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Logitech Z623 2.1 Channel Speaker System $89.10 Pick up, Motorola Nexus 6 $799 @ TGG eBay


Logitech Z623 2.1 Channel Speaker System $89.10 Pick Up @ TGG eBay
Motorola Nexus 6 32GB Midnight Blue - Unlocked $799 (Selected Stores)

2% Cashback with cashrewards

Logitech Speaker Specs
•THX Multimedia Certification
•200 watts (RMS)
•Two 3.5 mm inputs
•One pair of RCA inputs
•Headphone output
•Controls integrated in the right satellite—Power, Volume, and Bass controls
•Works With Computers, music players, TVs, DVD players and other audio sources with 3.5 mm or RCA audio out
•PlayStation®2, PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360® or Wii® using the AV cable that comes with your console

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  • I can remember paying $150 for this when I was younger and dumber…

    Unfortunately one of my roommates damaged one of my speakers beyond repair. Would so love another one but prefer the cash. Absolute best sound system you can get for the price. If you want a decent 2.1 system? Don't hesitate, just click BUY IT NOW!!! You won't regret it!!!

  • I love love love these speakers. For the price they are phenomenal. The bass is super powerful, and the mid and treble is also very good. I spent $130 on these and would do it again.

  • a

  • Nexus 6 is only in stock in 3 Melbourne stores. Bit disappointed as $783 after cashrewards is a great price!

  • could we possibly price match the speakers at officeworks?

  • Speakers = 10/10, would purchase again.

    • Where are the RCA and 3.5mm inputs? Are they on the subwoofer or one of the speakers?

      • Only 3.5mm as far as I can work out. One input on the sub and one on the satellite

        • How did I forget about the RCA…

        • How heavy is the speaker? I don't like things connecting into the speaker itself. If I accidentally yank it, the speaker will drop or get moved.

          I'm really OCD about the position of my speakers. I use a ruler to position it exactly symmetrically with the other one, equal distance apart, and from the edge of the desk. If someone so much as touches it slightly, I'm going to get violent with them.

          The current setup I have is a Creative 2.1 set. The volume control knob is separate from the speakers, and the AUX in, headphone jack is connected to the volume control dial. I think I like that setup better. Reaching for the speaker to adjust volume is a bit of a stretch for me.

        • @lostn:
          Sub Weight: 15.4 lbs (7000 g)
          right Weight: 2.2 lbs (1000 g)
          Left Weight: 2.1 lbs (950 g)

        • @lostn:

          This set does not have a separate volume control knob.
          Both the Vol and headphone plugin are built into the side of the right speaker (hence why it weighs slightly more)

        • +2 votes


          Good on you. People don't pay enough attention to placement.

          Also depends where you put your ears too. Generally you want an equilateral triangle between the two speakers and your head - for when you're sitting at your desk anyway.

          Something else hardly anyone pays attention to is placement in relation to the room you're in. Can be hard if you can't move your PC, TV but if you've got some space to move it - worth trying a few different positions…can make a huge difference particularly with the bass.

          If you want to get even more complicated you can try and work out what the best position is by looking at some of the laws of acoustics -

          Like keeping the distance between speaker and wall different when measuring from the side and rear. Eg: you don't want your speakers around the same distance away from side wall and rear wall - frequencies can end up cancelling each other out.

          Not just for audiophiles - and it does make a difference even with budget speakers like these.

        • @Austrosaurus: I use the Dell logo on the center of my monitor as a point of reference on where to sit so that my ears are right in the middle between the speakers. :)

          I really should tape down the speakers to make sure the angle and positioning of them never gets tampered with.

          I'm even OCD about the placement of my monitor. The left side cannot be closer to the edge of the desk than the right side, or I won't be looking on at it 100%. I use a spirit measure to ensure it is not tilted slightly upwards or downwards either.

          Sometimes I hate myself.

        • @lostn: So you trust your spirit level?

        • @Jangle: I havnen't found a reason not to. If this was meant to be a witty remark, I'm afraid it has gone over my head.

  • Damn, I bought a set of these for the garage from OW a few days ago @ $129. Excellent speakers for the price, they really do kick out a huge amount of sound. A little heavy on the bass but can be sorted with a bit of EQ. Only concern is the proprietary speaker connections, but for the price I paid (let alone the price in this deal) it's a non-issue.

  • Was planning to get these speakers as a present for a friend anyway. Thank you for saving me about $40 (cheapest I could find in a hurry)

    • In fact I want to upvote this twice, but I'm sure making a throw away for that purpose is probably against terms.

  • Why is Nexus 6 so expensive? Wasn't the N5 about half that price?

  • +1 vote

    One of my KRK Rockit's died recently so these will tide me over until I get around to fixing or replacing. Cheers for the recommendations and deal.

  • I had the z2500 they were horrible . These must obviously be much better going by the comments.

