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AirVPN 20% off All VPN Plans


Just went to extend my subscription and AirVPN are having a 20% off sale until 1/1/15.

I've been using them for about a month and the speed has been almost no different from my bare ISP. The 12 month plan is 43.2 EUR, which works out to about $5.40/month. They keep no logs and have servers in 15 countries including US and UK.

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    Very good provider actually, gets good reviews.


    They say they keep no logs has anyone checked?
    What country is this really based in? (ownership)
    Is this company somewhere along the line financed/funded by intelligentsia? If so is it undetectable?
    Does the NSA have access to any secret Quantum Computing that can cripple the encryption or compromise the tunnel?
    Can the traffic be 'reverse engineered' to determine what the user is browsing?
    Does any weak ends on the users computer system compromise him such as OS, malware, trojans etc?

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      Sounds like you're looking for this.


        Heh. That's how I found them actually!