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Seagate Expansion 1.5TB Portable Hard Drive - $74.25 @ Officeworks


I know there have been a lot of deals for Hard Drives lately and the OzB community have probably had enough, but just spotted these while going through the Officeworks website & think they are a great price.

Especially great for swapping in a PS4 or in a laptop or even just for use as a portable drive. And even better plenty of stock available at several locations.

Price at

TGG - $99
HN - $117
DSE - $107.10

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  • Good deal!

  • Product Weight (kg) 2.7? double my laptop!

  • BTW: according to http://www.seagate.com/au/en/external-hard-drives/portable-h..., STBX1000301 is 1TB model. There must be something wrong…

  • Thanks got one. Hope it is 1.5TB.

  • I know there have been a lot of deals for Hard Drives lately and the OzB community have probably had enough

    You can never store enough porn.

  • I just had 2 TB seagate hdd failed on me last night, it's making ticking noise.

    I am avoiding Seagate from now on.

    • Is it still in an external case? If so, it's quite possibly still ok, up to you if you want to try and RA it or rip it open, plug it in as an internal and see if it works.

      If not, then it's probably stuffed :)

    • It failed or it just started making the noise but is still operating? If the latter, back your data up now because who knows when it will fail. If you lost (critical) data, you're doing it wrong.

      Also, if you avoid a manufacturer because a piece of equipment that is designed to fail actually fails then you're really going to have a problem when the next (non Seagate unit) fails.

      To be fair, I've had my fair share of hdd failures both Seagate and Western Digital as well as companies that no longer exist (IBM, Maxtor, Mitsubishi, Quantum and the list goes on.)

    • i'm in the same boat.
      Last month i had a 1TB segate expansion fail on me. Makes a periodic beeping noise with no spinning sound. Took it out of the case and plugged into internal SATA with the same beep.
      I'ts probably stuffed.

      • That usually means it's not getting enough power

      • It can also be the tip is stuck to the platter. Give it a slight tap horizontally if your ready to give it a go.

        • Used atx sata power, not USB. Used different cables too. Also put in freezer and when I gave up I started tapping it progressively harder. Its gonskis.



  • My first Seagate failed on me after 2 use and I lost everything and I will never ever buy a Seagate again. I stick to WD.

  • Had a 2tb expansion die on me as well

  • My first Seagate 1 TB hard-drive failed after 8 months of use. Started making a clicking noise, then lost all the data on it. Made a switch to WD/HGST after that. Prefer paying a little bit more to know that my data won't get lost.

    • I've had the exact same thing happen with a 1.5TB WD. Moral of the story is to keep backups since neither brand is bullet proof.

  • I must be lucky, I've never had a 2.5" portable hard drive fail on me, I've got probably 10 or so from 60Gb to 2Tb. External 3.5" I seem to kill regularly, Internal 3.5" maybe 1 failure in the past 15 years (I usually replace them when they're too low capacity for my needs)

  • Well OTOH I have had 1 internal and 1 external WD drive fail on me and none of my external or internal Seagate's have missed a beat over the years.

  • Especially great for swapping in a PS4 or in a laptop

    i thought that the 1.5TB 2.5" drives were a bit 'thicker' than the 1TB ones?

    • -1 vote

      Haven't done it myself yet but have seen several video's where they have put in a 2TB portable expansion drive in a PS4 so assuming the 1.5TB will work.

      • have seen several video's where they have put in a 2TB portable expansion drive in a PS4 so assuming the 1.5TB will work.

        As I said - I thought that the 1.5TB 2.5" drives were a bit 'thicker' than the 1TB ones?

        It depends upon just what model this really is. One of the 1.5TB models had a drive inside that was 15m or 16 mm thick/high.

  • These would work with PS4 and XBOX ONE?

  • Had the 2TB DSE drive ($99 special) in my cart the other night at about 11:57pm and the $10 savings code got removed a couple of mins early so I decided against it.

    This is about the the same cost per GB so bought one thanks.

  • Got 3 Seagate from office work first dies in a month, second 6 months and third 18 months. Most of Seagate batch here come from Thailand. I have a friend work in the factory tell me all the horror story from technical side to mismanagement. And don't forget the flood last time. How many of the material were reused after that the horror. Using WD now but just learn that Toshiba may be more stable. Will give it a try.


    • Extract…

      Data storage service provider Backblaze yesterday revealed failure rates among more than 27,000 consumer-class hard drives it uses in its data center.

      Over a three-year period, 3.1% of Hitachi's drives failed; 5.2% of Western Digital's drives died; and a sizable 26.5% of Seagate's drives failed.

      • Just to be clear these results were based on desktop drives, but you would expect portable drive results to be similar.

  • Thanks. Purchased this drive last year from this deal at Officworks for the same price. Drive still working perfectly after almost 11 months use. This one assembled/product of China.

    Actual formatted capacity 1.36tb and is suitable for removal and use in gaming consoles.

    Only drives I had fail on me were an OLD 40gb IBM deskstar, a small Seagate 250gb I was I was using in a PVR and a Hitachi 2tb Coolspin that I was using in HP Microserver as storage. Never had any externals fail on me.

    Still using an original fat 1st generation 1tb Seagate portable usb3 hard drive purchased almost 2 years ago and an older Samsung Story Station 2tb external desktop drive.

  • Does this require an external power supply?

  • Thanks OP, bought one. Finally managed to get to an OzB hard drive deal before they were sold out!

  • if the CEO of seagate came on here and read the OZB hatred for his company he would die a little inside

  • If you buy from TGG using their 30 day price garuntee is works out even cheaper.
    24.75 x 120% =27.22
    99-27.22= 71.78
    If you use ING direct on pay wave you save a further 1.98
    So 71.78-1.98 =69.80

    So you could get this as cheap as $69.80

  • Got one in the Elizabeth St Melbourne store about 2 hours ago, there were plenty (>10) left :)

  • Tempting, but after having lost 2 portable hdd worth of data due to minor drops over 3 years, it's time to go something more rugged, or to splash out on a nas.

  • Seagates are horrible bought 2 of em both broke down after 5 times. Very well moved on to WD so far so good

  • About 8 left at Alexandria Officeworks.
    They were out the front where the specials were at

  • Great deal Original Poster. Thank you.

  • Obtained one (SRD00F1) today, very pleased with it, Mine was a China HDD/China assembly, inside was a SamSeaSunGate Momentus HDD ST1500LM006 and very surprisingly a USB controller-SATA one and controller has no encryption either so drive can be recovered and data read should the usb be broken. Very pleased, now to go back and buy a stack of them.

    Great buy, thanks OP

    • The fact that I can tinker around with it if it stops working is what I like about it too, that and the fact that I have a Seagate portable Flex still happy to work 5+ years on. But, the build quality on that in terms of the casing is really good.

  • The website says $99 now.

    I wonder if they removed the items from the sale section or not


    They were scanning at $99 in store yesterday when I went to get one, but the guy overrode it so I could get it for the web price. I removed it from the casing and put it in my laptop, and put the laptop drive into the casing which I'm now using in my Wii U. Awesome price and now I can hold my entire iTunes library on my laptop.

    • Cheers for reporting back, did some research including looking at past deals where folks reported on using them in consoles and laptops so knew it would work and at a cheaper price than the Backup Slim, have similar plans for using it in our laptop when I eventually get round to doing it.