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Getflix Smart DNS - 40% off Yearly Subscription - $22.75 (Usually $37.92)


This is a little late, but I just saw in my e-mail that Getflix are offering a 40% off annual subscription deal with the coupon code XMAS40. I believe you can stack it with a further 15% off if you like their Facebook page, but I'm not too sure about that.

For those who aren't aware what Getflix is, it's a smart DNS service that tricks streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus into thinking that your Internet connection originates from a different country, bypassing geographic restrictions that these services impose on Australians.

There are other Smart DNS services available such as Unblock-US and Unotelly, but Getflix I've found is the cheapest one that works really well.

Hope this can help some.

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    has anyone tried it on hulu plus ?

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      All I can say it just awesome! It worth to pay it.

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      Yep, works great. Also works well on EPIX

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    Yes I use hulu plus on a roku box and it works great…. I can't reccomend getflix enough…… They are super helpful….. Cheap as chips 10/10 from me.

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      Don't forget amazon fire stick as well… can access HULU etc.

  • Anyone managed to pay netflix with Citibank credit card mine comes back rejected no matter what post code I use. Reads either "try again later" or "verification code on card wrong"

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      Entropay is your friend. A free US prepaid Visa card. they take 5% of the amount you deposit to it, thats it

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        or you can try Auspost Load&Go prepaid visa card, that's what I use.

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      I use a Commbank streamline account (Mastercard debit), works no problems at all, month in month out.

    • I did, on Brazilian Netflix.

    • I just added a 0 in front or behind my postcode and made sure it was a real US postcode. E.g. if your post code is 3071 try googling 03071 or 30710. I had to re-make my account because it locked after entering an Australian postcode so try remaking it and adding the 0. Free and should work fine.

  • OP, when does this offer expire?

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      It expires the 1st of January as per the fine text on OP's picture.

  • Great service, I use unblock-us personally but both work well!

  • I had an existing subscription which was $2.45 per month (after liking Getflix Facebook page sometime ago)

    I had a monthly subscription setup with Paypal , I cancelled existing subscription within Getflix/Paypal dashboard and then subscribed again.

    Then I applied the XMAS40 and got it for $17.45 ?

    • Great, sounds like the coupon code stacks with the Facebook page like!

  • $17.64 on my account.

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      Yes holden93 it was $17.64 , got my numbers confuzzled.

  • great service, had buffering issues with Unblock US so switched to Getflix and have not had any issues.

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    Another happy customer. 10/10 for Getflix.

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    $24.19 here… Oh well, been meaning to sign up for this and it's still a fair bit cheaper than usual.

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      I get the same $24.19.

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        I suspect people who signed up earlier, got it for a lower price and it remains the same for the life of the account.

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    I've been using them for a few months now to use Netflix. Well worth the money! :)

  • guys, which server to use for getting netflix? i am assuming the us based servers? sorry, i am new to this. thanks

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      Either of the Australian ones will work (for USA Netflix).

  • Been using getflix for almost a year now, it's gret and their support has been very quick to respond when requesting additional streaming services to be added
    But I pretty much just use it for Netflix

  • Is there a way to make online PC games connect via a DNS? Or is the only way to do this via a VPN?

    • Are you trying to buy them cheaper, or just play them as if from US?

      Either should work (as long as the game servers have a domain name(s) or IP address(es) that you can enter into your getflix config as one to redirect).

  • How does getflix compare to unotelly which I have used for about a year with no issues. Is it worth changing over? Thanks in advance :)

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    Do they have the unblock-us feature that lets you change the country from which you'll appear?

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      Seems to. You can choose which country for each streaming service.

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      Yes, on the dashboard, sign up for the free trial and take a look, no credit card needed. Then restart your app/device and volia.

      Check out to see which movies are where. Sweden and the Netherlands seem to have a lot.

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    Been using with no problems for $19.42 per annum (with facebook like discount). Includes access from 2 or 3 ip zones (ie your house plus your parents for example). DNS countries can be individually per website/app. I think custom URLs can be redirected through their DNS but I don't use that feature. They are probably still doing free trials.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, I decided to give this a go so that my family and I can share a Netflix subscription AND the cost of this between our 2 homes.
      Works fine so far.

  • I am wondering if i can use this service direct on smart Tv by any chance??
    if yes…can you please tell me any set up guide as i am interested in this..

    • Yes, you can use this service for everything at home if you add their DNS servers to your modem, there is a free trial and simple instructions on their website.

  • I paid something similar to this a while ago. Well worth it IMO.

  • Still had 160 days in my subscription, but figured it's worth re-subscribing with this!
    $17.64, $1.47 a month?

    This was previous for life (facebook likes etc)..

  • It comes to AUD $24.19 for me. What have I done wrong?

    • Same here.. even though it outlines both discounts have been applied

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    apparently netflix is blocking this kind of service. no reliable source though, so just beware this kind of service maybe useless in the future.

    • Interesting, but it looks like they are just forcing the Android app to use (google) for DNS, meaning it won't stop people using their home routers with services like Getflix.

      (Not sure who would even be affected, how many of you are watching Netflix on your phones/tablets while out and about? Surely Getflix doesn't even enable you to do that…?)

      • I watch Netflix on my XboxOne, so they may potentially update the app on the XB1 which would break it :-( Would have to get some custom firmware on my router and reroute anything that goes to Google's DNS back to Getflix's DNS. Bit of fiddling around, but possible.

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          Yeah, you just make the router ignore all requests to Google's DNS and use your one instead.

          I got it going even on a crappy Telstra locked modem router, so any normal router should be easy enough.

        • @theguyrules:
          Sweet as, that's good to know cheers bro!

        • @theguyrules:

          Is that the Telstra cable Netgear CG3100D? I have one of those. How did you do it?

        • +1

          @mgowen: Nah the Thomson TG782T

  • Nice… $24 for 12 months

  • $21.24 for me, been with them for over a year now - excellent service.

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    Thank you! Just paid $24 AU for the year, vs the $60 canadian I've been paying for UnblockUS

  • Thanks op, greet price. The deed has been done!

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