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30 New Styles Added: 90% off BNWT Mens Avenue 100% Silk Ties - Made in Italy - $5 + $2 Shipping @ Avenue Clothing



43 styles available - 30 new styles added!

Free shipping (for 4 or more) is now fixed- your postage discount will be applied automatically at checkout!

Hi Ozbargainers!

We're back again with another crazy bargain on ties for you all just in time for Christmas!

We have added 30 new styles of our gorgeous Italian Silk ties - we're clearing these at over 90% off our RRP of $79.95 -now at just $5 each with $2 Shipping each, or buy 4 ties and get free shipping!

Many of you may have received one of these ties with our previous Tie sale or Suit clearance- so you know first hand how good the quality is!
For those who don't- these are 100% Italian Silk (except a couple which are Cotton/Linen/Silk blends - see eBay for full details), handmade in Italy. The Italians sure know what they're doing when it comes to silk, so we think this is a great bargain compared to the thousands of cheap and nasty silk ties floating around on eBay!

43 Styles available all up - see eBay for all photos!

A great stocking stuffer for Christmas- the ties are all brand new in their original wrapping.

Got a $10 Secret Santa coming up? Boom, gift sorted, spend your $3 change on a bad joke card!
Father? Brother? Husband? No more socks and undies, go all mafia on him with some Italian neckwear!
Got a mate who you want to troll? Get him a pink tie and tell him how 'On trend' it is!
Father-in-Law? Spend $7 on a $79.95 gift and look like a bigshot…joke's on him, it cost less than a couple of coffees!
Or gents if you see something you like too grab a few and we'll bundle it up at 4 for $20!

$2- we post these in an Australia Post large envelope (no tracking but if you need tracking/express let us know on eBay and we'll quote you)

Purchase 4 or more ties and you will automatically receive free shipping! For these quantities we ship in eBay Australia Post satchels which includes tracking.

Standard neck tie, approx. 9cm width at widest point and 148cm in length.

If there's anything else we can assist with just let us know via an eBay message and we'll get back to you asap within business hours (9-5 Mon-Fri).

At your service as always,

Sophie and Magda
Avenue Clothing

PS - Sydney Ozbargainers we'll be at Glebe markets this Saturday 29th clearing a whole bunch of other assorted suits, shirts, leather jackets, ties and other brand new men's and women's business attire - swing by and say hello, let us know you're an Ozbargainer for an extra discount!

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  • +1 vote

    Like your writing style. Boom! ;-p

    A bit surprised it's 90% off. Wonder if I could smell them and tell they're from China and not Italy.

    Sure they're not Italian silk, or just claimed to be but made in China?

    Wish there were silk boxers.

    • +1 vote

      Hi there adamren!

      Thanks for your comment and we understand your scepticism (these are after all such a bargain!). To clear up your query -we directly had these manufactured and imported under our own brand (which you may be familiar with) 'Mens Avenue', and since we have closed down our retail stores in 2012 we have been clearing all the stock at below cost in many cases. I can confirm, as labelled on the product, these are Italian Silk and also Made in Italy - neither the raw product or the manufacturing or any other part of it is from anywhere else but Italy!!!

      Take a look at our feedback and we welcome feedback from anybody here who has purchased ties in the last sale to confirm their quality :)



        So a closing down sale then? Makes sense now.

        • +1 vote

          Ah, yes, I guess we didn't mention that this time, sorry! This is indeed a closing down/final clearance of stock sale, hence the 90% off! We just need it gone STAT! :)


    Have you ever sold even one piece for $79.95?


    Thanks, purchased!


    I got 4 ties 2-3 days ago. This new stock looks "original". My ties had a synthetic look and feel.


      Hi himchar, did you buy ties from us do you mean? And they felt synthetic????! We stand by the authenticity, quality and fabric content of these babies 100% - so send us a message on eBay if this is the case with your order reference and we'll replace them for you if you're not happy. Cheers


      Definitely feels synthetic and not 100% silk when compared to my other ties. The ties I ordered were also advertised as 100% silk and not the silk blend.

