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Bonus 100GB OneDrive Storage for Dropbox Users


You can now get an extra 100GB OneDrive storage for one year if you have a dropbox account.
Simply follow the link.

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Both referrer and referee will receive an extra 0.5GB of free storage (max 5GB).

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  • Nice find! I'm now on 229 GB!

    • 233GB For me 😆

      • 10.2 TB here. Heh. Would be on 240GB if not for the Office subscription

        Probably using about 50MB of that.

        • Curious to know how much of that you actually use?

        • Where's the other 9TB from??

        • @ccwwayne:
          Office 365 Sub accounts for 10TB of it.

        • @massafiri: As above, probably about 50MB or something rather insignificant and unremarkable like that. I think I have a couple of auto recorded Xbox One game clips in there and that's it, maybe a document or two. Most of my devices are Apple so I lean more towards iCloud for convenience sake, even if the allocation there is puny in comparison.

    • What are you going to do when the year is up?
      I could move my 50G dropbox that's expiring, then find another deal next year, but what a pain.

  • Works Great, but it looks like it is only for 12 months. "Enthusiast bonus 100 GB Valid through: 20/02/2016"

  • Does this stack with the previous 200gb or nah? (Sorry, at work and its blocked).

    • +3 votes


      • You've just opened up a world of procrastination for me by sharing that hidden-wall link. Thanks you!

  • This is hilarious. If only it was the other way around.

  • Seems like a very dodgy proposition to me to give your dropbox login to a website!!! the certificate looks ok and it's probably genuine given people say they've had the bonus.
    now on 229gb thanks to the free 100gb two days ago!

  • Thanks! I'm on 448GB on my OneDrive now.

  • What happens if you fill up the full Onedrive and then the storage expires? I assume they keep the files for you, unless you delete them manually?

  • I did it said I got it but when I check my status it says 206gb still

  • I've had a few friends who've had issues with OneDrive. Apparently the upload/download speeds are very shoddy (compared to Dropbox/GDrive/Mega/etc) ?

    Can someone confirm this? What are your speeds like?

    • Have been using one drive since 6 months.. No problems.. Hope it helps

    • I haven't been overly impressed with any of them. Moved to a dedicated server with BTSync installed it and it leaves the other cloud options for dead.

    • +2 votes

      Speeds such but getting 10tb is dirt cheap via an Office 365 subscription. Took me about 2 months full time to upload 500gb.

      You can use mover.Io to copy existing cloud content across to another cloud which saves some time

    • I am getting between 10-20Mbps upload on a 100/100Mbps line.
      That is using multiple open windows (now you can finally upload folders via the web interface).
      I just don't like the native client on a PC.

  • i have 139gb now not sure how many before i clicked this deal :D

    ok so i have alot photos on my synology NAS. what is the easiest best way to transfer them to dropbox?

  • Make sure to couple it with this 100gb for 2 years also:

  • ozbargained?

  • After you've got the 100GB, don't for get to:
    1) Sign into your MS account and remove permissions for One Drive to access all your personal details
    2) Delete the useless file you just deposited into Dropbox

  • Usually I'd be excited for this but I have 2 years of Office 365 activated with 10TB storage, so the 100GB is lost on me lol.

  • keep in mind that if you fill up the 100GB of storage, at the end of the free offer period, you'd either need to download and store all your data somewhere or actually pay to extend the use of the space.

  • I just used the same Dropbox account to redeem on two OneDrive accounts :)

    • Yeah that works. Accidently redeemed the bonus on my work account. Was happy to see I could use the same drop box to then do my personal account.

  • Why is Microsoft promoting Dropbox? Are they buying them?

  • I just downloaded the OneDrive app for OS X and then copied my iPhotos library file onto the OneDrive Folder but it hasn't uploaded it, anyone help me?

  • I set my own cloud service up from my own box at home. No storing my data on a 3rd party provider all my data is my own. and it works with my android windows and mac systems. So while this deal is good (except I hate expire dates :) ) I still wouldn't let go of my own cloud box that does exactly the same thing.

    people interested I suggest have a look at:

    • Both owncloud and do a good job of giving your access to your personal storage but also a whole lot more. I'm not to keen on owncloud's Android client, haven't tried's.

      However, for super-simple setup and basic dropbox-like functionality I think Bittorrent Sync is perfect.

      • I haven't used the ones you mention as the owncloud does it perfectly for my needs and works exactly the same as any paid or free cloud service that I have used.
        With the android client I have no issues, I mainly use it for photo uploads and it has always worked flawlessly although a few tweaks in user customisations would make it better.

    • The problem with this is it's not really cloud storage in the same way that OneDrive is. OneDrive is fully redundant, they're not going to lose your data. If your home PC or Raspberry Pi or whatever you setup as your "cloud" dies, there goes all your data.

      • not really its a raid server and remember if your server dies it still is on your mirrored devices. This idea of not being a real cloud server I think people forget what a cloud server is before it was called a cloud server. Cloud servers are nothing new really the name is actually new in comparison that is all.

        This idea that all your data goes is incorrect i think your looking at it very narrowly.

