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[Amazon.com.au] Over $240 Worth of Top Paid Android Apps and Games FREE- Amazon Appstore


Get over $240 Worth of Top Paid Android Apps and Games FREE until Friday, 26th December

Apps include:

Age of Zombies: Season 2
Angry Birds Space (Ad-Free)
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
Calculator Pro
Color Splash FX
Construction Simulator 2014
djay 2
ElectroDroid Pro
Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO
Farming Simulator 14
Five Nights at Freddy's
Fleksy Keyboard
InstaWeather PRO
iReal Pro - Music Book & Play Along
Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC)
Just 6 Weeks
Mirroring360 - AirPlay Receiver
My Alarm Clock
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th edition
Paper Train Reloaded- Ad Free
Photo Transfer App
PicShop - Photo Editor
Quell Reflect
RPG Soul Historica
Root Explorer
ShutterFolio,an app for Shutterfly
Splashtop Remote Desktop
The Muscular System Manual: The Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body
TuneIn Radio Pro
Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools
Wolfram Alpha
Worms 3
Sonic The Hedgehog 2

How do I get the Amazon Appstore on my Android device? To download these apps free now, download the Amazon Appstore for Android: https://www.amazon.com.au/getappstorenow.

Why isn’t the app free for me?
If you have an existing Amazon.com account but cannot download the app for free, you may still be shopping the Amazon.com store.

How can I get the app for free if I have an Amazon.com account?
To shop Amazon.com.au change your ‘1-Click address’ to your Australian address. Go into 'Manage Your Content and Devices' and then into 'Settings'. Check that the ‘Country Settings’ say Australia. Click 'Change' to check your address is in Australia. Above your address, it will state: ‘You are currently linked to shop on Amazon.com.au.’ If it says ‘You are currently linked to shop on Amazon.com’, then click the related link to select Amazon.com.au.

You do not need to create a new account and you can continue to shop for physical goods at Amazon.com. You can always change back to Amazon.com for digital products at any time.

Got a customer service question or need some help? Here's the link to our Help pages: http://www.amazon.com.au/help

If this doesn't answer your question, you can contact us via e-mail, phone or chat here: https://www.amazon.com.au/contactus

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  • +3

    Plex, tunein and ultimate guitar, oh my!

    • +1

      Plex is a few versions behind compared to the play store.

  • +6

    Incredible deal.

    My vote's on the above, plus Terraria and Five Nights.

  • +2

    Why is this getting reported for duplicate?

    • +5

      i already posted the deal . Moocher claimed it was an advertisement even though i had all specifics of the deal posted i.e Product/start date/end date etc


      • Meh. You should've re-posted it now that the deal is live.

        • +7

          Then as usual they would have marked it as a duplicate , been their done that

          Now someone else takes the credit

        • @easternculture: They would have no reason to do that, if you were first.
          Anyway, you could still post the US store version, everyone else seems to unfortunately be allowed to do that. Even thought it's always the same apps.

        • @BarginHunter: US store version not a dupe: they may well be the same apps, but they are totally different stores, different accounts and different start/end times. As with many other users, no, I don't have an AU account, and no, I don't want to switch over to the AU store. If it makes you happy, go ahead and post the US, UK and DE sales.

        • @MiniMoo: It's exactly the same thing. My account was a US one but then I changed it to AU yet I'm still able to get these apps from the AU store or the US store without any problems.

        • @BarginHunter: I disagree. In addition to my above points:
          * Sometimes the apps listed in the give aways are different in each store.
          * For US accounts the AU deal is not open to us at midnight until about 6/7 PM, so we're "excluded", so to speak, for most of the duration of the time the deal is open on the AU store, which is what's listed in the OzB post.
          * We can't transfer US coins to an AU account to use them.
          * Not all want to be "forced" in to transferring to an AU account, and thus deal with having to handle switching between the 2 accounts.

          Furthermore, it could be seen another "advantage" of a US account is we get a longer heads up of the deal as it comes up first on the AU store. So if other events prevent us from checking OzB or downloading that day we still have the following day to get the apps.

