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$20 off COTD Order if You're Already a Member and Haven't Purchased Since November 2013


FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have registered before 20/10/2014 with no purchases purchased or the last purchase was 11/2013 and before, then you're eligible to use this $20 coupon.

Essentially if you haven't made a purchase since November 2013 and you've been a member since 20/10/2014, then you're eligible for this $20 discount.

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  • +20

    Ah man! I just purchased the eneloops using the bday code about 3 minutes ago :(

  • +14

    All these posts do is make me want to make some ghost accounts now for future use (extra B'day and XMASGIFT codes if they repeat this in the future.

  • +2

    Well that wipes out all of OzBargain then.. (Eneloops!)

  • +3

    Surely that wipes out everyone? When you purchase don't you automatically become a member? no purchase before 2013 but member since 2014? makes no sense, or I'm just tired

    • +2

      I think the first statement (from customer service) is correct in the description. The second statement mixes it up haha.
      So - "FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have registered before 20/10/2014 with no purchases purchased or the last purchase was 11/2013 and before, then you're eligible to use this $20 coupon."

      Anyways how did people get this to work. I've got this spare account that has no orders, and has been registered for ages. Still doesn't work.

      • Same address or name?

    • +4

      I qualify :) patience is paid off haha

  • +3

    Great…snapped up some more Eneloops…I now have enough to power a small town!

    • +3

      I get the infatuation with chromecasts. But eneloops I seriously dont get. They're just batteries right? How many devices need batteries these days? Like a few remotes and stuff right?

      • +1

        If you have kids you would know :)

  • No minimum spend? So free $20 essentially?

  • +7

    not working on an account ive had for 2 years with no orders on it

    • +3

      Same, have one registered Jan 2013 (no orders). Doesn't work for me.

      • This is targeted i reckon

        • +9

          Got off chat with rep, it is targeted offer.

        • @Playdium: Thanks, i've had an account for ages with no purchases, and the code doesn't work for me.

        • Worked for me coz I got an email from COTD with the code. It is targeted offer.

    • +2

      Same. Not working.

  • +2

    Not working for me …

  • Thanks OP..CHeers

  • No wonder.

  • Just worked on my partner's account which hasn't made a purchase since early 2013. Thanks OP!

  • what are the conditions of this code? is it written anywhere?

  • +7

    Just did it… worked fine. :-) got Kingston 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $5 delivered.

    I guess?? that it will work if you..
    1. have an existing account… and
    2. have NOT placed an order since nov 2013 on that account.. and
    3. must have purchased something on that account prior to nov 2013.

    I think they are trying to get old customers to come back and spend $$$ ?

    • +1

      Worked for me too

      • +1

        Worked a treat for me . 16x eneloop for $9 delivered . WINNING !

    • +1

      Well spotted.. I was just looking for a cheap USB drive yesterday, ordered :)

    • Looks that way. If you're weirdo like me with an account with no orders, then no dice.

    • +1

      $7.48 for shipping for me in the ACT

      Still a good item for this deal, thanks for highlighting it

  • Sent my dad the link, and it worked for him. He hadn't bought anything since October last year. No good for me.

  • +2

    Damn that recent Skyrim $0 deal… would have been eligible otherwise…

  • what's the best way to test if it works, just put something in cart and go through checkout process? do you put codes in after the 'Submit Order Now' button? because I can't see it anywhere prior..

    • +4

      add to cart… go to cart… at top right of cart click on "have a coupon code"

      • +1

        cheers thanks found it right after I posted, naturally heh. Didn't work for me..Pretty sure this a/c is old enough, but have never purchased wioth it..

        • yeah.. that is the hurdle.. must have purchased before and prior to nov13 :-(

  • Yay - Chromecast for $19.95 delivered, plus with the BDAY code, I got some eneloops for $8.99 delivered!

    …separate purchases though as cant stack codes…let hope they come through with the goods!

  • add to cart… go to cart… at top right of cart click on "have a coupon code"

  • Nothing for me :( Haven't purchased from COTD for months

  • Sweet, worked for me… cheers.

  • Code is working for me. Haven't ordered anything from cotd in a long time. Now just trying to figure out if I need a second chrome cast or anyone I need to buy a present for needs one.. $19.50 delivered is a damn good price for one.

  • +2

    YES,work for me,thanks OP.Been so long since I bought from COTD.Paid $5 for a powerboard reminds me of the good old days of the COTD when its price was genuine bargain.

  • Working for some people and not for others, there may be another stipulation to the coupon eligibility. Not sure what it may be.

  • Chromecast for $19.50 thanks OP.

  • worked for me, cheers. $20 chromecast is the best price in history..

  • https://www.catchoftheday.com.au/event/43359/product/toshiba...

    Toshiba 2tb Canvio Simple $93 shipped. Bargain!

    Coupon worked for me, haven't bought anything since 2011.

  • G shock watch $45 with discount or 57 with bday code.


  • Worked for me.

  • Not working here. I have never made a purchase with COFD but I did register more than a month ago.

    • You're expected to have made a previous purchase, but it can't have been within the past 12 months.

