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Target - Full HD Car Crash Camera TACC1 $40 in Store (Was $79)/$41 Delivered via eBay


To get the camera for $41 delivered, purchase it via eBay using coupon code CTARGET20.

I saw this crash cam in the local Target store. Its original price is $79. The instruction manual said the sensor is 5MP. It can take 14 megapixel still picture and full HD videos. It has wide angle lens, sensor, auto power off when the car stops, some sort of light for night mode (but I won't have much hope). I haven't checked out the videos myself, but other people's reviews on the Target website said it's good quality video. Most of people's complains are about bad instructions manual, they can't figure out how to set the date/time. It's a bit counter intuitive, but I'm sure Ozbargain intelligent people will figure that out. The manual had a few spelling mistakes and looks like any other Chinese manual.

I asked the guy at the counter and he said this is a Target branded product, so you can return it any time with in a year if you don't like it. I haven's seen that in writing anywhere though.This is not true, as someone else pointed out in the comment, you only have 28 days to return the product and it needs to be in the original packaging, so don't throw the box away if you are evaluating or not sure if you want to buy the GearBest camera.

I'm not sure when the deal ends, so I just put it next Sunday. Please update it if anyone knows when the price will end.

Update: some other members suggested that the G1W-C (capacitor, 120 viewing angle) or G1WH (battery, 140 viewing angle) might be better value for money. I looked at the sample videos and they do provide clearer videos. You can get them for around $53 here (credits should go to the respected members that mentioned the deals below)
G1W-C: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/163009
G1WH: http://www.banggood.com/Full-HD1080P-G1WH-LCD-Car-DVR-Record...

Update 2: I think this camera has blurry pictures when it's hot. Make sure you leave it in your car under the sun for a few hours to test. I'll return it.

(This is my first post. I think it's a good price and hope it will help someone else. I didn't read any guidelines, so please help fix up my post if you find something you don't like. I won't be able to stay around to see your comments).

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    How do I edit my post? It didn't come with any microSD card in the box. You will need to provide your own.

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      Edit button is in the yellow bar just underneath the title. If you're logged in you'll see it next to "view"

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    thanks OP! which target did you go to?

    • +3

      I bought one at the Kmart in Burwood (Victoria). It has quite a few left. It's available on-line and if you buy $1 more, you will have free click and collect.

      • +5


        • +3

          Lol, sorry, I was totally mixed up. Bought one from target Glen Waverley.

  • -3

    Better price at Target.

    Uniden 320 for $49 with night vision. Brought two of them.

    • +5

      Lol at night vision.
      Using math $49.00 is more than $39.00.
      Computer says no to full hd -

    • +41

      Where did you bring them from?

    • which target? i cant find it on their online website.

    • +3

      Target one = full HD 1080p (though pics and images suggest upscaled something lower)
      Uniden 320 = not full hd (datasheet just says HD, no resolution)

      You need the Uniden 600 for full HD 1080p

      On paper the target one is a better deal

      • +1

        The Uniden 320's sites fine print states "^HD resolution is defined as 720P resolution", which I'm guessing is to be expected.

    • Damn ! My bad guys. It was from JB… that is what I get for a quick post.

      The 300 is not HD though the 320 does include HD.

      • +3

        but not FULL HD.

      • +1
        • We are talking about FULL HD which is defined as 1080P i.e. 1920x1080 and not 720P which is what is available in the Uniden 300.

        • +2

          I was replying to daven1985's comment. He said the Uniden 300 doesn't record in HD, but the 320 does.
          I said the 300 does record in HD.
          Was that wrong?

    • +2

      Do not buy the iGo 320. Mine freezes frequently, it switches itself off after every big bump if you don't turn off the G-sensor, also fills up the memory card quickly because "every bump needs to be archived", awful nightvision… even the daytime recording is better and smoother on my 4 year old $50 Chinese dashcam…

  • auto power off when the car stops
    Won't this be a bad thing if your aim is to capture accidents that are not your fault?

    • I guess you're usually moving when in an accident.

      it's most likely not a "pull up at a stop sign and the power goes off" type of power off and then restarts when you continue on. but a stop car and then after a certain time frame before auto power off kicks in.