      • +1 vote

        Hi henreyes,

        We have double checked the styles you ordered and none of them are a silk/cotton/linen blend (those few styles were clearly indicated on the eBay listing), the styles you chose are 100% silk. It's really disappointing to hear this feedback as we stand by the origin and quality of these ties. Anyway, aside from that we'll refund you on that tie you requested via eBay. You can keep it- and we strongly suggest you get a second opinion/test on the material- do a 'burn test' of the fibre to prove it's authenticity. There are many useful guides available online for this test, here are a couple or just google 'silk/fabric burn test' :

        Basically if it is synthetic, it will melt, drip etc and react like any plasticy/polyester/synthetic material would, and the ball that forms will be hard or sticky and not crumble into ash, and will smell like burning plastic or chemicals. Natural silk will not melt or drip, instead it will kind of char and you should be able to crush the ball that forms into an ashy powder. It should also smell a bit like burnt hair. See for yourself.

        Hopefully we're not coming across too aggressively - it is important for our customers to be satisfied, so we are more than happy to provide you with a refund. But it is also important to us that the quality and authenticity of our products is not misrepresented- hence we would appreciate if you take any steps to verify the tie is in fact genuine NATURAL SILK, for your own peace of mind and for ours.


        Sophie and Magda.


    Thanks! I appreciate your confidence. I'll ask someone else also to have a look at them. I have a few polyester and a few silk ties. These ties were towards polyester. I am sorry if I am wrong.


      No worries! We'd appreciate if you get a second opinion on them to put your mind at ease :) and the offer still stands if you would like to contact us on eBay for a replacement. $5 probably sounds far too good to be true for an Italian silk tie but we promise, we really just need to clear them!


    Is it natural siilk?


      Yes. Natural Italian silk, made in Italy. We can guarantee that none of these ties are synthetic or synthetic blends. As specified in the eBay listing, about 5 of the styles contain 60% silk with a blend of linen or cotton. The rest are 100% silk. Cheers!

  • +2 votes

    Convinced. Bought 8

  • -2 votes

    Who buys 9 cm ties anymore?


    Bought 5

  • +1 vote

    Thanks bought 8


    Thanks rep, it's never been too late. Any more clearance stocks rep ? better buy now as next year won't be any cash ..

    • +1 vote

      Hi donnyta! The ties will be our last clearance for this year (might add a few new styles in a couple of weeks if we can), and we'll have a lot more ties to clear early next year too. Other than that we have another warehouse with (I think) a few more sizes of the men's wool business trousers and some women's shirts and polos too. If you follow our store on eBay you'll be first to know of any new listings, and we'll post here whenever we have enough quantity to do so! Everything is as always going to be super cheap as we are just trying to cover our costs, and then everything else goes to charity :)

  • +1 vote

    4 in the cart, boom.

    • +1 vote

      Boom! Thanks everyone, those that weren't posted last night will all be sent off today! Cheers!

    • +1 vote

      Got 5. Was going to take the 40% cotton one out but actually liked the contrasting texture.

      • +1 vote

        Cool, thanks mate! Yeah, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the Silk/Cotton one. A lot of people think because it's a blend the quality isn't as good or it's somehow inferior, but the only reason it's blended is to give texture and allow for a weave that silk alone wouldn't produce. Anyway, we're rambling, got to get back to posting these all off for everyone! :) -Sophie

  • +1 vote

    Ah, here I thought 9cm was clown size. Brain must have read it as 9inches or thought standard ties were slimmer, but nope, 9cm is standard. Silly me.


    Got anymore suits upcoming?


      Hi mate, we finished clearing all of the suits stock a couple of months ago. We have another warehouse we will be clearing next year that might have a few suits, but there is much less stock there. Follow us on eBay if you would like to keep an eye on our listings, and we will be sure to post any worthy bargains on here too :) Cheers

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