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$1 on Selected Slazenger Shorts and T-Shirts (Juniors and Mens) @ Sports Direct


☀ $1 Rock Bottom Prices @ Sports Direct - Plus Free Shipping When You Spend Over $100 ☀

*** I got this deal thru email last night but only had the chance to post the deal this afternoon.
*** Just realized that Reggie74 posted a sportsdirect deal (Free Shipping for Orders $100 and above) a couple of hours earlier than my post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/171063 Kudos to him….

Mod: OP, please do not remove expiry

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  • +10

    Thanks, delivery of 20 items to Perth came to $9.98. Fine by me.

    I got 2 x shirts at $4.98 each for special occasions.
    Then 12 x shirts at $1 each and 6 x $1 shorts.

    Total is $37.84.

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      • +25

        your name is ozbargained…why would you even ask that question?

        talk about unworthy

      • +1

        bought 40. any prob?;)

    • -3

      Are you changing shirts between sets ala Djokovic?

      • +14

        I like the part about $4.98 shirts for special occasions :-P

  • +1

    anyone deal with these guys before - all good ?

    • +3

      I visited the store in january last year (in the UK) - it's basically a cross between lowes and kathmandu.

    • I was wondering the same thing, judging by online reviews like these:


      Have people purchased stuff from their online store before?

  • +2

    Postage much slower than it used to be. My last 2 orders took 3-4 weeks. Price and quality are good.

    • Do they come from the UK? I hope the parcel collect address I used will be ok.

      • As far as I know.

  • +2

    Never..but pay by paypal and you'll be fine.

  • +4

    $10 delivery sydney.

  • +1

    Love sportsdirect, bargains galore but always had to order via a mate in england for cheap postage… now i dont have to worry about sending him a christmas card.. win win!!

    • -1

      stingy prik

  • Used lots of times in Ireland, great to see them operating here. Decent customer service and very good prices.

    • +18

      Will consider if free shipping available

      point me to a shop that will sell you a good quality cotton tshirt for $1

      buying 'must-go" items means customers are helping stores to get rid of them

      Always happy to help shops "get rid of clothes" if they have $1 items like this

      • -4

        @easternculture: You digress a bit, buddy! My comment does not say "There are quite many shops sell good quality shirt at $1 with free shipping."

        • +4

          Would it have been better if they did $2 tshirts, free delivery minimum order 10?

          They are offering 1 tshirt for $11 delivered or 10 tshirts for $20 delivered or 20 tshirts for $30 delivered. If this is helping the store out I would be only be too happy to help out in the future.

  • +1

    Just bought 14 items for my dad for $23.99 including postage :)

    He's pretty happy :)

    • +14

      why not upvote deal then, you and your dad

      • +3

        I suspect a lot of people might not even get the item since some ordered hundreds.

      • Thanks for telling me, I'm a newbie! Just cast my first ever vote on this :)

    • Bought $75 for me and for kids..

    • +3

      For those who are not sure how to up vote - click on the green vote counter at the top left of the deal :-)

      • +7

        I think you forgot to yourself. :)

  • +1

    I have literally enough Slazenger clothes to last me 5 years now , no kidding

    now another 8 Shorts, 8 Shirts $25 Delivered

    Thanks OP

    • If you take care of them maybe the rest of you life, unless you plan on wearing them every day :)

    • +1

      If you are talking about the $5 Slazenger Polos and Tees from finaldays.com.au they won't last. All mine shrunk at least 2 sizes in first wash (cold wash dried undercover). They looked and felt good first wear but turned out to be absolute rubbish. They lost most of their colour after a few washes and are now 2.5-3 sizes smaller and lost all shape.

      However the Slazenger Shorts and Hoodies seem to fair better.

      • +1

        Ours still look ok from purchasing about 6 months ago.

  • Great buy!

  • hmmm must resist…. going to honk kong so plains tees from uniqlo will cost close to this anyways?

    • +6

      I highly doubt it.

    • hmmm must resist….

      SO how much shirts did you buy

      • doing my research and seeing how much plain shirts will cost me from uniqlo

        • +8

          1st Rule of ozbargain: Buy NOW, think later but in your case it will be Research now , REGRET later when all items are sold out

        • @greenguava u reckon it wont be similar in price?, like u gotta factor in shipping as well

        • +5


          bro, its $1

        • @easternculture:

          ordered 10 items, so much slazenger gear now

  • +1

    40 coming my way woo………

    • same as me, woohoo….

  • Thanks OP,wanted some T shirts.

  • +1

    I wonder if their stock levels update in real-time. 50,000 cancelled orders on Monday morning otherwise.

