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Juice up! Emergency Keyring Powerbank 2200mAh @ Dick Smith $6.98 (Save $18)


Hey all,

Just saw this at Dick Smith in Northlands shopping centre. Priced decently at $6.98, pretty sure they go for about the same price on eBay (from china). Just checked the website and its being sold for $6.98 there too (apparently save $3)

There were about 45+ units left when i left. Though none of them were black. only colours like purple and green (IIRC).

I'm also fairly sure that it comes with a lightning, 30 pin apple, and micro usb cable. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

^^drawntoher has let us know that it comes with a single USB to MicroUSB cable, and then adaptors that go from MicroUSB to Lightning and 30-pin.

Dick smith also had the Panasonic Eneloop Mobile booster for $9.98 (online only) but the sale has unfortunately ended.:
(Credits to BobbyMG)

thankyou for reading my irrelevant post, please let me know if i got anything wrong.

Happy friday all.

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  • As well they have Panasonic mobile booster for 9.98$!!
    here is the link :

  • Interestingly the product was recalled from Big W few months ago, not sure if it was a serious issue or whether this would be the same batch though!


    Still a nice find OP

  • Are the Panasonic any good? I have a $10 gift card so I can technically just pay for the shipping only.

    • click n collect…

      • Did you see the description above? It says only home delivery. Check out their site.

        Check this screenshot http://i.imgur.com/5ngfF46.jpg

        • well i just got an email confirming click n collect, and i did not pay for delivery either.

          I don't follow the rules…

        • Click & Collect Store Address: Click & Collect Store:
          Broadway ,
          Broadway Shopping Ctr, Shp 209, 1 Bay Street
          Broadway, New South Wales, 2007
          T: (02) 9211 3777 Collect from Broadway

          Product code Quantity Description Price
          DSAU_PW3168 1 Juice Up 2200mAh Powerbank $6.98
          Subtotal : $6.98
          Collection Fee : $0.00
          Grand Total (Excl.Tax) : $6.35
          Tax : $0.63
          Grand Total (Incl.Tax) : $6.98

        • @nickyd84:

          See the thing is, I'm after Panasonic, not the other brand.

        • @nickyd84
          Are you a hells angels that's just madness

    • I haven't looked into it, but Panasonic is definitely a reputable brand.

      From an aesthetic point of view, I'd go for the juice up

      From a view which considers advertised functionality (from what I've seen) and included accessories (the cables), I'd still go for the juice up

      From a reliability point of view, I'd recommend the Panasonic.

  • Which one would be better, this or the panasonic?

    • The cheap China one could easily cause a surge and fry your smartphone. I wouldn't risk it. The Panasonic would be much better and Eneloops can standby for months! Definitely worth paying more for what should be a "certified" battery.

  • I bought this about a week ago came with a micro USB + micro usb > lighting adapter + micro usb > 30pin connector.
    I haven't died nor caught on fire yet although there was only pink colour available where I got it (Westfields liverpool) not sure about now but there was about 20 left in front of counter last week could've change I don't know. bye

  • interesting…http://www.recalls.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/1066830

  • Does the juice up have a built-in micro-usb cable?

    • Nope, but it comes with a lightning, 30 pin and micro usb cable.

      • So it's one cable has these heads?

        • drawntoher says: 10-15cm micro usb cable with the usb to iphone adapters

        • yes it's a micro USB cable (the only cable)
          then there's iphone adapters that fit on the usb cable and they are interchangeable
          so you can place either the lighting adapter onto the micro USB or the 30-pin onto the micro USB cable
          the lighting and 30-pin are only micro usb adapters not its own cable if it makes sense

    • There is 2 versions of this juiced up battery selling at Dick Smith, a version as described by Xenox1997 below in a cardboard box and the other in a plastic package, which does have a inbuilt micro USB cable, but no other plugs/iplug.
      Maybe a older model?

      I know this as I got 1 with inbuilt micro a few weeks ago at DS Eastland, it was the same price (as this deal) and the last one there, and black which I prefer.
      There was still about 10 of the former.

      They look almost the same as the laser branded ones that Harvey Numnuts sold for $8 a month ago, doh, as I got two of them then.
      A few weeks later, HN put the price back up to $20 if I recall correctly, what a joke.

      I later got a Xiamoi 5000 & 16000 a few weeks later (from their deal posted on here), so will keep 1 laser and the juiced up as a spare (always have with me) and sell the 2nd laser to someone, wish I could find the docket.

  • OP wrote

    Im also fairly sure that it comes with a lighting, 30 pin apple, and micro usb cable. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

    Sure. Not a problem.

    • "Im" should be "I'm" (or "I am")

    • "lighting" should be "lightning"

    Happy to help ;)

  • +2 votes

    Interesting. I think I'll pass for now.


    Product Recall:

    Product description
    Inspire Technology is issuing a recall on a key ring style powerbank. The units were available in 4 colours: green, blue, purple and pink.
    Identifying features
    9348166001136 Juice Up - 2200 - Pink - Powerbank JU-2200-PINK
    9348166001143 Juice Up - 2200 - Blue - Powerbank JU-2200-BLUE
    9348166001150 Juice Up - 2200 - Green - Powerbank JU-2200-GREEN
    9348166001167 Juice Up - 2200 - Purple - Powerbank JU-2200-PURPLE

    What are the defects?
    Uncertified batteries have been found in the affected batches. Additionally, there is a risk of the back casing falling off after being dropped and then exposing the internal wires and battery.

