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Hoyts Freeze Your Seat - Find Locations for Free Movie Tickets (Excludes NT & Tas)



Closing Date 27/01/2015 11:59pm


Description 1 of 4662 Movie Ticket, 1 of 4662 regular Frozone, 1 of 4662 regular popcorn
No. of Prizes 13986
Total Prize Pool $206,457.60

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods App, Website, In Person
Prerequisites Account/Membership

Things are super cool at HOYTS this summer! We’ve turned 1000’s of public seats into FREE seats at the movies. So while you’re out and about this summer, you can FREEZE YOUR SEAT TO WIN!

Simply download the FREE HOYTS Cinema Australia App to access the game where you’ll see we have dropped location pins on Google maps – we’ve used park benches, bus stop seats, seesaws, swings and other public seats. The closer you are to the pins, the colder you’ll be getting (it’s called ‘FREEZE YOUR SEAT’, after all!)

The first person to get to a prize pin and FREEZE it wins the Free HOYTS cinema ticket! Miss out on the free ticket? Don’t worry! The second on the scene will win a regular Frozone and the third will win a regular popcorn from the HOYTS cinema Candy Bar.

Someone else could get there first, so you’ll have to be quick!
Once all the prizes have been claimed on that seat, the icon will disappear.
New seats are added every day so make sure you’re ready to FREEZE YOUR SEAT.
REMEMBER: Stay safe! It’s not worth running across busy roads (or attempting dangerous parkour maneuvers) to get a prize pin. For safer play, we recommend searching for pins in the light of day!

New Pins will be released daily except for the final two (2) days of the Promotional Period (being 26/01/2015 and 27/01/2015). The number of prizes available in each State/Territory are as follows:

State/Territory First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
NSW 1,050 1,050 1,050
VIC 1,050 1,050 1,050
WA 1,050 1,050 1,050
ACT 504 504 504
SA 504 504 504
QLD 504 504 504

Hoyts Rewards membership required.

A maximum of 5 prizes can be redeemed per user per week.

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  • Anyone having issues with location? Have it turned on, Google Maps finds me perfectly fine, but the app is having a whinge that I need to turn on Location Services! Argh!

  • while this maybe a novel idea and sounds fun, i hv tried but the app freezes all the time. i am going to delete the app now and dont bother with this freebie. i reckon my time is more precious than me staring at a frozen screen.

  • Just got 5 free tickets by walking around the cbd for 15 minutes. Haven't received an email confirmation yet, so will wait for that before I waste any more time.

  • hoyts rewards membership required

  • You can only redeem 5 per week, it stopped me redeeming a 6th one. Weird way to spend a Thursday night in Melbourne…

    • I thought it was a fun way to spend a Thursday night - but then again I'm a lameo! The excitement of wondering as you approached the spot if the other people around you on their phones were looking for the same thing… :o

  • Won 1 ticket.. was too lazy to travel 835metres to the other on inside a park.

  • Just received my 5 emails from yesterday huzzah.

    ..and 3 more arrived leaving me with 8 tickets somehow.. interesting…

  • I could not able to find Hoyts app ,
    Could any one send the link for iOS .

  • Thanks

  • +1 vote

    Thanks. Got 5x Hoyts tickets.

  • Thanks just got 3 tickets. Pretty dodgy area where I went late at night with my son. The police were interested in my activities. Probably even more interested when my son piped up we were trying to score some frozen stuff. Bet they thought they had an ice buyer on their hands till I showed them the app.

  • is it just within the cbd area?

  • So you have to be Hoyts paid member to enter this? ($12 registration fee)

  • Nope install the app and sign up through it for free to get Hoyts membership

    Yes the accuracy seems low. I was unable to claim two seats because i simply coudnt walk there unless i could walk through walls, or climb a fence.

  • Does anybody know when the new week starts for the 5 redemptions per week rule? Or is it just 5 redemptions over any 7 day period?

  • Looks like they may have closed this down early due to tech issues. The comp has disappeared from the app this morning.

    I never did get any confirmation emails for the 7 tickets I won!

