[Price Error] Kogan BenQ BL3201PT 32" 4K UHD IPS Monitor $249

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Just found this deal on Kogan's online store, BenQ BL3201PT which is listed for $249 with postage being $9 Australia wide. I have my doubts as the same monitor retails for $1299 on Pccasegear so this might just be a pricing error.

Notable specs:
3840 x 2160 resolution
Display port 1.2 & mDP 1.2 (able to output 4K at 60Hz)
HDMI 1.4 x2
IPS display technology with 4ms response time
brightness 350cd/m2
USB 3.0 x5
mini USB x1

CAD/CAM mode
Solid works certified

Mod: Price error confirmed see comment

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    Would be pretty awesome if it wasn't a pricing error.

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    I think they left a '1' off the start of the price. Definitely a massive pricing error.

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    Is it worth to try to get one?

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    LOL, someone left out the '1' in front.

    inb4 whingers who feel cheated because Kogan won't honour the pricing error.

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      Lol every 2 seconds, I see a pop up on Kogan saying someone bought one of the monitors.

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    All I see in the bottom left corner of the site is: "Someone in _____ just bought a BenQ 32" WUHD Monitor (BL3201PT)"

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    Bought one. Now let's hope it gets delivered!!

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    Well i ordered one incase its not an error.
    Wont be too sad when they tell me its canceled.
    I do really need a new monitor hopefully they dont.

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    not happening……

  • Act Quick! Over 83 views in the last day.
    Kogan.com Estimated Dispatch Date: 26 Feb 2015

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    Lol. Good luck with that. I'm not even stupid enough to try.

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      OK I'm stupid. All it's cost be is a few clicks.

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    Start praying to ozbargainjesus.

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    Yeah dont think I'll bother, guaranteed error

    PC Case Gear $1,299.00
    Mwave Australia $1,299.00
    Kogan $249.00
    Scorptec $1,299.00

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    dont even try it


    Kogan Australia reserves the right to decline to enter into a Purchase Contract with You and may cancel Your Order at any time prior to dispatch of the Product(s).

    In the event of a cancelled Order, funds paid in relation to that Order will be refunded in full. You will be provided with e-mail confirmation of the cancellation and refund.

  • Add another to the list!

    • +1

      Unlike the Kogan Canon camera lens mug I don't think this one is getting honored.

      • I assume so - but the worst that happens is I get a full refund, so worth it for the chance/a laugh

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          but the worst that happens is I get a full refund, with up to a week's delay in getting said refund


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          Maybe Kogan's just trying to help Ozbargainers from spending their money by holding it for us?

        • @scrimshaw:

          and they earn interest while they are "processing" your return…

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    Just think about how long it will take for you to get a refund if it is a pricing error.

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    7.4 Despite Our best efforts, on occasion it may be possible that a small number of the Products in Our range may be incorrectly priced on the Website. If We have made a mistake and a Product's correct price is higher than the price on the Website, We may either contact You before shipping to request whether You want to buy the Product at the correct price or cancel your Order. If a Product's correct price is lower than the stated price on the Website, We will charge the lower amount and send You the Product, or where the higher incorrect price has been charged, We will refund the price difference and send You the Product.

    This seems highly unlikely (unfortunately I CBF dicking around with Kogan to get a refund to even attempt it).

  • Got one.

    • +8

      … in your dreams.

      • -2

        …of a alternate universe.

  • Ordered 1.. lets see.. at least well get a free voucher for the trouble if its is an error

  • +3

    Your order was successful!

    Giving this a go, why not?
    AMEX gives me all the protection I need.

    • Tell us how it goes.

  • Same price as the 24", I figure this is just a free upgrade to clear old me stock.

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    In for a cancellation. Thanks OP, pays to stay up a little late sometimes

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    got to be in it to win it, I once brought a holiday package at Disneyland for 5 nights inc tickets, breakfast and accommodation for $185. Disney ended up honouring it and we had a bargain holiday, was supposed to be $4185. you never know hey…..

  • Dumdedum. They gonna see something is sus by the number of orders. If just a handful had ordered perhaps some might have actually shipped in the morning. I don't hold much hope.

  • On the product page and every notification I get is "someone from ……bought a BenQ 32" WUHD Monitor (BL3201PT)'

    The nocturnal ozbargainers are out in force tonight!

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    Seems a while since we've had a good old fashioned price error.

  • Kogan.com Estimated Dispatch Date: 26 Feb 2015


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      OK. That kills any chance then.

  • -2

    If I paid with Amex rewards do I keep the points if it's refunded?

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  • -2


  • +13

    Ordered not because I believe I will receive the monitor but in the hope that I will receive some type of coupon :) (which is likely)!

  • Not even going to bother with this one… haha. Cost price is almost $950.

  • +9

    Bought one, and hope to get my refund soon.
    .. win or lose, I love this game ..

  • By way of their most recent two phones, Kogan does have a special relationship with BenQ, but maybe not quite this special…

  • +8

    We Ruslan Kogan's jimmies.

  • +1

    this could be one of those display 'only' monitors with nothing inside it?

