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Homelite 1250W 15L Wet/Dry Vacuum w Blower $25, Ozito 1250W 20L Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vacuum $25 @ Bunnings (Selected Stores)


This is in response to Masters offer.
NOTE - Confirmed that not all stores are running this promotion, you will have to check pricing at your local store (when checking online remember to refresh your browser after changing store location to ensure price is properly updated).

Homelite 1250W 15L Wet Dry Vacuum $25 Was $49 @ Bunnings
Ozito 1250W 20L Stainless Steel Wet And Dry Vacuum $25 Was $39 (Cheers to SHWEKY)

Home Lite Vacuum Cleaner

A powerful 1250W motor provides ample suction for a variety of tasks, on a variety of surfaces, while a large 15L plastic canister captures the dirt, dust and debris from your floors and other surfaces.

A built in blower function adds to the versatility of this unit, while 4 castors ensure its able to be moved easily.

  • Powerful 1250W Motor provides 150mbar of Suction
  • Robust 15L Plastic Canister
  • Built-in Blower Function
  • 4x Castors for Ease of Transport
  • 1.8m Vacuum Hose

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    The link still shows $ 49 in NSW

    • Yeah read post :)

  • Cockburn!

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      Olivia Wilde's last name too

  • Cockburn Cement 20kg Grey General Purpose Cement $4.75

    Thanks for saving me from testing that

  • is homelite an OK brand? i thought they produced low-end stuff

    • +12

      How much 'high-end' do you expect for $25?

      • well it might not perform as well or be as well built. the masters shop vacs originally sold for much more.

        • +1

          But they aren't 25 dollars right?

          I've bought 2 wet dry vacs in about 6 or 7 months, Karcher and Shop-Vac brands. Former was around $80 something on Ebay and the Shop-Vac was a special from here … think it might been around $50 or so(?).

          While the Karcher is much better built I sorta prefer the Shop-Vac in all honesty. Where the Karcher as metal it mostly has flimsy feeling plastic. Which is terrible until you actually start using it LOL. For some reason it's nicer to actually use in small spaces. You feel like you can bash it about because the plastic will survive a nuclear blast.

          So for this absolutly terrible product review I would say the Shop-Vac is preferred unless you intend on vacuuming large floor areas, Karcher feels more like a domestic vacuum cleaner in that situation. Also the head is much more suited to floors.

          But other than that I reckon the Shop-Vac is actually more suited to cleaning cars, vacuuming the patio around pots or what have you. And it's cheaper.

  • +5

    masters have been getting most of my business lately. they regularly offer 10-25% off coupons.

    in contrast, bunnings are really stingey and don't offer many discounts, just sell stuff at RRP. i can't wait until the planned masters shop opens up down the road from my local bunnings.

    also, the bunnings stores i've been to are saunas in summer. the masters store i visited had aircon.

    • -2

      Bunnings is like Officeworks, has low prices but beats any price. Bunnings craps over Masters atm IMO

      • +1

        bunnings just sells at RRP. nothing special about their prices. masters do so as well, but they offer regular % off discounts

        and shopping in bunnings stores in summer is not a a pleasant experience.

        • -1

          They have catalogue specials just like Masters, the only reason Masters is offering % discounts is to try draw customers away and they need it desperately because they still aren't making money for woollies, 2017 I think they expect it

        • +8


          their catalogue is just full of advertising of RRPs :) specials are rare.

        • +1

          @mattgal: I do agree specials are more rare

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          Bunnings is extremely overpriced, its not until you find trade stores selling things at fair prices that you actually realise.

        • +1


          Bunnings is extremely overpriced.

          On what?
          And what other trade stores are offering better prices?

          Not that I like someone like Bunnings taking a huge chunk of the market away from small business operators, but let's be honest, their pricing on the majority of trade products shits over their competitors!

          Edit: And so to a lot of their timber. Tell me where you'll get (selectable) 140mm Merbau under $7.70 at the moment?

        • @Snoop: Yes, if they stock it every single plumbing item I have ever bought is cheaper at Bunnings. They are a rip on plenty of stuff but they are cheap on plenty as well

        • @TRENT86: So er … your happier shopping at Bunnings even though they charge you more and you know it?

          Are you like associated or just silly lmao

        • @Diji1: No, I ring around for the product I want, find the cheapest price and then get bunnings to beat it by 10%

        • @Snoop:

          Their prices on plumbing gear makes your eyes water compared to these guys (Perth) - http://www.pipeonline.com.au/

          Any electrical hardware like conduit, cable, fittings, switches etc is insane compared to say these guys - http://www.eiw.com.au/

          Nuts/ bolts are typically 2-3x the price of these guys - http://www.blackwoods.com.au/

          All the examples above do cash sales and most of their casual cash prices are cheaper than Bunnings. If you are talking trade then Bunnings looks even worse!

          However I will agree no one else has everything under one roof, so for most people, that is what they want.

        • +1


          As a first time home owner, on the basis of huge range, accessible advice and what I feel prices that are often competitive (typically always better compared to the local independent Mitre 10 store), the majority of my remaining disposable income has been spent at the local Bunnings.

        • +1


          Yep but if you do need to do say a garden project, or soak wells or paint your house (lots of one type of item) shop around, a few calls could save you a lot. PS - the examples I gave are ones where I saved >50% over Bunnings shelf prices, I'm a first home owner too :)

        • @hoxygt:

          Good point regarding shopping around for project materials.

