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Seagate Desktop 4 TB Solid State Hybrid Drive - Amazon ~ $175 AUD Delivered

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The drive itself is one of the latest technology that incorporate a virtual "SSD" to increase the speed. For more info, please read up the reviews at Amazon.

This is an extremely good deal.

Items: $139.99 USD
Shipping & handling: $9.36 USD

Will end in about 17 hours from time of posting.

Get yourself a bargain.

Statice is showing $260.

MSY and PCCG is showing $239.



Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Far out that's tempting.

  • Buy with Amex and you get it with Free Shipping (about $162 AUD) - just tried and it worked.

    Don't need one though, but for that price, couldn't resist - will upgrade one of my 1TBs in the server

    • +3

      more like AUD $168.90

      using Amex converter gonna incurs conversion fees + bad exchange rates?

      • how much is it if you pay in AUD using Amazon to convert?

  • Would anyone know if this would work with WDHD Live TV? I know previously WD supported drives up to 2TB. Also a faster drive will a faster drive reduce the startup time. Thanks.

  • +1

    Great price, but just bring myself around to buying anything Seagate until I hear
    better reliability stats in the likes of backblaze studies.

    • +1

      same, too many failed seagates for me

      • +3

        Interesting, I've never has a Seagate fail, have had two WD's (USB desktop and a red) and a Toshiba laptop drive fail though.

        • you're just lucky that your seagate isn't one of the 24 % failure rate.
          Remember that every factory always have a failure product. It depends on the quality control to minimize the failure rate!

          If you do backup regulary especially the crucial data, the seagate should be fine. I also consider that the seagate hard drive is one of the fastest HD available (check hard drive benchmark)


          Hitachi Desktar (3 TB) proven to be the most reliable one based on the research conducted.
          REMEMBER , your data is the most important stuff. Don't get tempted by the cheapness of the Hard - Drive. Better be safe than sorry

        • I have both the 3TB Hitachi & 3TB Seagate

          both never had any problems!

        • @rodinthink:

          IBM Deathstar?

          LoL. I wonder how many people actually recall that drive.

    • Dubious, Blackblaze study is unscientific. Hardware.fr has contrasting data:


  • Great find OP, but I've just bought the 1TB version for $97 from MSY. Would have paid this much for a 4TB.

  • thanks op got one

  • NAS compatible?

  • Please change the title, it is a hybrid drive, not a solid state hybrid drive. Technically it is hybrid SSD/HDD.

  • Deal ending in 1hr and 30mins.

  • Perfect timing, I was looking to add storage to my HTPC and this is perfect and cheaper than local with free shipping on Amex card. Thanks OP

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