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Schick Quattro 8 Pack Refill $5 Plus $10 Postage - Harvey Norman Online


I was looking around for some Schick Quattro blades (cheaper than Coles/Woolies) and stumbled across Harvey Norman. These are probably grey import I'm guessing since they are cheap. Even on Ebay (Korean imports) aren't this cheap.

No in store pick up. The postage does kill it if only buying 1 pack, but if you want to buy a years or so supply then the postage is reasonable.

Edit: Postage to capital city of TAS or WA or NT is $15.

I ended buying 5 packs for $35 incl postage, which is 40 blades - which is 87.5c per blade. Even if a blade only lasts a fortnight - that's 1.5years worth of shaving!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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