    • You mean the Z2300?

      Funnily enough, someone on the Logitech forums did an exhaustively extensive comparison between the Z2300s and the Z623s (their successors), down to dissecting the internals like the amplifier chips, and found the Z2300s to be technically superior to the Z623, Altec Lansing MX-6021, Sony SRS DB-500, Edifier S530, Klipsch Promedia 2.1 & Creative Gigaworks T3.

      I actually find this very believable given that it's well-known how much of Logitech's older flagship gear is far better than many of their replacements/updates that were produced during Logitech's rampant cost-cutting phase circa 2008. Notably the older Z5500s versus the newer Z906s (which I have), with their smaller sub and much cheaper built-in amp, but also the older X-540s versus the Z506s (see here) and the Logitech R20s versus all of their current, budget 2.1 systems like the Z213.

  • I own this set of speaker for 2 years now. They are more than capable of blasting a large room. Great powerful sub and

  • Best speakers for value, very recommended

  • Talk time Up to 24 h


  • I just purchased the speakers and used the code for pickup, however i was still charged $99.00. Did this happen to anyone else? Or did i do something wrong?


    Great find

  • Logitech speakers always give me a damm headache. Too bassy a drone like bass, no mids or low

  • ty TRENT86, was waiting for a speaker deal from you!

  • 13 sold in past hour. they should hire you

  • got speakers. ty.

  • Thought process:

    I don't need one > but it's cheap > it definitely is a good price > bought it > regrets > why did i buy this.

  • How long is this valid for??

  • Finally got a Nexus 6.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Now to sell my iPhone 6 Plus…

  • Ordered, Thanks

  • Is the nexus 6 sold out already

    • Its only available in selected stores as mentioned in post :) You need to check suburbs around your city, it will show the 10 closest stores to the postcode you enter so try a few

  • How about buy 4 of these and put it on your car, (4 x 90 =360) Best DEAL for car audio ever!!

    Dont't believe me ?! Watch this!

  • Was just about to buy some microlab speakers when I saw this deal - can't go past this price. Bought. Thanks OP.

  • Sorry this may seem noob. But where do you input code?

    • After you click "Buy it Now" you get a confirmation page. On there you can enter the code.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks op. Gonna finally replace my 15 yr old altec lansings.

  • How long after order will it take to be ready for pick up?


      Ordered yesterday and it was ready to pickup about 20 minutes after placing.

      Haven't picked them up yet though.

      • It took about 3 hours for mine to come through.

        Don't expect these speakers to sound like a miraculous saviour to your ears. Especially at volume, they sound like razor sharp mud.

        They are better than the inbuilt speakers of the screen, but I'm wondering what on earth the thx certification actually means?

  • heard the nexus 6 speaker was crap. having a htc one max, maybe a downgrade

  • Is this better than that Phillips sound bar ($90 one), I had one but one of my ugly female house mates broke it not knowing how to work it.

  • Great at any price. They crank. :)

  • Ordered Nexus6 yesterday at around 2pm, ebay page said local store had stock. After odering the page said it'd be ready after 5:30pm (store closes at 5). Called 5 times this morning (kept getting hung up on, thx good guys) - said theyre busy but theyll reprint my order and call back when it's ready. 5 mins later I get a call, there's no Stock there or anywhere in WA. Asked for a refund.


      Haha yeah. Service isn't the best at good guys I've found, same with in-store at JBHFI. They seem like they try to scrape by on minimal staff, and can get a bit crazy this time of year.

  • Love the code with it..cheers


    Happy with these.

    My receipt has the full price. Hopefully they realize that and fix it up before someone exploits buys a heap and returns them for a profit :P

  • Got a call from good guys that my order was ready for pickup yesterday morning, And 8 hours later got email saying it was ready lol

    • When I got my call I said "Where's my email?". They said "No email just bring your ID". When I got to the shop they said "Where's your email?". Fortunately they were happy with my ID.

      Poor old GG are still getting used to this online ordering stuff.

  • Any one who missed this (like me). Binglee has them online for $99 so if you take that OW for price beat gets back to similar price as TGG is back to $149.

    • Just checked online with them, sold out. Prob still worth a shot though.

      • Got the price match at OW for $94.05.

        The bing lee site says check for aval and brings them to an online chat. This guy was not keen on waiting for that so just said we can do it. Excellent!

  • Lol how did you miss this deal? it's was on front page for like 2 days, gotta check this site daily guys or most time you snooze you loose :)

  • Got the speakers yesterday…

    Not very happy with them. Great highs, great lows… But I tested them and there is a HUGE drop in volume in the mid-bass between 120-145 Hz that correlated to a males voice… It makes listening to rock completely uninspiring.

    They are probably worth the money for gaming… And listening to rap etc if that's all you want them for.

  • Upgraded my computer today, New CPU Ram and motherboard and my new speakers, Great sound for the price.