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Pebble Smartwatch - Red $79.00 Pick up or $83.95 Delivered @ Dick Smith



View notifications from email, SMS, Caller ID, calendar and your favourite apps right on your wrist
Download watch faces and apps to suit your style and interests
Control music playing on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more
Rechargeable battery lasts 5 to 7 days on a single charge
Compatible with both Apple iOS and Android smartphones
Waterproof to 5 ATM (atmosphere pressure)
E-paper display is fully readable in bright sunlight
Connects via Bluetooth to your Apple iOS or Android smartphone
What's in the Box:

1 x Pebble Smart Watch
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Quick Start Guide

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  • Nice. I wish DSE would start selling the steel.

  • Wow.. how low can you go? BEAT10, 15 and 20. Does this drop down to free if you wait long enough? :)

  • I've had one of these for over a year or so now. I love it and use it 24/7. I use it for screening calls, and txts, and activity tracker during day, and sleep tracker at night. Oh, and for telling the time using any of a number of cool looking watch faces.

    Everyone should buy one at this price!

  • Too bad just got one from yesterday deal :(

  • good price! i love mine had it for about 3 weeks now, although having some odd battery issues where it goes completely flat overnight despite having lie 30-40% bat left

    • Turn off "motion: shake to light", and try not to use a watch face that has a seconds timer. Both these things drain battery quickly. Mine lasts 8 days on average. If your battery is still bad get it exchanged for another one.

  • Do other notifications such as whatsapp and fb messenger, snapchat etc also come up?

  • I love my pebble, but don't get a red one! It makes it look even MORE like a toy… Pebble steel is definitely the best way to go, if you can afford it.

  • Does it do activity tracking like a Fitbit?

  • Got one thanks~ First smart watch to try out at gym only, changing music tracks and monitoring heart rate.

    • +3 votes

      Don't think it has a heart rate monitor?

    • Try 'Gym Timer' app from Pebble, great for the weight training aspect of the gym. This alone makes it worth the $99 i paid for mine.

  • sad. just bought one for $90. from last week

  • Tempting but as I've never used BT on my iPhone I'm concerned how using the Pebble will affect my battery life.

    Can anyone share if there is a noticeable difference in battery life when constantly paired with the Pebble?

  • In case you don't like the Red colour but don't want to miss out on the online price, once it was delivered, I went to my local DSE store (Doncaster Shoppingtown) with the unopened item & invoice, and a staff member was nice enough to swap it for a Black and reprint the receipt.

    Your results may vary.

  • just got mine, thanks :).

  • can anyone recommend for custom skin, where to buy?

  • Great as a christmas gift thanks

  • The famous pebble thank you

  • Picked up 2, thanks OP.

    • Have you got the ready for pickup notice yet? The store said they have never received this order and the online customer service told me my order status is still in "payment review". weird.

  • I've had the black for a week, and love it. Just returned it to DS citing 'poor battery life' of the black model and bought the red. ) Didn't get the super deal but still saved $30.

    They're a great watch for the price. Ergonomics are iffy and the iPhone has a BT tantrum now and then. But it does everything I want it to do for a good price point.

    • +6 votes

      enjoy your single day battery life and Samsung-only compatibility lel

      • -2 votes

        Pfft. I am obviously locked to the Note line as noone has even attempted to compete.

        My battery life is 3 to 5 days not one day. It's actually colour.

        • So, since you are comparing the 3 items, are they all available for around the same price?

        • Yeah, I used a Gear Live for a couple of weeks and decided I didn't want a watch which had a constantly-glowing screen (and particularly an AMOLED one which will develop burn-in).
          The Pebble and Gear units are basically slightly different use cases (in my opinion).

        • Sony Z Ultra, OnePlusOne and Nexus 6 all compete and destroy Samsung's tacky ugly mess (hardware and software).

        • @auna:
          SPen: 90s gimmick
          Amoled: Terrible over the top colours
          Physical buttons: Outdated technology, use PieControls.
          Samsung: Hipsters new 1st choice.

        • I should point out that had I been able to buy an Android Wear unit for $177 (which is the lowest price I've seen for the Gear Live) but with a Qualcomm Mirasol colour e-ink display rather than AMOLED, I would certainly have bought that rather than a pebble. The visible-without-glowing-screen is a big thing for me, obviously.

  • I managed to grab one a few hours ago before the coupon expired! Looking forward to trying it out!

  • Grabbed one and I am somewhat liking it.. I found that I was having issues with Strava on it, it did not keep updating live data.. other than that, seems fine. I will find an alternative app for cycling instead.

  • I bought a Samsung gear live yesterday from The Good Guys $177 @ $5 delivered to door (Tas) peeble got pretty good write ups but as I have a S4.and Tab 3 and Im a Samsung man

    • That's great. Not sure what that really has to do with a Pebble watch, though. Especially since what you got is nearly $100 dearer.

  • I'm not sure how to turn off whatsapp notifications for specific chat groups on version 2.0+ anyone know?

  • Damn, just saw this. Will have to wait for the next one.

  • Love the look of the Steel but it's soooo much more expensive than the standard. Anyone reckon it's worth the extra price?
    Also the Pebble's BT uses a low power Bluetooth 4.0 profile if the phone supports it which apparently makes a big difference to battery life on both devices.

  • Will my phone still connect to my cars BT if I'm using a smart watch like this?

    • I cannot think of any reasons why it would not, though I cannot say for sure.

    • In theory yes, the connection to the car is audio channel based, whereas the connection to the watch is human interface/notifications. They are quite separate intents.

      I say in theory, since Android is a bit buggy in the bluetooth department (history from the great switch) and things don't necessarily work right. However, since this is right in the Google Wear homeground, I expect they have this working.

    • I can confirm that both the Blue Ant S3 Speaker & Pebble works perfectly together, at least for me. :)

  • My Black Plastic Pebble is struggling today. The screen is failing (I think they call it "tearing") and so far Pebble Tech Support have been very agreeable via email.

    Fingers Crossed!

  • Check out Notification Center. Its been updated to use Google Wear notification actions on Pebble, ie. replying to messages.

  • Bought a black last DS deal posted on OB for $109-. Love the watch. Saw Red was $99- looked for code & saved $15- last Friday. Could have saved a further $5- with this but no regrets. Now I have a spare! Plastic screen will scratch easy but really couldn't live without it now.