      • +1

        You can push button on the camera to keep it rolling despite the engine being on or off.

        • +2

          What button? Don't you own a Uniden 320? All models are different.

    • I don't think it'll be an issue. The 'stopped' is referring to the engine being either on or off, not the car sitting still.

      •Instant recording/end recording when engine started/stopped

  • Id say it turns off when you turn off the ignition

    • But then there would be no need for the "Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery"
      I am guessing it will record for 10 or more seconds once the ignition is turned off like most other dash cams.

      • +2

        Yes, it turns off 15 seconds after the ignition is turned off. It has the G sensor, but I'm not sure if someone hits your car while parking, whether or not it will wake up.

        • +1

          Correct. With my G1w-C, It turns off a few seconds after the ignition goes off.
          The G sensor can 'mark' whatever file you are writing with a lock, if the device detects a crash.
          That way for example if you have a crash and are knocked unconscious and leave the engine running for x hours, that file containing info about the crash wont be overwritten as the card re-cycles the storage space and overwrites the oldest info.
          It won't power up the device in the instance of a crash while the car is off. devices like this are rare and mostly useless as recording AFTER the car gets a knock wont catch much information anyhow.

  • +14

    Not bad quality day time, but night time not so good.


    • Would have to agree. Night vision is shocking. Is there some way to tweak the settings to get a better image at night? All I'm getting is black and some road where the headlight beams are… :(

  • +1

    I saw few at target Pakenham Vic

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 with free delivery.

  • +1

    Looks like a Cheap clone of the Necker s2 EZ

    Good value if the guts are the same as the necker

    Worth a 'play' at 40 bux

    • I am not familiar with the Necker - but I own 5x G1WH's - and this runs what looks like the same firmware.
      Same sound on power on, same menu structure/options. Same double-press Menu to get to the second menu settings.

  • +3

    LOL at the arguments over hd vs full-hd. If you look at the youtube clip, the only thing in high-def is the timestamp.
    The actual image is fuzzy, as is with all cheap dashcams. A high quality SD camera would be clearer. But for $39, I would not complain. It does the job.
    (and BTW, those aliasing artefacts come from upconverting, its not just a fuzzy lens.)

    • Keep in mind youtube compresses the hell out of video. Stuff I've uploaded from my dashcam looks a bit shit on YT but the source video looks pretty damn good.

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    is it a battery or capacitor-type dashcam?

    • Battery

      • I'm new to these. One of the reviews says battery around 40 minutes. Does that mean you'd normally have it plugged in while driving around??

        • +1

          I'm new to this too, but I guess people would normally plugged it in while driving (hence, the auto power off when the ignition is off mode). The battery keeps the unit running after the engine is off, or if you want to turn it on manually.

        • Thanks m1nh.

          I just watched some videos about how to hide the cables for crash cams. Went and took some measurements of my car and I'd need the cable to be about 3.5 metres to hide it properly.

          If someone gets one can they post the length of the cable please?

        • +2

          @Kendrite13: The cable is not that long. It's just the normal length micro USB cable, approximately 1m. I just run it directly from the cigarette socket up to the mirror. It looks ugly and a bit distracting, but that will do the job until I buy a long cable.

        • +2

          about 1.2m

        • +2

          Yep, its designed to be plugged into your accessories/lighter socket all the time - just like an on-dash GPS.

          It turns on/off when the car does (eg it keeps working when the car is idling).

          The battery inside keeps it running for a few seconds after the car is turned off - both to record the immediate after-effects of a smash that might cut the power to the car, and also to allow time for the current video file to be saved to the SD card without corruption each time you turn the car off.

          On that note, the camera records lots of little video files 2 minutes long (by default). So 1 hours drive will generate 30 files. They can be viewed in the correct order on your computer if you "View by Details" and sort by filename or date (I find sorting by date is more reliable).

          Re powering the device, the 1m cable is very short but usable until you get a longer one to tuck away under the dash and side trim.
          If you already have a GPS and maybe a phone charger using your accessory sockets, you may need a splitter. SuperCheap have a 1-to-3-way splitter for $12 - cheaper off eBay from China if you wait a month).