  • order one,thx

  • +1

    Was burned with the Galaxy S4 deal, but bought one anyway..

  • Just ordered 2, Thx

  • Looks like its out of stock now.

  • Ah dammit. forgot my password, by the time I recovered it, it was out of stock

  • +7

    Kogan sure loves a bit of OzB interest pocket money from some plebs to bump cashflow.


  • +8

    Forgot cashback, s**t

  • Sold out.

  • nice one, thanks for sharing

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    This is what's going to happen.

    1. Those who bought it are going to receive this email advising you of the pricing error.

    2. You 'may' receive a $20 gift card for orders over $50 as compensation.

    3. To those complaining that they aren't going to honour or it's not worth the time, quit whining, you
      missed out your chance on the $20 gift card, IF they decide to offer one.

    4. A bunch of people are going to complain that their refund wasn't given to them in due time and others will bring it to the consumer trading affairs and escalate to a claim etc. etc. Good luck and let us know how it goes

    5. If you're not going to use your gift card - Please private message me the code if you're not going to use it or post it here for others to use. THANK YOU ;)

    Thanks again :))

    Important Order Update

    Dear <name removed>

    We wish to advise you that the price for the following item was displayed incorrectly when you placed your order:

    Samsung Galaxy S4 4G LTE i9505 (16GB, Black)

    Despite our best efforts, with the hundreds of items available on our website, pricing errors can occasionally occur.

    In our Website Terms and Conditions, we state that where an item's correct price is higher than our stated price, we may, at our discretion, cancel the order.

    Your order has now been cancelled and your refund will be issued within 24 hours to the Credit Card or Paypal account used to make your payment. For Credit Card payments, please allow 4 - 7 days for your financial institution to process this transaction.

    As a token of our appreciation for your understanding, we would like to offer you a $20 Gift Card* for our site.

    Your Gift Card code is WILLMAYBEUSEIDONTKNOW

    Please copy and paste this code in the "Gift Card" section at checkout to redeem your store credit.

    When you are prompted to enter your credit card details during your puchase, you will see and option for "Gift Card". Simply select this option and enter your code and this will be applied to your purchase. If the code is rejected for any reason, please double check that you have typed it in correctly (or copy and paste it from this email into your browser, to avoid any errors).

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.

    Kindest Regards,
    The Kogan Team

    Valid until 19th September for purchases over $50

    This email was for the pricing error of Samsung Galaxy S4 for $431.99 which happened in 2013.

    • Maybe, but you have to be optimistic

      • +3

        There's optimistic, and then there's dreaming. :)

        They don't make 500% profit from these monitors, which means $249 is way below cost and clearly an error.

        Why would they honour a lost leading sale? There's a remote possibility that a company may let it go as a goodwill of guesture if it was a one off order, no way when their entire stock was depleted by the pricing error.

    • I remember this. I tried buying two and ended up getting two vouchers.

  • +25

    Damn !!!

    I snoozed, I loozed… :(

    Last time I leave my PC to settle the kids after a nightmare !!!!

    • +3

      Did you share your stories of the land of amazing bargains and hot deals to get them to sleep again?

      • +11

        The $9 Dell Printer story again :p

    • Do you simply correct your children for having a nightmare?

  • God-damn.
    I missed it, and despite slim chances of it being honoured, I still cry many salty tears. :(

  • +5

    Sure, they'll honour a thousand dollar loss times 50 or so orders…

  • +2

    The initial disappointment at the thought of missing out on an absolute killer bargain has been made up by the very entertaining comments

  • +3

    Missed out on my refund :(


    • +1

      It's possible that the Kogan website generates it's own traffic without having to rely onOzBargain deal links.
      Possible, but unlikely.

  • +4

    I hate chasing refunds. I passed on gambling on this 'deal'.

  • OP made the mistake of sharing the deal and potentially getting away with a ridiculously low price. I hope they don't cancel it!!

  • +7

    For some reason this reminded me of the time some years ago a mate found an unbelievably low price on a large TV on eBay. He rushed to purchase it before anyone got it. When he received the item, he realised he hadn't read the description properly .. he instead received a perspex magnification sheet, which you place in front of your existing TV to make the screen look bigger..

  • Good luck guys. May the ozbargain-force be with you.

  • +18

    Don't know why everyone is so concerned, this is a legitimate offer. It's a lock. I already smashed and disposed of my old monitor in anticipation.

  • I should have jumped on this one!

  • farr, missed out!

  • I ordered this yesterday (actually thought that it was a discounted BL3200) and now I guess there isn't much chance that they will fail to notice. Oh well.

  • -3

    Wow , that was quick. Looks like ill be getting my monitor

    Good news!
    Your order has left our warehouse!

    We are pleased to inform you that your items are on their way. The details of your shipment are below.
    Your shipment and deliveries

    Australia Post
    Standard Mail
    1 BenQ 32" WUHD Monitor (BL3201PT)

    • +13

      a bit too early for April fools…

    • +5

      Idonbeliebeit. Screenshot..

    • +7


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