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Global Ikasu Knife Set $298 + Free Knife Sharpener + Free Delivery @ Your Home Depot


Global Ikasu Knife Set from Your Home Depot is available for $298 as part of their Boxing Day sale. It also includes a bundled knife sharpener valued at $26.95 (scroll to the bottom of the page). Delivery is free for orders >$100.

I've had my eye on this knife set for a while, and have waited for it to drop below $300. The price is slightly cheaper at some other places before delivery is factored in, however, ultimately, the prices equal out when you factor in delivery costs. Compared to other sites, this deal also includes a free knife sharpener.

Not sure when it's ending, but I assume soon, since it's part of their Boxing Day sales.

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  • +19 votes

    Nice knives and sharp price

  • Where can I buy the sharpener separately?

  • +2 votes

    I got this exact set…. terrific set of knives.

    I paid a lot more than this too. Good post OP.

  • Make sure you get the sharpener. Global knives are sharpened at different angles to just about all other knives. Best price I've seen for this set. Great post.

  • Any way of getting GST refund on this if you get something to cross 300 (can't carry on obviously)? I think there was a way you could show oversize items?

    • Saving $30 by carrying multiple sharp knives across custom (across custom twice if you bring them back). You are very brave!!! I admire your spirit of a True OZBargainer

      • Checked in obivously :) There is a way of doing it for items you can't check in I remember vaguely.

    • Take your goods to the Customs and Border Protection Client Services counter before they are packed in your checked luggage and checked in with the airline.

  • Great knives, unless you've got man-hands.

  • Got one. Thanks for the post!

  • i paid $260-$270 for this set at myer about 4-5 years ago, and it's been around $280 on ozbargain a number of times.

    but if you want the sharpener (or need delivery), then i guess this is a good deal!

  • Can you buy the block separately? My acrylic is all busted up.

    • don't think so.

      my acrylic slides out…if that's the issue with yours, you could probably glue it back in.

      alternatively, remove the acrylic altogether (unless you have kids around that might cut themselves!).

  • Definitely nice knives for the price. Made up the road from where I used to live in Japan but I only found out when I got home >.< The town was famous for "cutlery" which sounded kind boring :(

  • Thanks. just got a set for $270.67 ship to 2177 total. A futher discount of $27.33 applied at checkout for (Local Shopper Special)

  • Never have understood the fuss with Global, not an elite brand in my eyes.

    • I also, all comes down to personal preference I guess. The handle on these Global knives have always put me off.

      However, have a set of JA Henckels Four Stars myself. Grabbed the 7 piece set of Cutlery and More for roughly ~$150 a few years back. The best Investment I've made so far when it comes to utilities in the kitchen. Was eying the Wusthof Classic, however mortgage on a new place just doesn't mix with expensive toys.

    • So what would you recommend for a similar price?

      • I have a mix but my main santoku and chefs knife is a shun and shun premiere. The D shape handle is comfortable for a long day and it retains sharpness like you wouldn't believe.

        • That's great and they do look beautiful, but at 50% more that would not be a similar price.

        • and you think shun (VG10) knives are "elite knives"? ha, ok…

        • @caprimulgus: and here is the expert okayyyyyy. please tell us we've all been dying to hear what you have to say on the matter

        • @Chef-Johnson:

          uhh buddy, you're the one going around scoffing at global knives saying they aren't "elite knives"…

          and i've already said what i have to say on the matter: these global knives and your shun knives are both stamped VG10 knives (or VG10 equivalent in the case of global). i am definitely no expert by any means, but i would humbly suggest to you that if you think the VG10 shun knives are "elite knives" and these global knives are not, you probably know less about knives than you think you do, and have drunk the kool aid on shun. (that is merely a suggestion, take it as you will.)

          if you were talking about Shun Elite or Shun Reserve knives (which are SG2), then maybe.

          if the shun handles work better for you, that's great - fit and comfort is possibly the most important thing! but that doesn't really make it an "elite knife" (your term, not mine) in comparison to globals.

        • @caprimulgus: Globals use a proprietary CROMOVA 18 steel, which isn't equivalent to VG-10 at all. Personally, I love the handling of Globals, but the steel is easily the worst aspect of the knife. There's 3% more chromium in CROMOVA than VG-10, which might give it more stain resistance (I haven't noticed). What I definitely do notice is a much poorer edge retention on Globals than on VG-10 knifes. The increased chromium could also make for a more brittle knife, and for what it's worth, I have chipped my Global a few times, but I'm not too sure if it's actually more prone to chipping than a VG-10 blade.

          Anyway, I do think Shuns are overpriced, you can get a fair few Japanese VG-10 blades with much better craftmanship for cheaper, but VG-10 definitely wins out on edge retention over CROMOVA 18.

