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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for $79 @ Kmart for PS3 and XBOX 360 AND PC


Game is released on 10th of November. Cheapest i've seen it in Australia.

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  • Was going to order online from Play-Asia but at that price, will just get in-store.

  • Good price!

  • Good price.

    FetchGames are also doing it for $82.90 including delivery. For people (like me) who couldn't be bothered to go to the store. (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/18059)

  • just outta curiosity why play an fps on a console…. fps is designed for pc and better controls and cheaper too (40% off on steam)

    • I used to be a like you.. didn't understand how people could play it on the console. But once you actually do it, you get used to it. I'll prob never go back to it on the PC.
      Its saved me money as well, don't need to constantly upgrade my computer hardware to run the latest and greatest games. I only use my computer for office and internet.

      • I'm still one of those people….in online play, it comes down to who's got the fastest reaction who gets the kill vs getting killed.

        Maybe if you are against another console player you can get used to it and be effective, because your competitors have the same handicap…. but if you were against a good PC player with a mouse they'd outclass you.

        You just aren't as flexible accurate without a mouse in a fps.

        • actually there was a story on this a while ago they put the best console player against the best PC player, everyone was expecting the PC player to wipe the floor with the console player but the console player won!

    • That's COD4 thats 40% off buddy.

      This is its sequel, Modern Warfare 2, which is not even out yet. Steam has it for $89.99USD (what a ripoff).

      I might just buy the key overseas and link it with my Steam account, will be much cheaper.

    • Well you'll always be guaranteed to be able to play a console game on the console it was designed for. So wont have to worry about meeting spec's for a PC based game. Also how hard is it to install certain PC games these days.

      With copy protection, cheat protection, disk protection, etc. You put a console game in and it runs.

      After the hassle I went through to install Dawn of War II I'll never but a PC game again. Steam + Live + Disc always in drive = so much hassles for a legit consumer.

    • Just like the other posters, I am an ex-PC Gamer. Having to install a game, fix the bugs and errors (of which there was almost always one), only to find your "beast" is now too much of a piece of junk to run the game enjoyably.
      I'd rather spend my money on bigger speakers, peripherals, and booze; than on PC hardware that is obsolete out of the box.

      In regards to this deal, it's only a deal as far as Australia goes, because with game prices, we take it in the arse compared to other countries. Compared to Asia, and US, this is a pretty standard price. I'll still go Play-Asia due to their really good customer service, and I still have a coupon.

  • PC Version is the same price at Kmart - small print under the xbox360/PS3 advert (which is good, 'cause PC FPS is where it's at!)

  • It's $60US in the Steam USA store (they bumped it up to 99 or something for the aussie one)

    Here's how you can buy it:
    - close steam
    - install this: http://www.ultrareach.com/
    - run it, it will open IE with a USA IP address, go to steam, create a new steam account.
    - go to the store and buy COD:MW2 from there as a gift, make up a USA address.
    - gift it to your email address
    - disconnect ultrareach
    - run steam
    - click the link in your email
    - done :)

    worked out at $68USD for me

    but this deal is still good if you dont want to go through all that hassle :)

  • $60 at CDWOW.

    • Problem with CDWOW is that they only sell Asian or US version. I made mistake of buying asian version when COD4 came out which means you can't buy maps from Aussie PSN store.. u have to create an asian one. Too much trouble to save 19 bucks.

      For some reason, Australia uses the European version

      • and it takes a week or two to get it after release :)

      • Do you mean of this particular game or in general?

        I have purchased European versions of other PS3 games from CD WOW before.

        • All Australian games are the same as European (PAL).

        • Were you on the US site? PAL and NTSC games come out at different times, so you might've bought COD4 when it was released before the PAL one. It's happened to me once as well. Make sure it's PAL. Sucks that we usually have to wait a while after America has it. Rock Band comes to mind…
          I got the European version of Prototype and inFamous for the PS3 when I ordered off CD WOW.

    • Its $69.95 for pc there right now. I got it when it was about $52. Probably going to take its sweet time getting here though. Fear the dreaded 'back ordered'.

  • Great, except there is no K-Mart nearby..
    How much is Big-W?

  • This leaked on the interwebs few days back, but I'm actually going to pay for it.

    • You'll find the leaked version was only the Xbox 360 version, which also results in you being banned from Xbox live…much rather the proper release, and for PC :D

      • O the ignorance. Playing before release will get you banned.

        If you actually looked into the last 3 or so ban waves, they have been due to either playing poorly ripped games (which can easily be checked) or idiots who play early (both on and offline).

        The fw has been stealth for a long time now.

  • guys xbox 360 version get it from cheapgames

  • I just brought mine from cheapgames for $69.95 xbox 360 (PC game is same price)


    I also received this coupon code but not sure if it can be used only once
    November $3 Coupon Code: "NOTCHEAPENOUGH" (Minimum order value: $40)

  • I'll wait for a Steam $20 sale before i consider buying this. IW (game maker) gimped the mulitplayer to a virtually un-usable state, so all that's left is the barely 8-hour worth of a single-player campaign.

  • PC gamers edit should consider whether they want to be buying this edit
    You wont be able to LAN with your friends, play on a server of your choice and will most likely be subjected to widespread hacking (due to no central server)

    console gamers can support us if they want as well.

  • I got EB Baulkham Hills (NSW) to price match Kmart's $79 (in fact it was reduced to $78 instead), along with the 7 day no question return policy. Did this yesterday and will laybuy it for Christmas.

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