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PlayStation 3 Console 12GB - Brand New $169 + Shipping @ EB Games Online


Seems like a good price for a brand new console, only $21 more than their price on a pre-owned one. Black colour and online only.

Shipping from $8.20

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  • isnt ps3 discontinued? What with the new look 12gb.

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      there are still new games coming out, the PS3 is still supported by Sony and game developers.
      and with the massive library of games available (which can't be played on the PS4) the PS3 won't be discontinued for a long time.

      • Oh ok, cheers for clearing that up.

        • We traded our ps3, games and a few other bits and bobs to ebgames for a little over $600, that was April last year. New Ps4 games are appearing at a snails pace!!

      • But the new final fantasy coming out this year will not be on ps3. Square enix is forcing final fantasy fans to get the newer generation consoles. Big let down. :(

        • Well it is about time companies start to push for ps4. Easier and cheaper development cost due to easy porting across platforms. No more delays due to porting difficulty.

        • Guessing you have a ps4. :)

    • Not even close

    • man the PS2 still had a game release last year

    • One of the best things with the PS3 currently is how many modern classics you can pick up for a bargain price.

      January PS Store sales have had some absolutely awesome games for under $10 each, plus places like EB Games and JB Hifi have been trying to clear stock, particularly of their pre-owned games so there is plenty of bargains to be had there.

      For about $60 I have picked up Sleeping Dogs (digital), Bioshock Infinite (digital), Red Dead Redemption (digital), Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (Physical) and The Last of Us (Physical) all from PS Store or brick and mortar stores.

      I still have a Play TV and use my PS3 as a DVR as well, works a treat.

  • Still super happy with slim 320GB model I bought 1+ years ago from Kmart for the same price!

    • Still super happy with the slim 320GB model I bought 2 years ago for an obscene amount of money more than twice this price, lol.

      • Still super happy with the slim 120GB I got 4.5 years for free with my Sony TV

      • Still super happy with the Fat 80GB model I bought 5 years ago for an obscene amount of money more than quadruple this price!

        • Still super happy with my N64 I got back in 1998 for x1.33 this price :O

        • @FrankMcFuzz:
          Still super unhappy with my PS Vita I got 3 years ago that is 1.5 this price with not enough games to play!

        • @Letrico: Still super not surprised about that one ;D

          (Still unhappy about the PSP I bought at a garage sale for $50 3 years ago that I sold for not-quite $50)

        • @FrankMcFuzz:


          Still not happy that I failed to replace the power transisters in the ZX Spectrum..

          That said, although Sony have dropped the ball sometimes, the battery in my broken shattered w700i still holds 2 days charge and the phone still works. You pay a premium, but even their budget stuff beats most other brands' flagships…..

        • Still okayishly happy with my FAT 40gb model bought 7 years ago for an obscene amount of money!

          Though nowadays I think the capacitor is slowly failing so it takes about ~5mins for me to kickstart the machine.

        • @FrankMcFuzz: I regret selling mine back in 1999 :(

      • Still super happy with my ball in a cup i bought back in Nineteen-dickety-two.

        We had to say "dickety" because the Kaiser had stolen the word "twenty". I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles.

    • I'm not happy about enough


      Still happy with my slim PS3 with 1.5tb HDD loaded with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP ISOs.

    • Still super happy with my 120gb model I got for $200 at Toys R Us 4 years ago :P

    • Still super happy with my 12GB+Skylanders bundle from 9 months ago which apparently is still worth the same as I paid for it (w/o the Skylanders.)

  • During Monday Madness the 500GB Slim with Assassin's Creed III were selling for $200.

  • I don't think 12GB for $169 is a good bargain. I bought my slim 120GB 3 years ago for $250.

    • Then again, you could get a 120GB SSD for it for ~ $75, or $50 gets you one of those vintage 500 Gig boxes with a little motor in like grandad used, and Sony even give you instructions to install it.

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      a 500gb drive is worth about $50.
      plus some of us may have a spare one laying around from a laptop or something.
      edit: damn I got ninja'd.

  • It's between $3 and $10 for a hard-drive caddy on e-bay, and they apparently take any 2.5" sata drive if anyone is put off by the small size. If you think about it as a networked blue-ray player with wireless g that you can also play great games on with a usable controller…….