  • Last purchase 29/11/13 but coupon doesn't work, bummer.

    • +3

      Just looking at your profile pic makes that 10x funnier, rather drab sounding voice :P

    • +1

      contact them

    • +1

      Just missed out… previous purchase must have been prior to nov13.

  • Not working for me. Had a old account, but made no purchase anytime.

    Was it supposed to work for me? Confused..

    • same

      • +1

        same, looks like you needed to have made at least 1 previous purchase

    • Must have had one prior purchase and it must have been prior to nov13 and no purchase since then.

  • no luck here. couldn't find anything to buy anyway so not too fussed.

  • Awesome. I hadn't bought anything from cotd for at least 4 years and the code worked for me. Picked up 2 opi nail polishes and a 4 pack of Burts bees lip glosses for just the $5 postage.

  • worked for me. eneloops + phillips bt speaker and mic for $6 delivered. pretty sweet!

  • +1

    Worked for me, thanks OP.
    Now excuse me while I go swim in Curly Wurlys…

  • XMASGIFT code worked for me - my last purchase was 29/10//2013

    Also am able to use the BDAY code on separate order to get $8.00 discount

  • OP should acknowledge Fishy in the description.

  • works for me. did not receive an email. my last order was 29-05-2011

  • +1

    Coupon conditions have not been met.


  • Thanks worked for me, Have not purchased since 2010, Spent a few grand on COTD back then but lost interest in it after prices did not seem like much of a bargain anymore.

  • +6

    For anyone wondering…

    From reading the comments, it appears that in addition to the conditions stated in the OP, you also have to have made at least one purchase prior to Nov '13 (for older accounts at least).

    Seriously good chance I'm wrong, but it looks like most people who can't get it to work have never made a purchase.

    • +2

      That does seem as if it could be correct.

    • Good thinking, not sure that mine fits the pattern though:
      Registered 22/10/13, last purchase 23/10/13, just get "coupon conditions not met"

      • +1

        Should work… give them a call or email.
        "Must have had one prior purchase and it must have been prior to nov13 and no purchase since then."

        • Definitely prior to Nov, 2013.
          My last purchase 9/11/13. Didn't work for me.

  • Bought about 12 items for $8 delivered. Thanks OP!.

  • worked for me tommy hilfiger tee for 5$ incl. shipping

  • 1st purchase: 20/10/2013
    Last Purchase: 29/11/2013

    No coupon working here :(

    • Before 11/2013 perhaps, sorry.

      • Registered 22/10/13, last purchase 23/10/13, just get "coupon conditions not met"

  • +2

    $5 for a 4-Outlet Surge Protected Powerboard with 6 USB port

    • Couldn't find anything else to get (Chromecast sold out), so a powerboard is coming my way!

      • Boo… Postage had gone up to $7.83

    • Thanks OP and also to uniwon for the suggestion.
      Had to work out if I ever had an account, but thankfully last purchase was 2008.

  • Cheers! Purchased

  • actually worked for me.

    thanks op

  • Look, this is just silly. $20 to use for doing nothing? I will take it! :)

    16 Eneloops coming my way for $9 posted.

    Thanks OP!

  • Can confirm it works also. I haven't purchased from them since 2011 (gave up on them when I received 5 different faulty items in one order) so I thought I'd give it a go. Got my first Eneloops…see what the big deal is.

    1 x ENELOOP AAA Chocolate 8pk-$11.99
    1 x ENELOOP AA Chocolate 8pk-$11.99
    Sub Total-$23.98
    Discount (XMASGIFT)-$20.00


  • Wooohooo worked for me

    Thanks OP :)

  • $5 footy .. kickin goals

  • Oh no, Chromecast is sold out! :(

  • +3

    What a great marketing campaign… let's reward everyone that wasn't loyal to us over the last year and screw the one that were. [email protected]#[email protected]% you COTD

    • +1

      not interested in new customers either

    • +3

      You seem surprised. Did you miss out on the part where they didn't inform their loyal customers of a data breach for 3 years?

  • +1

    Ha Ha
    Just joined the eneloop club 2 packs for $8.98 posted
    Thanks op

  • My last cotd purchase was on 25/10/13 and it was eneloops. Winning!

  • Thanks OP, had not made a purchase since 2010.

  • +1

    When does this expire?

    • No terms about expiry in the original email, OP?

  • Awesome just purchased a kindle total $134

  • Last purchase August last year, working. Thanks!

  • +1

    Worked for me! 1 x 8 pack of eneloops AA, and 1 x 8 pack of eneloops AAA… $8.98 delivered!

    Damn it, now I'm sucked back into cotd.

  • +1

    1 x Billabong Women's Cocktails Skirt - Moon-10
    1 x ENELOOP AA Chocolate 8pk
    1 x Mother Earth Deluxe Mix Superfruits 150g
    1 x Disney Fairies Advent Calendar Choc 65g
    1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Block Strawberries & Creme 120g
    1 x Rio Girl's Briefs 8-Pack - Solids-8-10 years

    $7 Delivered :)

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