          If someone (hypothetically) posts the US deal first then, by your rationale, the AU deal should never be posted, and thus all AU account users will miss out on the deal.

          The issue here is one of geolocation. As I have an US account the AU deal is unavailable to me. As you have an AU account the US deal is unavailable to you. Therefore the two posts are not duplicates.

        • +1


          You change your location in your settings, so all Amazon digital content is available to everyone. However based on site rules this post could be relisted once per app as long as the app in the title isn't duplicated.

          Because people can't be bothered changing their settings wouldn't surprise me. This site always facilitates for the lowest common denominator.

        • @bxpressiv: The issue here isn't about changing your account to AU, it's whether posting the US deal is a duplicate.

        • +1

          @easternculture: Do you credit all the deal sites from which you often blatantly copy deals? No. Which do you care about more - the fact that your fellow OzBargainers are exposed to a good deal or that your name is on the deal?

        • @bargainsftw:

          My issue was with moocher removing the deal in the first place.

          It ticked all the boxes for a valid deal.

          Then when reported a dupe, he claimed that mine was for the US store, even though i put in the title US/AU/UK.

      • +4

        Your is more of an announcement though. There's no list of which apps are free.
        This post is more useful and helpful and should stay imo.

        • +7

          And i would have updated it as i do with all my deals

          The idea was to give you guys a heads up for the deal.

          I ticked all the boxes for posting the deal

          • product (Android apps)
          • price ($0)
          • start date (24/12)
          • end date (26/12)
        • -3


          By then, the deal would've been on page 100 and majority of people would've missed it, considering yours was posted almost half a day too early! I would've missed it.

        • +1


          Nope, it would have been around 5th deal down on the front page

        • +3

          @easternculture: I reported this deal as duplicate, not that it will probably do much … "Duplicate of this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/176027 This was posted first, so should be re-instated as the deal where EC can update the free apps accordingly now it is live". Thanks anyway EC, appreciate all of your deals and ongoing contributions on OzBargain.

        • +1


          Well the Mods always remove deals that have duplicates in the forum so im just interested to see if they are consistent with their rules

        • +2


          Chillax dude, we're not in school.

        • +2


          Its not that bro.

          Moocher claimed

          The question is what is the product that will be free - we need some specifics.

          And it was very clear that the product was FREE Android Apps. Then he didnt bother to reply when i clarified that

        • +10

          @easternculture: I'm with you EC. I was made aware of the offer by your initial post.

        • +1

          I'm with you dude. saw this yesterday. reported this as a dupe.

      • +1

        Upvote for your efforts from me ec!
        Ps. If it wasn't for your posting yesterday, I wouldn't have searched for it today!

        • +2

          Thanks Snoop.

          The mods dont realize how much effort we go to and how much time is spent trying to find these hidden deals only to find that someone else takes the credit hours later. Took me around 30 min to find this BTW. Moocher should have a go if he thinks that its that simple to find a deal as is to remove it as a dupe

        • @easternculture:

          +1 for u EC. im with u too.

        • @easternculture:

          +1 for u EC. im with u too.

        • @easternculture:

          classic Moocher

    • -2

      The outcome of the review for this content is: No action taken.

      EC's post was for US store, this deal is for AU store. EC invited to post deal for US store. See update:

      Nice one.

      As usual mods trying to cover up their mistakes and not taking accountability even though i mentioned Amazon AU in title

      Largest Ever FREE Android App Bundle Worth up to $220 @ Amazon US/AU/UK- Starts 24/12 12am PST

      • +3

        Suck it up mate, if it's the worst thing that happens today it can't be that bad.

  • @ec chill mate u r still the king of free ebooks. No one can ever beat u on that

    • well, perhaps TA will dispute that

  • +1

    Amazon has quite literally destroyed my app wish list. I now need no more apps and my life is complete.

  • Thanks is there anyway to select them all without clicking one by one.

  • +1

    Terraria, Tetris and Sonic. Bringing it back to the old school :) Thanks OP!!

  • Can someone advise how I change my location setting in the amazon app? I can't see the options listed in the op.

