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50% off (Even 75% off Read on) ALL Bodyboards and Surfboards Online and Instore at Rebel Sport


I've been after a decent Bodyboard for a while. Found that Rebel have 50% off all bodyboards and surfboards.

I was surprised to see the Raw Pro RX for $25.00 which is actually 75% off as it used to be $100.00! I know as I nearly bought one a few months ago.
Be quick as they are starting to send them away to make room for their winter stock, the guy at Prahran had to look out the back for a while for mine, City centre and Highpoint, two of their bigger stores did not have the size I wanted 42".

Anyhoo, the following are my two picks.
5 units size 40" left at Prahran store at around 2pm today.

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    If you want to ask where stock may be located, call up any rebel sport store (and any department) to check stock on the computer, and provide the number under the name of the product.

    For example: Raw Pro RX Senior Bodyboard, 36449501<- This number here is what the staff will use to check stock on the computer.

    Best calling times are from 9am-11am when there is usually no one in the store or 1 hour before a store's closing time, staff won't be busy then.

    After you find a convenient store that has stock, call that store, ask for the hardgoods department and ask them to look for and put the item on hold under your name, then pick it up when possible. This would be the best way to secure your clearance item.

    Disclaimer: I work footwear at one of the Rebel Sport stores.

    • Cwongtech; Thanks for your feedback to my posted deal.
      I actually rang around stores including watergardens, at around 10:00am and the only store that offered to check the system was City centre!.
      They were the ones that pointed me in the Prahran store direction. when I got there however they did not have any on the floor, the guy there said that they probably had already been sent them away, as they had already started doing so to make room for the winter stock (Highpoint mentioned the same thing yesterday when I went in-store; the guy there didn't even bother to offer to look in the system).

      • I actually rang around stores including watergardens, at around 10:00am and the only store that offered to check the system was City centre!.

        If you mean Sydney City, sounds about right :)

        If they don't offer to check for you, request the staff to check, if they say they can't either they're being lazy or they don't have a computer next to that particular phone (ask if someone can check for you)

        Second step, once stock has been located on the comp and given to you, is to ring target stores to check physical stock.

        • Nah, I meant City centre Melbourne.

        • @ozf1:

          Ah haha :)
          Got confused with Watergardens and Eastgardens :P

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    Ordered an AFL jersey… Money taken from CC but item never shipped… calls and emails ignored for several months by Rebel. In the end I raised a paypal dispute to get my money back.

    You have been warned.

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      I find raging on any company's facebook pages get the fastest response.. generally speaking

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        I did they responded straight away on Facebook to say they would look at my order and get back to me…then continued to ignore me.

        I even called their head office who were useless and did nothing.

        Ive never been treated with such little respect as a customer of a major retailer.

        Down voting my comments when im just trying to help people… Nice one guys :)

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          Had a similar experience - ordered a surfboard in early January, hadn't arrived in a couple of weeks so emailed twice with no reply. Called them and the lady said she would get the order sorted from another store and would let me know if there were any issues. Two weeks passed and still no delivery. Called them again and they'd told me the order had been cancelled a few days ago and refund processed. Wouldn't have even found out if i hadn't called up!

          Went to rage on their FB page and when I searched the item on their online store it was still listed as being 'In Stock'!

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      Why has this been negged?

  • How do people rate the surfboards? Specifically looking at the 5"6 Raw Blue.
    Do you know if this is 75% off?
    Just looking for something to surf a little and carry onto the beach to impress the chicky babes.

    • I love chicky babes', nice cheeks chicky babes.
      Best way to know it's to Google the item you are referring to and get the average price listed on line.

    • Google beginner foam surfboard sizes too - 5'6" is generally suited to someone around 30kg…

  • I've got the last 5'6" in WA on hold at one store but there are a few blue 6'6" blue surfboards left at Carousel. Thanks OP ! :-)

    • you are very welcome :).

    • Tempted to get one of the 6'6", however a $90.00 surfboard… would it be any good? I wonder if you can do SUP on it, or would it be too narrow.

      • Too narrow to SUP IMO.
        I have purchased one 5'6" and one 6'6" for my two young lads to get an easy start to the surf. I'll be sticking to my 7'6" Channel Islands board of beauty :-)

  • bought a raw tribe bodyboard on boxing day for $24. It was meant to be the same price as one of the manta models ($30-smthg). Now it's rrp has gone down to $20 and selling for $10.. so annoyed lol.

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      I found the same case to be OPs RawPro RX model. This used to be a $100.00 RRP, RRP now down to $50.00, minus 50% it is now selling for $25.00! Crasy price for a very decent board.

  • if i want to learn surfing, what should i get? a surf board?

  • I am thinking of getting the but on the description it says
    Suitable for people between 135-156cm tall and 35-58kg
    I am over the mentioned height and weight so i am guessing no point in purchasing these?
    i am 160 cm tall not sure what size body board to get.

    • I think this description is incorrect or for the 38". The average weight of an adult would be around 65kgs+? Depending on your weight, I don't think the sizes will make too much of a difference in performance for a beginner. IMO best to go big so you can handle the rougher/larger waves.

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      From the label on the board itself, the recommended size indicates that you can use boards ranging from 39" covers heights from 137-167cm, up to the 41" which covers heights from 157cm-173cm. Weights from 40 -72kg and 47-85kg respectively.

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    Just purchased the RX Pro 42 inch from Amart for $25. Seeing as they are the same place they do the same price as well if you ask them. So if they have run out at your local Rebel try Amart instead.

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