    What are the hazards?
    The batteries may overheat and, in the worst case scenario, pose a fire hazard.

  • These are DIY 18650 power banks. The China ones on eBay you mention use extremely terrible, cheap batteries and market it as the same brand due to having the same outer casing.

    Can't comment on what dicksmiths ones have as I've never used this model, though I'd love to see inside one and find out what brand batteries they use.

  • Thanks, ordered a Panasonic Eneloop Mobile Booster for my phone. Will be my first Eneloop.
    Should be good as a backup for my second battery as it has low-discharge.

  • Is it a certified (MFi) lightning cable? Have checked online but can't find any reference to an included lightning cable. Would be a good price for the cable alone.

  • Any idea if this has enough 'juice' to give an iPad 3 or iPad mini a bit of a boost, or would it be too weak?

    • I dont think it would be practical to use on an ipad. I know as a fact that the ipad 3 is anout 10,000 mAh, so 2200 mAh wouldn't make much of a difference

    • Not enough current to charge an iPad. Ipad requires 2.1 amps, this outputs 1 amp. It may not charge at all, or will charge very slowly and inefficiently.

      Go buy a Xiaomi Power bank (you've seen plenty of these in the past few weeks on front page) if you want a PB for tablet charging.

      That being said, a capacity of 2200mah is not even enough for a modern smartphone. Power banks are around 60~80 percent efficient depending on a variety of factors, and in the worse case scenario a 2200mah power bank would only be capable of providing 1320mah worth of charge.

      To fully charge my LG G2 for example (3000mah) I would need almost fully deplete my 5000mah power bank, because much of the energy is lost during the charging process (as heat).

  • Xenon great post! But….. You did get something wrong, trying to be funny at the end of your post.

    • err, I don't recall trying to be funny. please enlighten me (:

      • "thankyou for reading my irrelevant post, please let me know if i got anything wrong."

        A bit funny, sort of :-) :-(

        • oh hahaha xD I meant like the deal isn't that amazing (compared to other bargains). Didn't think it would be this popular xD

  • This deal has been going on for the last 10 days! I went to my local DS beginning of last week and told the guys there that it seemed like a good deal.
    They told me those powerbanks are a total garbage.

    I decided not to take the risk.

  • Isn't this a bit big for your keys?

  • Yeah, the product dimensions say "19cm x 9.5cm x 15cm"

    That is huge?!

  • I picked one up from Arndale and they had about 15 left, pink and green, surely, a reputable company like Dick Smiths wouldn't be selling if they were recalled, right?

    • But do you trust your phone's circuitry with it?

      • Aww, man, I'm down to 9% and I was just about plug it in to test how long it takes for a charge, but now I'm not too sure of even using it for emergencies!?!

        Anyone want to buy a juice up "keyring" for $5.00?

        Seriously though, are Dickies liable if it frys my iPhone?

        • Maybe for the most desperate emergencies, but remember it is a random Chinese battery in a plastic case connected by a few wires.
          I think statutory warranty only covers the battery booster, but Dick Smith could be done for negligence (civil law) if it explodes and catches fire.

        • @Fobsessive:
          Thanks for the heads up. I think I might just be better off getting some extra chargers…

  • I looked at another post about making one yourself using bits from FastTech… Has anyone made one yet?

    Or bought a cheap powerbank from them? Seems like a few good options. Or maybe they're just like DX…

    • My post? They're good. I went with Ruinovo casing (brushed aluminium, solid but it's pretty damn heavy casing)

      • Yeah might have been yours … what batteries did you use? It seems using the good 18650 "AA" ones (e.g. panasonic, protected) plus a battery holder put the price way up above getting a XiaoMi 10400.

        What was your total $AU cost?

        • You must buy non-protected batteries. Protected batteries WILL NOT FIT into a power bank.

          I bought LG 3000mah flat top ones, at that time it was
          US price
          $8.89 LG 18650D1 3.7V 3000mAh (2-Pack) No longer in stock
          $14.07 Ruinovo 102 - enclosure only

          But you can buy this
          and it comes pre-equip with Panasonic brand cells (3100mah ea)

          It's (slightly) more expensive than a Xiaomi, no doubt, but it comes with a 2x LED flashlight. The light is also stepless dimmable so you can adjust it to a very dim state to save power.

          Not sure what the LED emitters are but I reckon they are as good as Cree.

  • Received my Panasonic Eneloop Mobile Booster today and it is awesome! 2850mAh @ 3.7V transforms to 2109mAh at 5V when it is used. Assuming 80% efficiency, that's 1687mAh of juice straight into your phone over 100mins at 1 amperes, the same current speed as most phone chargers.
    The booster's re-charging time is 6.5 hours via computer USB at 0.5A.

    The design is amazing! The lid doubles as an input and output cable so you don't even need to use your own cable. It also says "eneloop" on the back.

    The battery is a li-ion, the same tech in phones and laptops, unlike traditional NiMH Eneloops.