        • It still has no real redundancy. The device you're running it on dies, your data dies with it. Raid is good if a single HDD dies, but if the whole thing goes boom RAID fixes nothing.

          With OneDrive your data will never go bye bye. It's all geo-redundant and backed up.

        • @MrFunSocks: There is a redundancy, raid is a real redundancy system I don't see how you don't see that and on top of that the fact that you are syncing to multiple devices the devices themselves act as another level of redundancy with your so called worst case scenario. If you are that paranoid to the extent you need more redundancy you can build more into your system (But where do u stop) for not a huge cost. It has nothing to do with owncloud or otherwise. For the whole system to lose your data you would have to have a complete hard drive failure across all drives, but if your think that will happen on your home server (very unlikely) then install a redundancy backup system attached which wouldn't be expensive at all, many people would be able to do it with their current systems.

        • @Stringr:
          If your house burns down or floods you're foobared. Real cloud from a reputable provider prevents that.

          And for $28 for 1 year 10tb storage… Well can't really beat that

        • @julz: Hell while we are at it what happens if there is a nuclear war…. seriously where do u stop.. what about government agencies accessing your data etc etc…

          the fact that your data is your data and you always will have a reasonable redundancy present even without raid (your other devices linked to your cloud server will still hold your data) and if you want more redundancy simply add an external storage device.

        • @Stringr: Again - it's not real redundancy because if anything happens to that one device all the data is lost. I realise RAID is by definition a redundant array, but it's not the same as what OneDrive etc give you. You don't have an off-site backup.

          Why are you storing everything on every device? That defeats the whole purpose of centralized storage. The whole point of cloud storage is so you don't need to store data on every machine, you store it once and access it remotely.

          Also you wouldn't need all drives to fail, just more than 1 (depending on what RAID setup you have). I personally have a 16TB NAS and a 8TB NAS, so having a whole other backup system would definitely be expensive. That is why I store everything that is critical on OneDrive.

        • @MrFunSocks:
          raid is a redunacy for hard drive failure, but as mentioned if you want more redundancy you can simply add an external/internal drive backup (for simplicity). I agree it doesn't have off site backup but if you are so paranoid that you need an offsite backup then there are options but again how far do u go.

          Why are you storing everything on every device?

          not saying you have to but if you are paranoid there is the option and I also like it as sometimes I don't have access to wifi/internet off site but as soon as it has it syncs everything new. I use the data offsite with no access to the internet so I need to have it local as well.

          That defeats the whole purpose of centralized storage.

          No it doesn't again your looking at it with a narrow view, as mentioned above it is how you use it.

          Also you wouldn't need all drives to fail, just more than 1 (depending on what RAID setup you have)

          yes I like your disclosure of depends on the raid used, as mentioned select the raid that best suits your needs and having 1 or more hard drive failures is still fine. As mentioned for your worst case scenario all your drives would need to die. If your simply using strip raid then sure but again you wouldn't if your interested in redundancy.

          I personally have a 16TB NAS and a 8TB NAS, so having a whole other backup system would definitely be expensive. That is why I store everything that is critical on OneDrive.

          again you mention critical it isn't as if your backing all your so called 16Tb and 8Tb nas drives so if that is the case again not as expensive as you say.

        • I assume you are using an enterprise grade filesystem with routine data scrubbing to mitigate data degradation and snapshots to mitigate data corruption. If not, I recommend ZFS. I run it on Linux because I am a wild man. But to play it safe you'd use Solaris or even spit BSD.

          Worried about online storage being easily accessed, how about some encryption? I recommend CrashPlan. It is encrypted, offsite and with versioning (snapshots). Transfers are deduplicated. I use the subscription service. But if you think government spies care about your data then you can always backup to your friends for free. Then you only have to worry about ASIO installing software on your PC, without warrant, thanks to the Liberals 2014.

          Any noob can setup RAID. But a true Storage Warrior will copy data offsite, encrypted, scrubbed and with snapshots.

        • I think it is the other way around. "Cloud" became a buzz word and people started using it for things which are not "cloud" - like an Internet accessible storage.
          The whole idea of a cloud is that the service is not at one geographical location, it is spread around, it is flexible (i.e. you can increase the storage/power on demand - like now increasing the storage of your cloud drive just by applying a code, or paying extra - without any need for a HW change, etc).

        • @tm001: :) cloud has been around before the so called official naming of it. One could always essentially have "cloud" access, it was just a nice buzz word by apple at the time and as usual think it was something special.

  • Thanks to the people who used my referral code :)

  • hoping dropbox does the reverse to MS :)

  • After I login to dropbox and click "save" button, pop up an error message for me:
    Sorry! Something went wrong. Please try again.

  • Nice find. Was only reading about this earlier in the week and did not see this offer. Thanks Op!
    Acted too fast. Didn't see the referral link…

  • Not working for me. Wants Microsoft login (don't have one), not Dropbox login.

  • Worked for me.

  • Thanks OP

  • working for me. thanks Op

  • Danke, OP!

  • I got this:This storage promotion is now over.