  • Im looking around the map and can only see the drinks and popcorn. Can anyone confirm whether the seats show up on the map? Or only the 2nd and 3rd prizes show once the seat has been claimed.

  • Correct, once the seat has been claimed, frozen drink shows up as second prize followed by popcorn.

  • Correct, once the seat has been claimed, frozen drink shows up as second prize followed by popcorn.

  • Looks like I wasted my time on this wild goose chase. Claimed 2 tickets on Sunday but never got the email.

  • I claimed some on Sunday and didn't get emails but the ones on saturday night sunday morning came through straight away. If anyone finds out who to email please post.

  • Never got the email. Is this a scam?

  • received 1 free seat!! then maps wont load again so cant use the app tried deleting and and loading multiply times. any ideas?

  • Just got the email!

  • Thanks OP! I won a frozone and received an email :)

    (Save some seats for us little guys next time!)

  • Thanks OP.

    I won 2 tickets, 2 frozones and 1 popcorn.

    Hobbit here I come!

    — it was easy. If you go to a second pin the first pin re-opens up for you. So a 5min drive from my house (Terrigal NSW) they had two red pins. So I drove to first, claimed first ticket, drove around to second pin (30second drive from first pin) and claimed second ticket. Drove back around to first pin to claim a frozone, back to second pin to get second frozone and then back to first pin to get popcorn. After that it locked me out of the map (5 per week limit). All it took was a couple of laps (of the Haven) for a perfect combo to take a partner/friend or whoever to the movies. A ticket and drink each and share the popcorn !! :)

    • Can you use the free ticket for movies with NFT (No Free Ticket)?

      • These are stated conditions on email:

        The following conditions apply:

        If the HOYTS general admission voucher is redeemed at www.hoyts.com.au both the voucher number and PIN are required to be entered. Booking fees will apply for redemption at www.hoyts.com.au and will be the responsibility of the winner.

        The HOYTS general admission voucher must be exchanged at the Box Office or Candy Bar or redeemable at hoyts.com.au for your ticket. The voucher is redeemable for one (1) general admission ticket for one (1) adult:
        • for any session (except Saturday from 5pm and onwards) including the Bean Bag Cinema at HOYTS cinemas in Australia
        • for any 3D and/or Xtremescreen movie session with an upgrade fee, which will be the responsibility of the winner and applied at time of exchange/redemption; and
        • and is valid until the 15.03.2015 and cannot be exchanged, extended or replaced.

        This voucher cannot be:
        • redeemed for HOYTS LUX, La Premiere, Directors Suite, HOYTS IMAX® or special or group events
        • upgraded to HOYTS LUX, La Premiere, Directors Suite, HOYTS IMAX® or special or group events
        • redeemed at CMAX Cinemas, Grand Cinemas, Majestic Cinemas or Palace Cinemas
        • used to purchase 3D glasses. 3D glasses must be purchased separately at an additional cost
        • used in conjunction with any other offer
        • replaced or refunded if lost, stolen or damaged
        • used to purchase any pre-paid movie vouchers, gift cards or HOYTS Rewards memberships
        • exchanged for cash and change will not be given irrespective of cinema pricing

        For full terms & conditions, visit www.hoyts.com.au/freezeyourseat

  • Don't forget to mark yourselves as winners people :)

  • Won a frozen coke on my way to work

  • Worked out what was up with the app, just grabbed a popcorn. Not near the cbd which sucks, so many there!

    • lol, do you mind sharing for others with issues?

      • When the app is first installed, it asks for permission to your location, which I would've denied (6 months ago). Just delete the apps data and cache and it asks for that again. Approve it and hey presto, all good :)

  • Cheers for that, makes sense.

  • just few info with this app. the GPS location is really bad sometime but other time OK. I have tried to go to one location but the app kept saying "your are cold" then "warm" over and over for past 15 min which then i gave up. Tried different place and wait for about 5 minutes or so, then I managed to score free HOYTS ticket. Maybe is just my phone (Galaxy S3). Just my 2 cents. At the moment the app is not showing the map, even after restarting the app or phone…:-(

    • just realised it locks you out after 5 prizes a week..:-)

      • Yep, but do we assume that the week starts on a Sunday or Monday?!