        • @wazanfds:

          yeah, i know globals use cromova 18, which is not the same as VG10. sorry, i was being lazy and didn't want to get into the mess of all the different steels (which i have discussed on one of the deals before). but i'd say it's in the same ballpark. the problem is (as you probably know if you've looked into cromova 18) is that noone actually knows what it is for sure! most likely (in my opinon) it is AUS-118 (but it could also be AUS-6M).

          i guess AUS-10 is probably the closest Aichi equivalent to VG10. and 440C is like AUS-10 with higher chromium. and AUS-118 is like 440C with slightly less carbon. sure this is a long bow to draw, but i'd say they are all in the same ballpark. they all have similar levels of carbon.

          but yes, cromova 18 is definitely a step below VG10 for sure. just not a large step, i would argue (not the same as VG10 to SG2, for example - the difference in carbon from VG10 to SG2 is much greater). my point being, that if you consider VG10 an "elite knife" (which i wouldn't, if i even used that term, which i dont!), it's unfair to call out cromova 18 for being "not an elite knife" in comparison. whereas, SG2 vs cromova 18/VG10, then i wouldn't have an issue with making that distinction.

          in terms of the edge retention, i think the difference is more in the HRC that the steel has been hardened to, rather than the steel itself - whatever steel cromova is, it's only hardened to 58, whereas VG10 is 60-61. so i'd say that's the bigger differentiating factor than the actual steel composition itself. (and i would argue that is likely a conscious choice by global to be on the softer side of japanese knives to appeal to a western market.)

          tl:dr - yes i know they are different, and that VG10 is better…i was speaking broadly. my point being that the difference between them is not enough to call one knife "elite" and the other one "not elite" (particularly if you accept the argument that globals are intentionlly soft).

          sorry, even my tl:dr was kinda ranty! aha :)

    • definitely wouldn't call it an "elite brand"…but they are definitely decent knives, and good for the price you can get them (particularly just the G2 chefs). as long as the handle suits your hand, of course (the global handles tend to suit smaller hands).

      i'd say they are a decent entry to japanese style knives, being tempered to a slightly lower HRC than most japanese knives (around 58, from what i remember, which is at the lower end of the range of hardness for japanese knives), but still harder than european knives (in the low 50s).

    • They are decent quality for the price and look stylish and are easy to clean. What more do you want? Most people aren't professional chefs or cooks and want something decent that does the job.

      One of my mates swears by Mundial because he first used them when he lived in Brazil. Sometimes it's just personal preference.

      I mean, I have a high carbon steel single edge Japanese chef's knife and it cuts like a mofo with a hefty weight to it. It's like a razor, but you have really have to take care of it in terms of rust, sharpening, cleaning etc. so it's not as easy as the Globals</notsohumblebrag>

  • Mrs saw this, now I'm $298 down…

    At least if she chooses to skin me one day I know it'll be quick and swiftly with such knives.

  • How would you compare this set to the Synergy, which is on sale for $288?

    • It looks as though they hold the same types of knives. I suppose it comes down to your preference of knife block.

  • Edit, question already asked as I browsed.

  • How do these compare to the Ginsu?

  • My father in law who does all the cooking for us only ever uses the cleaver for cutting. I don't think he'd appreciate this set.

    • he's chinese? then probably not…chinese cleavers are significantly different from western (or in this case, western style japanese) knives, requiring different techniques/skills. someone who's learnt to use a cleaver doesn't need (nor want) anything else! :)

    • does all the cooking for you? hmmm…

  • how do these compare to the shun?
    i started with a few of those, and looking at expanding. i assume these are quite a bit cheaper (but rrp seems to say otherwise).

    • dunno which shun knives you have, but they are generally far more expensive! (RRP might not be that different, but globals tend to be discounted by a lot more, and more frequently.)

      i personally have never used a shun knife, but from what i gather, they are probably a bit better and have excellent fit and finish, but are overpriced for what they are. at the prices they charge, you're probably better getting a handmade japanese knife from a good knifemaker. (although, i almost bought a shun knife once, because it was heavily discounted!)

      dunno if that helps, but yes, i'd say globals MAY be a slight step down for you, although possibly an acceptable tradeoff for the lower price.

      but as i said, i've never actually used one…someone who has used both may be more helpful to you!

  • Good price. Global may not be an elite brand, but it's reasonably priced and Japanese blades tend to be thinner than German blades.

    I'd love to get some, but my in laws, who love with me, are the type of people who like to drop knives into the sink, or use my nice Japanese knives sharpened at ridiculous angles to deboning chicken.

    • when i moved overseas i gave my set to my in-laws to use, i even gave them the sharpener. Next thing i see is them getting out their whet stone and ouchhhh, i felt my heart crack a little. I decided at that point it was theirs to do what they want and i would get a new set when i returned.