    • +2

      I think they update … I had a few items in the cart which sold out while I was adding some others …

  • Cheaper than from previous slazenger sale', Thanks op.

  • Fantastic!!! thanks OP.

  • +1

    This is one of the most awesome deals which cannot be killed by the shipping cost. Fantastic find. Thanks OP.

  • Awesome! thanks op!

  • Hello, this site is currently not available. Please try again later. ozbargained?

  • I was restrained and bought just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts for myself. Disappointing there's no females clothes at these prices.

  • +11

    Cheap enough to think about donating some to a charity / homeless shelter. Wow.

    • -1

      Or just don't buy them and save that amount of carbon via the international shipping which is like giving to an environmental based charity

      • That would be a legit complaint if it was something ridiculous like shipping bottled water around the globe, but that bird is long flown. It'll never be feasible to make stuff like this in Australia cheaply again.

        • Except it's being shipped from China to the UK and back to Australia which doesn't really make sense

  • +2

    Wow, ordered 41 items and it is $82 shipped. Cant pass this bargain. Got enough for the kids to grow into for the next 10 years :-)

  • +7

    35x Slazenger Shorts and T-Shirts = $44.99 delivered to Perth.
    With the 70ish Rio Jocks for next to nothing a month or two ago, I'm set for summer. No washing.

    • +2

      ok what kind of person needs 35 pairs of slazenger shorts.

      • +3

        One who only has time to do the laundry once a month.

        And already owns 4 packs of the $3 (7 piece) Rio Underwear from COTD

        • Yeah that was a sweet deal, got a bunch myself with the free ship with 5 selected items ordered.
          If they do free ship again soon,I will get more.

      • A person like George Castanza…

      • +1

        At $1 each, lots of colours & styles, you cant go far wrong.

  • -7

    Awesome, Just ordered 140 pairs of shorts.
    Patiently waiting for the cancelled order email :)

    • I love how people downvote people buying too much, but also downvote people complaining about buying too much

  • +2

    The page says "Max 6 Per Customer"

    Didn't stop me from ordering 11 items tho' :)

    I wonder how strict they'll be???

    • +1

      maybe 6 per item ?

    • +2

      hmmm did not see this….

    • I saw this. Ordered 2 Black, 2 White and 2 Grey Shirts. Hopefully they will fulfil the order!

  • +1

    Is this not the same deal as well?

  • Almost forgot… Thanks OP, great deal!!!

  • 15 dollars worth after shipping ! not too bad hope they fit

  • do ozbargainers with slaz gear experience buy the same size as they would general tees and shorts in Aus? Thx

    • yes, for me size is true to fit

    • I'd just go larger, these are for slobbing around in anyway

      • Sports clothes for slobs

    • See my comment above, these cheap Slazenger tops will shrink at least a couple of sizes first wash and loose all shape around the hem.

      • Thanks rokufan. Might delete the tees then. Have (accidentally) added a whole lot of other (more expensive) stuff anyway! Sigh.

      • Actually i have some of these from sports direct. They are really good I hot wash and tumble dry and they havent shrunk. The ones i got from final days did. They are also a generous cut not too short or slim.

        • I hot wash and tumble dry

          You're doing it wrong!

        • Thankyou for letting us know. So not all Slazenger gears is crap. Just the finaldays stuff.

        • Thanks tonka. Wish I hadn't deleted the tees from my order now. Oh well, next time….

        • @danyool: lol I do lots of things wrong. I always plan to make up for it the next day.

  • 5 pieces for $15 can't go wrong can I?

  • awesome !!! $9.98 to Brisbane !!! thanks op !!!

  • Thank you, ordered 4 shorts and 5 shirts for $18.98 including delivery to Sydney

  • +1

  • Total - $19.96

    Pretty good, thanks OP, I've been needing new clothes.
    Usually I never make it in time for these deals, all the ones I want are usually gone.

  • +1

    Awesome, new cloths for the gym.

  • Yay. Thank you for posting the deal. Exercise clothes sorted. Got the v necks and the woven shorts (35 cotton 65 poly).

  • bought a bunch of stuff, even i dont wear them i will find a use!

    • +2

      And lot cheaper than those bag of rags from bunnings, they are a rip

      • haha rags were the things i was thinking of,
        at the top of my head too >.<

        they will make nice gifts too

      • Kmart had 1kg rags for 25c a couple of weeks ago in the hardware section. I didn't post it because I didn't think real Ozbargainers bought rags. They are off cuts from their clothing. Now they only stock 500g for $3.

  • +2
  • +8

    Looks like the V necks and the woven shorts are going to be the next OzBargain uniform!

    • Yep! Just need someone to post a cheap ozbargain sports team deal, like $2 per week basketball competition.

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