        • Just checked. It doesn't reset at midnight on Saturday / Sunday (which is when new pins drop) so will check again Sunday / Monday midnight and see if Monday is reset time. Otherwise it might be 7 days after your last claim.

          My mum has got 5 tickets.
          I got 2 tickets, 2 frozones and 1 popcorn.

          Thanks OP

        • @bleachy_dude:

          New pins drop every day. I think the 5 limit resets based on when you claimed the pins as mine has already reset.

          Got another 4 movie tickets and 1 frozone today.

          Also I have another theory: I think the pins only display on a certain radius around your current location. I went to a friends house earlier today, to show him the app and there was a whole bunch of pins I had not seen earlier that day.

          When I got back home, they were no longer being displayed.

        • @John Stone: I think this is right. I went to a friends place and wanted to check out if there was any on the way. I live in Wollongong and could only see local ones until I got to bankstown and all of Sydney (right through to bondi) popped .

  • Also the free movie ticket works for NFT sessions. Just tried it with a dummy booking online.

    Although for some reason it wants to charge me $7 for XtremeScreen session, even though the price diff between a normal and XS session is only $3.50

  • Is anyone else having trouble connecting the app to location services? I have a nexus 5 and even though my location settings are on the app says its not on

    Edit: never mind! Got it working!

  • Won another Frozen coke and popcorn today. Nice comp

  • Ok all, have changed it to an instant win comp, so all the winners can mark themselves as such :)

  • Won a few movie tickets around Perth, cheers!!

  • Just saw this competition last night and won a frozen coke from home. My current location was all over the place before it pinned down on my exact location. In the meantime it was close enough to one of the pin to freeze it for a frozen coke.

    Cheers OP. Hope I will win some tickets as well to go with this frozen coke :)

  • Do the prizes all reset at midnight? All the seats are taken around the Sydney CBD already (12:30pm)

  • Im asking a dumb question, but we have to physically walk/drive there to claim the prize? Still not sure how this works…

    • Yes you have to physically walk or drive to the location. Turn your GPS on and walk to the location shown in the app until it gets colder and the freeze button is enabled. In Sydney most locations are in CBD and needs a bit of walking as it requires you to be within 1 or 2 meters distance from the pinned location.

      • Thank you. I was lying on my bed browsing the map with my finger and wondering why I havent won anything. Lol

  • Got a movie ticket, popcorn and a drink. All set now. Thank you.

  • It was almost fun trekking around - bit like geocaching!

    Saw another guy wondering around with his phone but gave up after 5mins trying to get the right spot

  • No tickets in my area, they get claimed quickly. Just coke and popcorn, scored one of each on my ay to work.

    So far 3 cokes and 2 popcorns

  • Anyone having problems with the app location detection on android like me?

  • It seems like after you have claimed 5 rewards, the map just stops loading. It's not a particularly obvious way to indicate that you can no longer claim rewards for the week, but an effective one.

    My girlfriend & I used 2 tickets, 2 frozones and 2 popcorns last night. It did cost us $2.40 in booking fees when booking online, but it was a very cheap date night. Thanks OP

  • Yes, it crashed when I restarted the app after I'd claimed five vouchers (just sits on the map screen with the loading icon rotating endlessly). It took seven full days before it worked again. I was then able to collect five more vouchers (all frozones and popcorn).

    I then signed in with my mum's login details a day or two later and it was working for her, but there was no goodies available on the day, so we tried again today and it's not working again. I can't figure why that is. Bad programming I think.

  • Has the app been down since yesterday?

    Maps havent been loading for me

  • Yeah hasn't been workig for me since yesterday.

  • Yep working last night but not today. Sucks because I was planning to hunt for pins today :(

  • Is it working today for people?
    I left the app open on the tablet and this morning the map showed (however ny local pin went from 500m to 1750 m :( )but I closed the app and its not loading again.