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(IOS) Password Manager by Passible - Free, Save $4.99


Passible securely stores all your passwords so you never lose or forget any of them. For security - Passible encrypts the data with military strength AES-256 bit encyrption so only you can access it.

This could be an alternative for those that missed out on the free 1Password App

The App was previously free but required an annual subscription, then was changed to $4.99 with a lifetime subscription. Not sure how long it will be free for.

● Passible stores Logins & Passwords
● Logs you in to any website with one tap
● Passible stores Credit & Debit Card information
● When shopping it fills your card info with one tap
● Quick Tap Favorites to access your most used sites
● Slide to peek at a password or pincode
● Password Analyzer for optimal password strength
● Rapid Search
● Automatic Folders
● Secured device data
● Theft protection
● Protected & only accessible by you
● iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
● Premium Support

● AES-256 Encryption
● Encrypted data stored on your device
● Theft protection - auto timeouts between subsequent passcode entries when the wrong passcode is used.
● Encryption via a long auto-generated string (not just the pin code)

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