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Rhapsody of The Seas - Sth Pacific Cruise - 8 Mar 15 - Ex Sydney $762 - 12 Nights via OzCruising


Ship Name: Rhapsody Of The Seas
Cruise Code: RH08MAR15
Departure Date: Sunday, 8 March 2015
Cruise Name: South Pacific / Fiji
Nights: 12
Departing: Sydney - Australia

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  • so is this cheap or what

  • plus extra $us12 per person per day for gratuities ($us12 * 12 = $au185 per person)

    • That's most likely $12 per day as the wage they pay for foreign workers. Appalling.

    • Is it mandatory?

      • No… unless you take MyTime dining when it is…

        But as mentioned above it's really the salary … "tips" go to a pool though to help even out the none tippers so one member of staff can't get nothing just because they go a lot of none tippers…

      • "Is it mandatory?"

        Yes. I would treat it as mandatory (for everyone, not just MyTime dining).

        It will be automatically added to your bill. You can ask them to remove it or reduce it for unsatisfactory service, but I don't think they'll make it a pleasant experience for you.

  • its for interior state room if anyone was wondering …. (i guess that was probably obvious)

  • The Rhapsody is a beautiful ship and all the usual cruise oldies I met on there said it's the best in Australia and I believe them. Everything onboard is paid in USD so it's probably not that greater value at the moment though.

  • I went on Rhapsody last year on this same cruise in a royal family suite. 2 adults and 3 kids. Great cruise. This is a lot cheaper than what we paid, but we went before Christmas, so peak season. I think that while rhapsody is a great boat, voyager and renascence are better choices with RCI. This is also the last year we I'll have Rhapsody, in our waters.

  • The link is currently showing cheapest option as:
    $977pp for an Interior Twin
    $986pp for an Interior Triple
    $990pp for an Interior Quad

    Anyone know what the actual onboard credit amount is for this particular ("K") cabin class?