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Microsoft Office Mobile $0, Now OFFICIALLY FREE for iPad and iPhone (No Office 365 Requirement Anymore)


Lastest update for Android tablets: Microsoft now allows tablets size from 7"-10" (or even bigger, not quite sure) to register and run a beta/trial version of their Office Mobile, only supports Android 4.4 Kitkat (not even with Android 5.0, awkward ~_~)
Now Microsoft officially let people use Office Mobile for FREE on their iOS (iPad has more functions), Android (only phones at this stage, Android tablet version coming soon), etc. Windows platform is exceptional though.
Link is for iPhone, other links available from Apple AppStore and Google Play Store too
Link for iPad version: Office Mobile
Link for Android devices (except tablets) at Google Play

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  • previous 2 posts on OzBargain are for iOS with Office 365 subscription, and the other one is for Android phones from Google Play Store. After you download this Office Mobile from Apple AppStore, open it and click on Word link for Word app downloaded, same as Excel and PowerPoint

  • was about to buy an Office 365 just for this on my iPhones and iPads, lucky :). if there were no pressure of competition from Android and other mobile apps, we could never have dreamed of Microsoft giving out their Office tools for FREE ^_^

  • for Android tablet users, the wait will not be long too

    • Works perfectly on Android Tablets if you install on an Android Phone and copy the APK over to the tablet and install it.

    • Android (and standard iPhone) version is attrocious anyway with very little functionality. There's more functionality in the Windows Notepad than MS WOrd for Android.
      iPad version is very good though - probably deserves a bit more capability too but its not bad.

      If you are on Android, you're better off getting some of the free competitors such as Kingsoft/WPS or if you are intent on the tablet with keyboard and mouse, go the AndrOpen Office or Hancom (Samsung). Still a lot to catch up on with it.

  • Read somewhere that not all features enabled though. Some "premium" features still require Office 365 such as tracking changes or pivot tables in Excel.

  • Thanks heaps!

  • Does it mean we can now edit/update documents for free?

    Edit: Yes we can but will require office 365 subscription - which is Free I guess for personal use?

  • How is this compared with Google Doc? Is it easier to edit?

  • I'm confused. Is this US only? Both the main link and iPad link are links to the iPhone verison, which states that it, "Office Mobile" has been replaced by Word App, Powerpoint App, Excel App for iPhone.

    There is no iPad version of Office Mobile app as far as I can see.

    • Okay, I read up more on this, and the OT is a bit wrong. "Office Mobile" is now obsolete. It's been replaced by Word, Excel and Powerpoint Apps.

      Don't download the Office Mobile app, download each app separately to get the MS Office Suite on your iPad for free with limited editing (I think you still need an MS account, still downloading apps, slow internet connection at work so will confirm this).

  • just out of curious OP, is your username "Web The Rapist" or "Web Therapist"? I read it as the former :S lol

    oh yea, awesome deal!

  • Great, Now i can sync my work email to my personal phone ! /sarcasm

  • Only iPhone version available? could not find the iPad version.

    • Download each app separately (word, pp, excel) not office mobile. It's confusing and a lot of people.

      I think Office mobile still needs a 365 account.

      New apps only require a Live account, which is free to create.

  • Still, it's a basic version to unlock all features one needs to buy subscription lol
    Thanks Microsoft:)

  • Free but FAT! Word weighs in at 450Mb. Cool if you have the space.

  • Yeah, main link really should be changed, that's the old version which is now obsolete. Previously you had this app for iPhone and 3 separate apps for iPad, what they've done now is made the 3 iPad apps universal to also work on an iPhone. The deal of course being, you can now do basic editing for free on all 3 apps, previously limited to read-only without an Office 365 subscription.

  • This is fantastic! :)

  • If you're looking for a reason to get an Office 365 subscription, at the moment every user gets 1TB of storage on OneDrive. Microsoft is also trialing 10TB of storage for certain users. If the trial is successful, they plan to offer unlimited storage to every 365 user!!! wtf!? Goodbye, Dropbox.

    Probably also worth mentioning that 365 Home Premium can be used by up to 5 users and the OneDrive storage is per user. i.e. they'd each get 1TB/10TB/unlimited storage.

  • Er. Anyone have any ideas why this isn't compatible with my LG G3?

  • Office suite pro RİP

  • millions were enjoying their lives without paying for office
    microsoft fighting for relevance
    brave new world

  • Did you personally pay for the copy of office you use in the office?

    • I use an Asus T100T which comes with Office 2013 for my office usage and a Mac laptop for personal usage, so, I think I paid for legit licences if that is what you asked about :)

  • LOL… the Redmond Malware Machine (Microsludge) finally being dragged towards economic reality: if you sell stuff that's made of bits, and the marginal cost of copying bits is near-zero, that is the appropriate price for your output.

    On the OS side, if your output is bloated, semi-functional, insecure dross that is vulnerable to any 15 year-old (and hands your data to the NSA without so much as a by-your-leave)… it should have a negative price to compensate users for the risk they assume when they instal "Redmond Malware" (ditto for "Cupertino Malware").

    Also… Surface. If my machine was running Redmond Malware (and thus had a hacked webcam) you would see me almost wetting myself every time I think of 'Surface'.

    For me the mobile equivalent of 4chan's "the game", is "Windows Phone"… if you think of Windows Phone at any point during the day, you lose.

    Ask yourself: why does Microsludge force users to have a password that's <= {ASCII[1]-ASCII[126]}^16… then require them to use it to log into Win8?

    Answer: so that literally NOBODY who uses Win8 with a Microsludge acct, has a secure password… which means that the cloud-stored data of such users is hackable in O(2^20) or thereabouts (assuming people can remember a string of 12 ASCII characters that has adequate entropy: lower, otherwise).

    Consider this: a 2^20 hash table takes 4 seconds to build on my home desktop, and searches in the table are O(1) (i.e., instantaneous).

    Autrement dit: do not put any data into the Microsludge cloud unless you're comfortable with it being viewable by anyone who wants to see it.