      • Same thing happened to me, except my in laws live with me. Apparently I'm an idiot for using a proper knife sharpening system, as opposed to a whet stone that looks as rough as a lump of asphalt. Apparently I'm wasteful for taping up the blades with painter's tape so I dont scratch the sides when I sharpen them. Apparently I'm an idiot for buying well made knives when the in laws can buy "the same" knife from overseas cheaper

        • lol i gave a set to my own parents as well, they lost 2 of them and decided that they could just go buy some replacements. They came home empty handed when they saw they were $80 each and told me off for buying such expensive knives. They never lost another one after that…

        • Oh mate, ya killing me!
          Too close to home.
          Sooo many similar exlerice… like smashing my head against a wall.

  • Fantastic knives. They completely changed my cooking experience. Never knew knives could slice through tomatoes like butter until I picked up a global knife! Highly recommended coming from someone who cooks 3x a day 7 days a week.

    • I found that when I used a Pure Komachi 2, which is 1/3rd the price.

      I know the Pure Komachi 2 feels lighter, but what are the differences between the Global Ikasu and something like a Pure Komachi 2?


    Purchased, thanks OP!

  • Save your money and buy some proper Japanese chef knives.


    • That website is soooooooo Japanese :\

    • You get 2 or 3 knives at JCK for the same price as a set of Globals. Globals are good enough for the vast majority of home cooks that don't know any better.

      I've spent a few thousand at JCK and the knives are damn great, but what's the point of the average home cook who doesn't know the difference between Japanese steel vs German steel, let alone a 15 degree blade vs a 25 degree blade, let alone offsets etc etc etc. Then you need to consider that the vast majority have no idea how to properly sharpen a blade (pull through sharpeners are horrible).

  • Got one with local Sydney discount, $268, thank you OP!

  • Who he heck buys kitchen knives to look cool?

    Hey babe, come back to my place - you should see what I have on my kitchen bench…

    • I was unaware of this too, and I feel foolish for missing out on this angle of attack. I was a bit confused as to what to get, but now that I know I can put on a great pose with these babies, sold.

      I hope they come with some type of medallion I can either wear around my neck or put on my key chain.

  • Jump on fb search for cutboy check that out

  • I cant seem to add them into the cart… Is it just me?
    Just goes straight to the homepage when I press add to cart

  • I'd like a nice new set of knives but can't bring myself to buy with those handles. Wooden all the way.
    +'s for you though!

  • I've been using Kyocera KyoTop (http://kyoceraadvancedceramics.com/ceramic-knives/kyotop-ser...) they're insanely sharp.
    They don't quite feel balanced but they'll make you bleed just looking at them wrong.

    The big problem though is my wife, she'll… well she's like a baboon with a screw driver, and she snaps their tips off.

    were $249 @ cotd

  • Some of you seem quite serious about your knives, so you all should also be serious about your knife sharpening. I suggest you all read this thread: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1868535

    Sure, whetstones may give great results but you need a hell of alot of skill and experience to use them properly. There are numerous systems available that give you great results without the need for a ton of skill. I spent maybe $150 on all my sharpening things and it REALLY makes a big difference to keep knives sharp. Also, it helps you to fix the edge of your knives when that relo of yours (we all have one) comes over and absolutely ruins your nice knife.

    • or the guy who says use the bench to sharpen it, its the same as fine steel or use a ceramic plate. nah mate im good. 10 mins later can i use your knife to slice this really thin ha

      • Not really. Steels are good for using before/after using the knife to even out the microscopic damage to the blade. Sooner or later you will need to actually resharpen it properly since the steel can only do so much.

        That and a huge amount of people can't use a steel properly either. The vast majority never use theirs and they sit in their knifeblocks unused

  • My friends have been raving about these knifes.

    So I got a set - it's about time I saw what the fuss is about. Thanks OP!

  • Back in stock. Just bought one but didn't get the local discount?
    in 2070

  • I went in there today to buy some knives, and they had bloody closed at 1pm without bothering to post it on their website or mention it when I called yesterday and said I would be in.
    Lucky though as I am now considering just getting a couple of decent knives instead a entire set. i already have a block, and in reality probably only need two decent knives.

  • Seem to be out of stock again now. Wonder how many sets they've sold.

  • Just got my set today and it didn't come with a sharpener. Can anybody else report the same situation? The listing on their website has the knives without the sharpener now.

    • I didnt receive the sharpener either. Will ring them up tomorrow.

    • I received the sharpener with my set. When you ordered it, did you scroll to the bottom of the page and add the bundle set?

      • Hmmm..I just realised my tax invoice doesnt have sharpener or bundle set…does yours have?

        • Yeah, mine does list the sharpener as a separate item, in addition to the knife block. Hopefully calling them solves the problem.

      • Yes that's where I went wrong (as they told me). There were two 'add to cart' links on the same page.

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