    • You need to change settings in your Amazon account, not the app

      How can I get the app for free if I have an Amazon.com account?
      To shop Amazon.com.au change your ‘1-Click address’ to your Australian address. Go into 'Manage Your Content and Devices' and then into 'Settings'. Check that the ‘Country Settings’ say Australia. Click 'Change' to check your address is in Australia. Above your address, it will state: ‘You are currently linked to shop on Amazon.com.au.’ If it says ‘You are currently linked to shop on Amazon.com’, then click the related link to select Amazon.com.au.

      • Ah OK so from the website? Yeah?

        • +2

          not worth changing..

          there will be free US version soon

  • I get prices on the items but when I click buy it buys them. Am I paying for them?

    • +1

      Yes- get on the live chat and get refunds

      • +1

        thanks, issued refunds on both items.
        Now going through the PC site and not the phone app, durrrr

        • +1

          Phone app didn't seem to work for me either. At the bottom I changed to full site and it came back to free!

        • @Snoop: Ha! Similar thing was happening to me with books when I went to buy them through the app: when I searched I got the dropdown with various results that it guessed i wanted (aka search suggestions) - these had a purchase button with the price (Free) on it.

          Then when I clicked the result (rather than the buy button in the dropdown menu) and went to the item page the price was back to normal (not Free).

          Amazon have some bugs to iron out.

  • Cbf reading through it all, but after you've changed your country settings, sign in and out of the Amazon app

  • Nevermind is working now☺thanks for the free apps.

  • Just a head's up for people having an issue when you click on Get this app and it changes back to a priced item in the app store… Go back a step, scroll down and click on Amazon.com.au Full Site!
    Forgot I still had my address listed as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

    • +1

      President Obama? Thought you used Blackberry …

  • how does one change it back to amazon US after done with buying these?


    Oh no. Plug this into your TV via HDMI, turn the lights off. Have another person with you.

    Scariest game I've every played

    • how can u connect note 4 to tv to play a game??

      • MHL HDMI port.

        Seriosuly I can't recommend this game more- it's a lot of fun

        • You've convinced me… Had nothing to do with the fact that it was FREE either! ;)

        • Thanks I don't have mhl on my TV. Any other alternative. Can I connect chrome cast and play this game

        • @ozzyoi: You dont need mhl- you just need hdmi on your tv. It's an adapter.

          Not sure about chromecast- i dont see why not

  • Can anyone tell me why it won't install the Endomondo Pro on Nexus 5? (not yet lollipop if that makes a difference..)
    I can see it on my phone, then it goes through the 'intall progress bar' gets to the end, then says App not installed. Managed to install Tunein Radio Pro OK

  • Argh my account says linked to Amazon AU but I'm still on the US store on my phone.. I'll wait for these to become available in my app.

    • Try my comment above!
      Oh, and you may have to sign out first!

      • It sounds like we have different issues.. The AU site tells me to get the app to install, which of course I already have.

        But the app has everything at full price as it's probably still the US store it's seeing. Browsing the US store in browser (and following instructions above) tell me that my device is linked to AU store so I really can't be bothered anymore.

        • Yeah, I was the same after 15 minutes of trying. Just happened to come up on what was probably going to be my last attempt!

  • Can I get the apps but not install them until a later date? I'm on an 8Gb Nexus 4

    • +1

      Yes, just click on the link in the post and clock buy. That link is just buying it, not downloading/installing it.

  • Awesome! Amazing! Fantastic! Merry Christmas! :-)

  • +1

    One stand out for me was Root Explorer.

    • +8

      Is it better than Tinder?

  • Grabbed a few, flipped it back to USA.. easy.

    • +1

      You mean you worked it out without someone posting a US deal alerting you of this offer? If so you're one of the rare ones round these parts.

    • how do you turn it back to USA store?

      • It's not rocket science.

        • perhaps be useful and tell me how. please do share your expertise (non science)

  • I wonder how long it will take before this pops up on the US store?

  • +1

    Wow, Terraria for free. That was the first game I got on Steam, hope it's alright on mobile.