  • They also have the 80GB pre-owned model for $98 (comes with 3 month warranty)…my plan is to grab that, play the exclusives over the next few months (get it replaced if it dies in the mean time), then pass it on to my other non-PS3 owning friends and workmates to abuse ;)


  • This thing craps on alot! 'Only 12GB…'

    SUCK IT UP!!!

    This thing loads STUPIDLY quickly AND has the option of dropping in through a $5 caddy any 2.5" SATA drive of your choosing (to a point).

    I really want one since I have so many games lying around for it… seriously tempted to pull the trigger

  • Am i really, really tight, that the $8.20 for delivery makes it a deal breaker for me?(therefore $177.20)… should I be ashamed of my tight self?
    I did pay over $750.oo for my Fat PS3 back in the day from a K-Mart deal which came with a couple of Blurays though.

  • I bought one on the weekend (and it just shipped) as my PS3 died after 7 years of faithful service. Have the PS4 as well, but still need a PS3 given the number of PS3 games I own.

    I think it's a pretty good deal. I'm going to take the hard drive from my old PS3 and slot it into the 12GB PS3.

  • Not much differnt with graphics from PS3 and ps4, your paying like double the price as well for a ps4. best to get the ps4 when the PS3 completely dies off and at that time it will be the price of a ps3.

  • great deal, PS3 has great library and games still coming out for it. Also does DLNA which PS4 doesn't yet

    Question - can you download the BBC iPlayer app on an Aussie PS3 ?

  • Great Blu-ray player.

  • The 80gb fat console, would it likely to have YLOD?

  • This deal has been up for several days - is tempting but I reckon the PS3 can do better on prices still.

    Great for those who have a spare 2.5" HDD lying around but if you have to make a drive purchase it's back up over $200.

    When it's $149 I'll buy another.


    Definitely. 12gb is only enough space for 3 games. Great if you have a spare HDD around which was my situation. If not consider paying a bit more for the ps4. Doesn't really make sense paying 300 for the PS3 with like 200gb of storage


    My Fat 60 is making noises like a steam train.

    Should I get the 12GB super-slim or a 500gb slim?

  • Hmm haven't seen a new PS3 this cheap in awhile…

  • Are these models 1) DVD region locked or 2) at all "mod-ifiable"?

    • They are region locked for DVDs and blu rays, although blu ray regions are bigger (IIRC we can use UK blu rays here).

      No way to mod them AFAIK, at least not with software.

  • So I picked up one of these last week after my old 40GB model PS3 died last week (which I replaced the HDD with a 320GB). Since then I've actually fixed it, bloody YLOD but I think for the price I paid, I'm going to keep it. The 12GB is flash, but can but upgraded with a 2.5" HDD HOWEVER you must buy a bracket to fit. I got one off ebay for around $10 locally, or around $5 from China but with a 3 week waiting period.


    I have a PS4, however my old PS3 was being used by the Mrs to watch Netflix, Hulu etc. For $169, and 1 year warranty, this was well worth the money over a 80GB used for $98 which only comes with a 3 month warranty.

  • I'm definitely tempted to buy another one. Whilst my 250gb version is still ok (took it apart and cleaned it recently which helps quite a bit!) it is only a matter of time till it dies.
    The ps4 is a real let down, no Play TV, not PS3 Media server is a real turnoff, I use the PS3 server aspect daily!

    A controller costs around $75 anyway so really the console is going for $100!

    Is there any benefit to having two ps3's in the same house? I mean can u LAN off one another? LOL

    f**k it, I've put one aside, picking up later today.

  • Page has been taken down?

  • Aaaaand the deal is gone. Boourns.

  • Glad I pulled the trigger last night, still prefer the 12GB over the 500GB :)

  • Now i have two ps3's… dam u ozbargain!! dam u straight to hell!!

  • Called on Wed to reserve, picked up yesterday (late night shopping!) to save on the shipping cost.

    They gave me $5 off as the box was crummy. I had doubts if it was new but yeah, it was. :D

    The USB cable was gummy though, must have been really old stock. Was on 4.22 firmware and the PS3 thought that it was 2012 when I first switched it on.

    Did end up spending an additional $32 for Arkham Origins and City GOTY. :(

  • Hi gang - these (black 12GB) are back in stock for those interested.

    I'm grabbing one as a backup system. Don't want a second hand unit, and don't want to get stuck with no system and lots of unfinished games if one bites the dust.

    Also could use the additional dualshock controller and they still seems to be going for $70+ in most stores so good deal.

    Jump in while you can if you've been waiting.