          Often these dash cams will accept up to a 32GB SD card (around $18 from MSY/uMart etc). There are some reports you can format 64GB cards to work, but may require special format tools.

          If recording at 1080p you will probably get around 8-9 hours out of a 32GB card. 4 hrs for 16GB, 2hrs for 8GB etc. I highly recommend using the larger 32GB cards. If you have an accident, or some incident you really want to save, you can either find that video file on the camera screen, and lock it from overwriting, or turn off the camera so it wont get overwritten but you would hate to have an accident when the camera is off.

          Important note: I suggest going into the menu and disabling the G-Shock sensor. If you leave it on, after a few weeks your memory card will be FULL of locked 2-min videos where your car went over a bump etc - and not recording anything new.

          I have bought 6 dashcams (across multiple cars/trucks) and found this problem on several, where they had not recorded anything new for over a month.

        • @m1nh: Is it micro or mini USB?

        • +1


          It is Micro USB.

        • Yes. you'd leave it on charge whenever while driving.

  • +2

    Reviews look pretty average on Target, but the price is pretty sweet… so torn…

    • +21

      Lying naked on the floor.

      • I lol'd! :)

  • +2

    Does the video get over written after an hour or something? (a bit like air plane black box?)

    • +1

      It has a recording mode (the description called "Seamless Loop Recording - no time gaps") where the oldest video is automatically deleted when the memory card is full. How much video can be recorded depends on the video quality you chose and how big your memory card is.

  • +2

    Purchased with click and collect. Added Reindeer Socks for $1 http://www.target.com.au/p/reindeer-socks-white/56230567

  • Don't forget to bump up the resolution on Youtube, BRILLIANT for $39!!!

    I also added a new copy of Gran Turismo 6 because I just snatched a 2nd hand 12GB PS3 for $110 posted. Figured it was better than socks and only one dollar off the best new price I could find.

    • +2

      I dunno, for not much more you can get a much better one (although the AU$ dropping makes it a bit more expensive) - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/163009

      Had it for a couple of months now, recording quality is great, has a capacitor so I know in the hot summer it won't kill the battery (along with the dashcam most likely) and unlike this one, has a long enough cable that it's easy as to hide it!

      Just my 2c worth.

      • +3

        The local warranty from Target, I'm guessing at least 1 year, will be worth the risk. If the battery dies, I'll take it back.
        My 1c worth.

  • Anyone know how much space this would take up on the SD card, ie how much storage space would one hour of recording take?

    Also anyone know the file format of the videos?

  • +1

    About 20 at parramatta nsw, prolly hav more down the back

  • +2

    Just got 1 at Brisbane Queen Street mall. Plenty left in display case.

    Note, just a slight difference to the OP's description - the guy at the counter said it can be returned for refund within 28 days (not full year), and has a 1 year warranty.

  • I randomly turned on night mode and the front light is on. I don't know how to turn it off. can anyone help?

    • +1

      Try pressing the same button again to flip it back to day mode. I wonder if this thing can automatically detect night time.

      • well i activated night mode by putting in the dark and took a photo in picture mode. so there isnt really a button to switch it off.

        • Look on the side of the camera - the power button also has a picture of a light bulb on it.

          If you press it quickly, it turns the front light on/off. If you press and hold, it turns the unit off.

        • @systmworks: cool thanks. odd place to put the light button.

  • +1


    According to this, the best bang for the buck dashcam is the G1W capacitor model for ~$60 but I can only see it for $90. Anyone have a link to a reputable seller?

      • even the promotion codes still work. tried just now, but didnt buy.

        • Hence why I linked to it as I know it's still valid haha.

          I own the G1W-C and for the little bit extra it's so much more worthwhile than the Target one.

          Plus the fact the Target one would stick out so obviously in a car being mostly silver, it really is a no brainer.

