job.

  • Is this some sort of microwave oven of sorts?

    • Not really a microwave - you could use this to fry stuff with minimum oil. For eg - Potato chips with just a teaspoon of oil (olive oil?) unlike having to immerse it in oil for deep frying. So healthy eating :)

      • Definitely olive oil.
        Just to clear something up… it really doesn't matter how much oil you use because the food sits in a basket grill and any excess oil just drips down into the main 'catcher', and away from the food.

  • Been meaning to get one for sometime for my sister - This should make a good Christmas gift! Thanks OP

  • Been looking at the Phillips lately but at $75 this is worth having a look. I noticed Avancer has a 30 day satisfaction gurantee and only $10 return shipping, so cheap to try it out.

  • Honestly, I've never deep fried anything. What am I missing out on here?

    • If you use this, you STILL won't be deep frying anything (see my comment a few posts up).

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    got this.. lets see … but the guy on the chat said that they are not offering 3 years warranty as the comment on the OZ BARGAIN is not true, they mentioned that they have read the comment.

    • you can add the extended 3 years warranty for $19

  • Done! Thanks, OP.

  • For those with this and similar units..

    Lets say you have a pack of Frozen Chips fresh from the Supermarket freezer.

    Can you please the whole 1kg of chips in this unit?

    Also….does it have consumables like replaceable filters?

    Also how long does it take to cook said chips

    Help appreciated.

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      Maybe not, I do remeber maximum not over 500g, maybe you need to seperate it to cook.

      For my cooking method

      1. Pre-heat Air Fryer for 3 minutes at 180c
      2. Place chips no more than the indicate line
      3. Cook for 8 minutes
      4. Take out, and shake it make it even(some of chips may not cooked, so..)
      5. Cook for 8 minutes again and done.

      —>consumables like replaceable filters
      I never see this thing on my Philips AirFryer

  • I wish rep avancersales would come and extend the 3 warranty for OzBargainers as per deal:, it would be just icing on the cake. I would certainly jump :)

  • Consider me interested. Never heard of an "Air Fryer" before. Anyone use it for fish fillets? What is the hold capacity?


  • How is this different to a George Foreman Grill?

    I have a feeling I'm gonna buy this thing and have no idea what to do with it lol

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      The Georgie knocks out the fat; whereas these things just beat the fat on points in a split decision! ;)

  • Any good on frying chicken wings?

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    I'm tempted but disappointed the vendor isn't willing to offer the 3 year warranty they have in the past - do they know something we don't ? Surely they can afford it since these will mostly spend their life unused in a top cupboard (behind your Eneloop collection)

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    Bought one from this deal, cannot wait. Will definitely have to start a recipe section in the forums, as airfryers on OzBargain are becoming more popular. Chicken bits and various potatoes chipped will be my new diet fad

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    Is there an Air Fryer that is powered by 104 (Divisible by 8) AA Eneloops?

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      You mean 12 Chromecasts and 84 Eneloops.

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    Good use for my cup winnings. Thanks OP and mafmouf for the code! Winner

  • i will give it a pass…dont have any money to spend

    • Shame, you could've plasti-dipped it…

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      but you could be a professional fryer

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    out of stock

  • I think a pressure cooker would be more useful… holding out for one to buy!

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    Hi All, We've sold out of most of our stock - We might have a few more left and will know tomorrow for sure once we dispatch it all.
    In the past we have done the extra warranty but this price is basically cost and I can't give you another 2 years for nothing. The warranty is only $19 though which is down from around $30-50 it was a few months ago.

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      Hi rep, can you please let us know when you can confirm extra availability, I'm keen on getting one. Thanks!

    • I am after one too if it's back in stock. Please let us know. Thank you.

    • Let me know if you have one for me too. Thanks!

    • +3

      Sorry we completely sold out of stock and will have more in Jan/Feb most likely. I'll do a deal for them then.
      We might also have a bigger model then too

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