          With my naive knowledge, a lot of my time spent in Bunnings is wandering around the aisles getting an idea for home projects and getting an understanding of what I need

          i.e. found out how to plumb my soak well by matching the pieces and asking for advice in there

  • +2

    double entendre level > 100. {wet dry cockburn blower hose suction}

  • +2

    Good deal but this one is the same price however it has a stainless steel canister maybe put it in the post?


    • +1

      Yeah I will add it to post. Cheers m8, it was $39 :0

    • More tools too. Good deal.

      Edit: None at Scoresby or Vermont South. 35 at Frankston.

    • which one is better? anyone used either of these?

      • +4

        They all suck.

  • Link say it's $49

    where did you see this price? catalog,tv ad, radio?

    • shows $25 for me & it's on their homepage :)

      • +1

        Must be dependent on location as for me in Parramatta Sydney it's $49
        and the second ozito is $39

        Edit: i just put a random location in perth (your location) and that shows as $25

        • tried Mel and SYD (Alexandria) and it shows $25

        • @TRENT86: Hmm it's changed for me now aswell.
          They must of been in middle of updating there website.

        • @holden93: Glad to hear it's the same :)

  • The Ozito is also $25 in case homelite isn't your brand with a lavish stainless steel tank instead of the plastic

    • +1

      Yeah it's already in post :)

      • should read it first hey instead of just the headline :7)

    • +1

      comes complete with a suction hose and crevice tool. sounds intriguing :)

      • +1

        Fifty shades of intriguing!

  • Ozito still show $39, not $25.

  • +3

    Bunnings website is terrible, on their homepage banner, it is $25, once you click into the product, its $39 !!!

  • +1

    Scanned at $49 for me in Bendigo. Was told it was a "Melbourne price" but did it for $25 anyway

    Can't find the Ozito for $25 on the website. Don't think I would have got the same result for it

  • I have the Ozito wet and dry. It does the job. However, the dust bag is hard to come by so pick up a pack of dust bag while you are there.

  • +1

    Still showing 49 and 39 (syd)

  • At Tweed Heads NSW the Homelite was ticketed at $39 but scanned at $25.
    The Homelite is a fairly basic unit so might be better to get a more upmarket model if you are going to use it a bit.

  • +1

    Country WA, Not $25.

    They won't lower it to $25.

    Must have to have a Masters store close by????

    It seems its not general pricing.

    If that's the case, then we'd never see any discounts as there won't be a Masters anywhere close by for a long time.

  • +2

    OK in case any ozbargainers looking for one in Sydney, I went to Rockdale bunnings and asked staff to look for this, he punched in the product number 6210232 onto his handheld, pops up as $25, but on the rack still ticketed as $49, they have 4 in stock (1 has been opened, and 3 now after i bought one), took it to register and it scanned as $25 !!!

    Box said 2 years warranty, guess if anything wrong, i will take it back to bunnings for refund, no big deal, haven't open it yet but on the box also said "sucking/blowing" ??? So can this thing use as a garden blower too?

    • Yes, but obviously not as portable/a little bit awkward!

    • not exactly garden blowing but blowing some wood shavings in hard to reach places then vacuuming it up

  • FYI …. http://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-1250w-20l-stainless-steel-w...

    Same price (at my local) if you dont have a masters near. I'd go for the stainless one myself.

  • +2

    Dont buy the ozito vacuum cleaner. Its ridiculously weak. It couldn't suck up the sand and pebbles from my little demolition job and it was brand new.

    • +1

      Opps… I just bought the Ozito @ Thornleigh store. It was the same price @ $25. There were five Homelite and two Ozito in stock.

  • +1

    So apparently Parramatta lost 4 pallets (66units) of the Ozito lol. None at Seven Hills. 77 at Marsden Park. A dozen at Castle Hill.

    $25 special ends on the 20th.

  • just got one at rocklea bunnings, qld. good deal. vac seems prettu good.

    • which one did you get? Homelite or Ozito? Thanks

      • Ozito. There were plenty left.

        • +1

          Can you give us a quick review, how is the suction? A previous comment said it's not strong

        • @cowiie: it sucks

        • +1

          @cowiie: it seems to suck alright for me. It blows pretty hard too. I wet vacced the couch and both the wife and in were quite impressed with it.

  • +1

    I have the Ozito one, which I picked up for ~$30 a couple of years ago. It has given sterling service. I even use it for cleaning out the roof gutters. Recommended.

  • The Homelite VC15 higher undiscounted price suggests it could perhaps be better than the Ozito? Without a definitive comparison I went to be one from my nearest store in Mascot around lunchtime today. There was one left after I bought mine and no Ozitos.

    I have not had one of these types of vacuum cleaners before nor have I tried wet operation yet but I used it to vacuum the house. I feel the suction/blowing strength is worth $25 but I am disappointed it does not appear to have an ordinary carpet head/tool. Is that normal for these wet & dry vacuum cleaners? Does the Ozito have an ordinary carpet attachment? Because it does work but is somewhat awkward for domestic home carpet vacuuming.

    • +1

      I think you can pull the bristles off the floor tool somehow, which would make it suitable for carpet.