        • +2

          Some reported waited for six weeks to arrive and some never got theirs… I'm giving this a shot first if not satisfied will return to Target and order one from GearBest

        • +2

          @Porthos: Yes Gearbest's G1W is definitely worth it. I have it for few weeks now and the picture quality and level of details its able to capture is amazing for the price range

        • +2

          @lokesh7: That's it. Everyone seems to be going crazy over this one because it's $39 (which yes, is a bargain compared to the big brand name one for $109-$200) yet compared to the G1W-C for ~$13 more this pales in comparison to it.

          Oh and to the OP, the reason why you couldn't find what the staff member said about the 'in a year just return it at any time' is because they either lied to you, or are severely misinformed on their own returns policy.


          Target brand products:

          We offer a refund or exchange if you change your mind within 28 days of purchase or delivery. Items must be in their original packaging and in new condition suitable for resale. Manuals, packaging and accessories must accompany electrical and electronic products.

          If you can present proof of purchase, we’ll give you a refund using your original payment method.
          If you can’t present proof of purchase, we’ll offer you an exchange coupon to the value of the current price of that product.

        • @lokesh7: How long did yours take to arrive. Waiting for mine for a while now. Holiday season would create delays of course.

        • +1


          Thanks, grabbed 2 x G1W-C's from Gearbest instead for $55ea delivered.

          Worth the extra $15 it would seem.

        • +1

          @valour: took about 5 weeks and couples of emails mate

        • +3


          With stuff from China/HK I don't get concerned until 30 days or so after the item has shipped. Anything earlier is a bonus :)

        • @jg86tsv: Apparently it is coming from the Netherlands? Sent by Netherlands post.

        • @valour:
          Meh… Makes no difference to me.

        • @Porthos:
          I am loving my G1w-c Excellent video and worth every cent.
          Just avoid the fake ones.

  • Car crash camera?

  • +1

    Bought from Target (Tuggeranong plenty of stock) there was no indication that it was $39 but asked the staff to scan it and it did come up as $39. Easy to set time, didn't quite get the webcam feature working though. Also just so you know the 'OK' button is the play button middle left.

    • I got the webcam feature working (the only thing Ive done with it so far, at work).

      The image doesnt come up on the camera screen - it just stays blue - but works well through to the PC screen. Note, you have to use the center button on the LEFT side (opposite side to the up/down arrows you use to select webcam) to accept the selection.

    • +1

      also press right middle button twice in menu to change to second tab in settings.

  • Tossing up 1 or 2 for each car. Front and back recording would be good. Wife is calling into Target to pick up so will have to make up mind. Decided to grab 2 for now. Thanks OP, gotta be worth a try at this price for immediate pickup and return(if necessary).

  • +1

    Time setting which seem to be a bother is no problem. Press menu button twice.Then the OK button according to the book and this is the confusing bit for most. There is no OK button but it turns out that this is the middle button on the left side ( number 6 in the book) with the Video/Play symbols.Then use the arrow keys on the right to change the dates etc up and down then the OK key to move to the next position.Second date position is the month American style.

    • +1

      Not that it makes much difference, but if you cycle through to the bottom time setting you can set the date format to DD-MM-YYYY and then go back to the number settings.

  • Soon these things will come free with a Happy Meal order at your local Maccas drive thru.

  • +1

    Got last one at target Morley WA. Further 10% off from being display.

  • +1

    What promo code?

    • Did you click the link?

  • Will this work with tint windows I think it might not be as clear was thinking for back window.

    • +1

      no only linux drivers

  • -1

    What link?

    • +1

      The image is a link and the Go To Deal under it. Impossible that you didn't know what with being a member for over a year.

  • Has anyone tried this with a car where the cigarette lighter is always-on? I assume that the cam would just sit there recording and not turn off.

    • +1

      Correct. You could manually pull the plug, but if you forget, overnight you might get a flat battery.
      Do older cars have that?

  • Is this the same as a dash cam? Also how is this plugged in; through cigarette lighter or usb?
    And we need to get our own MicroSD for it?

    • +2

      It is a dash cam. It comes with a cigarette lighter socket to USB adapter, and then USB cable to camera. You dont have to use their adapter - if you already have say a dual USB adapter with a spare port.

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