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Electrolux Ultracaptic ZUC4103DEL $199 ($300 off) + Free Delivery @ Godfreys


First post, sorry if not a good deal


AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY! Powerful multi-cyclonic bagless design for high-quality cleaning
Deep-cleaning powerhead to remove embedded dust and dirt
HEPA H13 filtration for exceptionally healthy cleaning
'Compact-and-Go' canister to increase cleaning time and quickly empty canister
Sleek modern design, can be stored vertically or horizontally
Full 2-year Electrolux warranty
Strictly available while stocks last!

Mod 29/12 3:40PM: Store Rep has advised us this item has just gone out of stock.

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  • +1

    I bought the ELECTROLUX ULTRACAPTIC ZUC4102ANC VACUUM for $250 delivered about 2 months ago and am very happy.

  • Hi OP, by any chance does anyone know if its made in China or elsewhere ?
    Cheers :)

    • +1

      I ordered one on Monday, will arrive on the 27th. Will let you know by then

    • +3

      Anything not made in China, these days?

      I've got awesome and awful stuff from China. Usually priced accordingly. It's the modern world.

      • True, it's just that I have really bad luck with appliances and I need reliably well built vacuum.

    • Yes it's definitely made in China or elsewhere.

      • It's made in the PRC? Not sure where that is. Any new democracies been created lately?

        • People's Republic of China maybe :)

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • +6

    Hi guys,
    Godfreys rep here, I can confirm that its European made.

    • +3

      Europe can also mean Turkey, Estonia or Bulgaria right?

      If something is made in Germany, France or Italy it will say as much - they will not hide behind Europe

      • What is wrong with Turkey, Estonia or Bulgaria. Hozeluck recent deals say European Made as the main item and under in small writing made in the UK, so it doesn't seem that important in terms of actual specific country. Europe might be easier to comprehend for some Aussies as some countries arn't well known to them.

        • +3

          Nothing wrong - remember that Europe is not a country

      • +6

        Made in Hungary. I've had mine electrolux bagless for 8 years and still running flawless. I would not base my purchasing decision on what country something is made in. I wouldn't even base it on my comment because it's a different model. Read reviews about this model and if there's a common fault or design flaw you'll probably hear about it

        • I hear what you are saying but why hide behind an economic bloc? Perhaps it may help some consumers make their purchasing decisions.

          Just saying

  • +2

    How foes this compare to the DC59….missed out on the 50% off darn it

  • +1

    What's the suction power of this? How's it comparable with the 2400W models out there? Sorry, don't know much about vacuum cleaners in general.

    • +1

      I bought a similar one (see first post from zapzap1). It's only 1400W according to the material I read.

      The one I have has a remote going from 1-5. For me, it's practically impossible to use 4-5 as it sucking so hard I cant even glide over the carpet. For rugs, it literally lifts them off the tiles.

  • Good stuff. Just when I'm looking to buy one :D

    @stevejax: can we order and pick this up in store?

    • Hi there,
      Sorry online delivery only on this one.

  • bought one..hope this is atleast similar to my old volta 2400W…

  • Tempting. All hard floors and no pets, so this will be for the garage and car, probably not the right type of vacuum?

    Currently using a $40 Aldi one bought in 2011, kind of wanting a nicer vacuum.

    • +2

      Mine's nice, but not one for conversation.

    • What do use to dust? I find vacumms are good for those harder to reach places.

      • +1

        Usually just mop the floor, the mop picks up all visible dust and make the floor look shiny.

  • +1

    Bought just one. Seem to pretty good price. Other places are selling not less than $500

  • Hope it's worth it

    Buying this one for my parents

  • It's almost as powerful as dyson, does not lose "suck-tion"

  • Would this cope with three cats? Looks like it comes with turbohead.

    • +2

      The animal model ZUC4102ANC (out of stock) comes with "Mini Turbobrush" for pets. This one, the deluxe model just the normal powerhead. Apparently there's another base model ZUC4101AF (not listed) just comes with regular head and without remote on the handle.

