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Sennheiser Momentum on-Ear Headphones $79 + Delivery or Free Click & Collect @ DS


These are on-ear headphones despite the DS webpage page saying over-ear headphones. Use code 15BRO at checkout

NEW DEAL: Microsoft Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard $15.45 (after $40 Microsoft cash back) or 2 x Microsoft Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboards $15.90 (after $80 Microsoft cash back and $15 off using 15BRO at checkout)

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard and Microsoft cash back information

EDIT: The $15 off code "15BRO" has now expired. The Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones are now available for $99, but the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard is still available for $15.45 (after $40 Microsoft cash back).

EDIT: Now use the $20 off code "20YESPLZ" at checkout to bring these Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones down to $79

Edit: Another day, another code. Use 20STRAYA at checkout. Valid until Sunday 25TH of January 2015 until 11:59PM

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  • Just note when you order black it says out of stock for some reason, but if you put in a postcode for click and collect, you should then be able to complete checkout if there is stock at that particular store. I don't know why the DS website has to be so difficult.

  • looks like the new models are coming out soon

    • Yep, Momentum 2.0 will be releasing in the coming months.

  • Are these noise cancelling?

  • I have one of this and it is uncomfortable after 1 hour at the gym, Soul Master Tracks one is a lot more comfortable. Also I personally think the Soul headphones sounds is a lot better than this one, both cost me $99 each thanks to OzBargain.

    • I assume you refer to Sol Republic? If so, thanks for the comparison with Momentum. Where can one get Sol Republic Master Tracks (not V8 or V10 or V12) headphones for $99 please?

      • I got it from officeworks, but maybe no stock now. I also have Beat Solo HD ver 1.0 and Bose QC3 (I think) and still think the Master Tracks is the best.

        • The Calvin Harris edition?

        • Not sure which edition but the Beat and Bose is hardly used at all, only use the Bose if traveling as it got noise cancelling function. Beat Solo got it for free when I bought my HP Folio ultrabook, would not have bought it independently.

    • Won't any on-ear headphones (or over-ear headphones for that matter) feel uncomfortable and sweaty when wearing them at the gym?

      • Sweat does matter but the Sol earcups one is leather, so easily wipe away with a towel, I guess if you are running on the treadmill, that may be a problem but I usually just walks and cycle and do a bit of weights at the gym, so it is ok for me.

        • Oh OK, maybe it's just me then but leather is even worse because the sweat can't evaporate. (Your body sweats because the evaporation effect cools you down.) Maybe someone should make headphones out of those fancy fabrics that assist evaporative cooling. :)

  • Great price also for the larger over-ear versions at around $200 with the code discount.

  • can we do officeworks price match on these?

    • Only if DSE stores nearby has stock.

    • OW will price match as long as there is stock within the state.

  • -1

    Microsoft cashback is only 40% not $40, makes the deal slightly less awesome.

    40% off is $33.27 for the keyboard, or $25.77 each if you buy two and use 15BRO

    Still not bad

    • +2

      It's 40% off MS recommended price, which is $99.95 for this keyboard. A similar deal has been posted before https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/177065. MS will give you back $40 no matter what price you pay.

      • my bad, thanks for clarifying

  • Recently bought a wedge keyboard for 16 bucks after cash back and can confirm they are well worth the money… Might be a touch heavy for some

    • +1

      Whoops I just bought two more… can't resist 8 bucks each

      • +1

        It doesn't hurt to have a couple of spares.

  • +1

    Bought one Momentum and two Wedges … thanks OP!

    • Same here. Just a few cents over $100 for all 3 items after cash back.

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