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TID (Travel Insurance Direct) 10% off Coupon Code



I got the Travel Insurance with TID today and was able to save $30 with the code (10% off). TID has got a good review and seems pretty good. Just thought of sharing with you guys as its a holiday season and someone might be looking for Insurance.

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Travel Insurance Direct

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  • do you know when the code ends? thanks

    • Nothing mentioned about expiry. I hope its available for some time. Anyway they have 14 days cooling off period and you can cancel within that time-frame.

      • thanks! I got quoted under $200 for two adults, pretty impressed considering I've paid $150 per person before

    • AFAIK, you can always find a 10‰ off promo code with TID year round. It's a standard discount built into their premium. If you can't be bothered looking, just ring them up and ask for the discount.

  • Comaprethemarket.com.au

    Use that before buying any travel insurance. I thought this was good, same cover from a different provider found an additional $20 discount per person.

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    I can vouch for TID - used them several times + had to claim on two occasions - no hassle - good web site

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      I had a few thousand $$$ doctor bill while in the US and they paid me back in full pretty soon after getting back.

  • Yes but they always need the receipt

    • Which other one you would recommend? I am still within the cooling-off and can cancel and have a look at the new one. I heard TID is easy to deal with and claims are pretty straight forward unlike other insurers who try to deny.


      • I've heard from reading forum posts covermore is better in terms of if you don't have the receipt. I'll be comparing the policies carefully from a few companies before buying as going overseas for seven weeks next year. The other biggest factor is the depreciation percent. It's massive. Have not researches this yet. Also, how much they'll cover you for jewellery, if that's relevant. Then of course the most important is medical coverage and their reputation and contacting them in case of an urgent situation (hopefully this never happens!).

    • Yes but they always need the receipt

      Just as well to prevent fraudulent claims and keep premiums low.

      • What if you lose your baggage? Do you have every receipt for its contents and the bag itself?

        • Most insurance companies will make allowance for cheaper items. If it's an expensive item they will expect to see the transaction in a credit card statement at least. Failing that we can't blame them for being skeptical because it's difficult to differentiate the genuine claimants from the fraudulent ones.

  • Thank you!