      • Thanks for the info. Will have to stick to my old but faithful 'airflo' until anything better comes out.

      • So you can use the Mini Turbobrush for cleaning your pet — it could turn a Chinchilla into a Sphynx, or a Puli into a Xolo !!
        Is the animal vac also good for cleanup after pets that aren't yet fully house-trained ?

    • +5

      Might have a problem with the third…it will suck up the third no problem but you will need to empty the canister first. 3 kittens would fit easily.

      • +1

        Not buying so cats have been saved !

  • +8

    Electrolux is the real deal, dysons are the beats by Dr Dre of the vacuum world.

    • -1

      Dysons aren't all bad, the flashy design and slick finish is a great marketing edge — much like Beats headphones… looking at average ratings on ProductReview\Amazon\etc the Dyson is consistently rated as average, (that doesn't factor in the high prices we pay for it either which would rate it even worse in terms of value).
      as for Electrolux, they have some good models but it's really a mixed bag — Bissell, Oreck and Dirt Devil have consistently good uprights. Miele and Numatic have excellent reviews along with some Electrolux models for barrel vacs.

  • There was a WELCOME10 expired yesterday.

    • WELCOME 10 was a big discount?

      • Ten bucks.

  • +1

    bought one too. Impulse buy. $199 seemed to be a good price!!! Got an Electrolux that has lasted over 30 years. Wasn't convinced it was worth spending over $500 for a Dyson!

    • I have both brands but not this model, I couldn't say which is better, they are both very good.

  • Just bought one. Looked at a couple of reviews and anything seems better than the dodgy green vacuum cleaner we have now which mum got off of one of those infomercials. Will make an awesome Christmas present for her, cheers OP!

    • I dont think it's same day delivery. Just call it a present no need to justify it as "Christmas" the OzBargain savings are more than enough.

      • Belated Christmas present I mean, haha she's in Japan at the moment anyway. Doesn't get back till the new year :)

  • +1

    damn vacuums are so overpriced in AUS. constantly seen top model dysons, BISSELLs, Hovvers going around $100-$200 on amazon/woot during sale. too bad they are rated 120v.

  • Grabbed one. It worked out well because my old vacuum recently gave up the ghost.

    I have hard floors with a few rugs so I think this will handle everything well.

  • doooooooooope. why such the drastic price drop though? hard to believe other stores online still have them for $600+

    • +2

      This model is probably close to if not already end of life, $600+ would have been the full RRP when it first came out. Many unpopular online shops don't bother to update their price. If you go to product review site you will see some people paid around $300 just months ago.

      $199 is still a great price, but saying that it's $300 off is probably a little bit exaggerating.

  • Ordered.

  • Thanks OP, ordered one

  • Thinking of ordering one!

    Anyone know if shipping through Australia Post, or others?

    My apartment building is notorious for unattended mail theft and Parcel Lockers only accept mail running through Aus Post.

  • I'm a bit confused. I recall someone mentioning in another post that bagged is better than bagless. I really want to get one which can work on all types of surfaces as well as a decent air filtration (wife is allergic to dust). Would this be a viable option? As a brand, I don't doubt Electrolux at all but since I read it some place about bagged vs bagless, just want someone to clarify it for me. Thanks.

  • just bought one!! have never bought a $199 vaccum cleaner before!! hopefully it is worth it for next 10 years!

  • Thoughts on this vs the recent dyson $300 deal. http://groupbuy.ebay.com.au/deal?itemId=371214971513

    • the reviews on this one seem much better than this Dyson one! + you save $100 so i guess that's another bonus

      • Cheers mate, I "bought" the dyson but never paid for it via paypal. Think I might get a bad record on ebay but who cares that's what COD get for trying to pressure me into buying it via unethical rapid sale. Might go for this instead, thing is I have mainly hard floors and not much use for a vacuum. Unless someone can convince me otherwise?

      • Remember reviews are in the context of how much people paid for the item. I believe the dyson was originally much more expensive so people expect more…

  • Thanks ordered one

  • +1

    Thanks bought one.
    I am a member on Choice and this model was one of the vacuum cleaners that they recommended to buy.

    • Choice!

  • How does this compare to the Sanyo 1000 watt?

  • $299 last Xmas at HN, so move $99 in A YEAR> Still grabbing one though :)

    If only the Godfreys site would stop thinking I am in Victoria when I am in Qld.


  • Got one for mum, cheers op.

    @stevejax - Power Head Floor Tool - so this is not the turbo head, but one that actually has a motorized brush?

    • +2

      Correct, this is a motorised head.

      • Sweet, she will be happy! Thank you for reply.

      • Any idea if the wand is long enough (pardon the pun) for someone 6ft tall?

  • Excellent reviews, these changed my mind:

    "The 1,400w AEG Ultracaptic Animal has the most powerful suction of all the vacuums we've tested to date, outperforming 2,200w machines."

    "Rated at 1,400w, the UltraCaptic isn't the most powerful vacuum on paper. However, the cyclonic design helped it achieve an impressive 33.5kPa of suction with an empty bin, which only dropped to 33kPa when either half full or completely full. That makes it one of the best vacuums for suction that we've seen, which is an impressive achievement considering it uses significantly less power than its rivals."

    • although, this one is a DEL ultracaptic and not AEG ultracaptic…

      • Just had a quick look on Wikipedia, Electrolux owns AEG, and uses the AEG brand on some of its products.

        In the 2nd link, on the 2nd main picture, it actually says Electrolux on the vacuum.

        Or, do you mean that the "DEL" after the "ZUC4103" means that it's not the same as the one in the reviews? It doesn't have the same motor & wattage as the one in the reviews?

        • +1

          Read user "browser"'s comments above.

    • Damn, I was resisting till I read those. What am I going to tell Hetty? OP, you're a homewrecker!

  • +6

    With so many ozbargainers buying this, the perceived value of this deal has shot through the roof. I am in the market for a vacuum too. I bought this one.
    Talk about peer pressure :)

  • I bit the bullet and bought. Thanks OP

  • Got one. Resisted buying 5. Thanks OP. We needed a new vac and it seems this will be it.

  • -1

    Ensure you spend over $299 to receive free movie double pass


  • Grabbed one, cheers OP! Actually needed to get a new vacuum, was going to go with some $99 cheapo but this will probably last a lot longer and do a much better job :)

  • does anyone actually have one of these and can provide some feedback??

  • +1

    I have just bought one after watching a detailed video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeAjYWZ4XIQ

    • OP I think you need to include this video!

  • Buying one for the investment property! Done deal!

  • Lots of people bought this. I hope godfreys have stock or else some of us is going to get their orders cancelled.

  • My trusty cheapo one is dying I was holding out for a dyson stick one but I guess at the end of the day if it cleans the floor like a champ then what else do you need, seems like this could be a winner.

  • Thanks OP. Got one as my old vacuum is dying….

  • anyone know when it will be posted?

    • Hi @avitherock,
      We aim to despatch the remaining majority of the Electrolux orders early next week.
      Will get them out to you as quick as we can!

  • Thanks OP and Rep for your answers, just bought one :)

  • Wertheim Blows up Dec 2014.
    Ozbargain comes through Dec 2014.
    Nice 1st post Desijugaad.

  • I have a working vacuum and need to save money, just couldnt resist buying this one… damn ozbargain! addictive site! think i have to go to rehab to stop checking this site so often -_-

  • How would this compare to the dyson dc37c?

  • +1

    Saw this exact model vacuum in hardly normals today for $599. Makes this an even more awesome deal.

  • +1

    If anyone is still interested, I received mine today. Purchased on the 25th and arrived on the 30th. Considering there was 2 public holidays in between that is pretty good.

    I gave it a few minutes of use and it seems to be pretty solid. Can't complain for $200.

    • Is it quite or noisy?

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