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Deals Direct FREE Shipping on Micro SD Cards/SD Cards/OTG/ USB Flash from ($0.95 Delivered)


was looking around in Deals Direct and found they are doing free shipping on Micro Sd Cards/Sd Cards/OTG/ USB Flash
there are great and amazing deals out there using "10GIFT" from easternculture deal "THANKS"
the usage of this code is unlimited. All you have to do is check out as guest using a new email that you didn't use before and pay using CC.

example of amazing deals available there
http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/sandisk-ultra-8gb-sdxc-card-40mbs/ for $0.95 out of stock
http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/sandisk-ultra-8gb-microsdhc-microsdxc-uhs-i-cards-48mbs/ for $0.95 out of stock
http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/sandisk-ultra-fit-16gb-usb-3-0-flash-drive/ for $4.95 out of stock
http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/sandisk-otg-16g-ultra-dual-usb-3-0-pen-drive-sddd2-016g/ for $7.95 out of stock

and a lot more, here is a direct link to all memory cards

Update 8 March 1AM - All significant items (up to $45 price range) are out of stock apart from SanDisk 8GB Cruzer Blade: $2.90 to $4.90 Delivered after code (depending on your state)

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    cheers i just bought 8gb sd card for who knows what reason lol.

    • You'll find a reason later maybe; Raspberry Pi? Digital Cam? Chromebook Memory Expansion?

  • I got stuck in the loop again on checkout for the .95c items, however $4.95 worked

    • use credit card as payment method will skip the loop.

    • Sometimes its not a loop. Its trying to update the total price. Just continue in the check out and you should be fine.

  • +2

    For the last 2 items, did you miss a 1 in the prices? The pages list $14.95 and $17.95.

    EDIT: I can't read, missed the voucher codes.

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  • thanks op.
    bought the SD card.

    • you have to order 1

  • Thanks OP :)

  • +13

    If you want to buy multiple and have a Gmail account, add a + before the @ and some text. Ed [email protected] becomes [email protected] and use guest checkout. Thier system sees it as a new user to get the deal again and Gmail will delivery it to [email protected]. Have done for a while and it works.

    • thanks for the tip, didnt know I can do something like that.

    • Great tip, thanks

    • +2

      another gmail hack is you can put dots in your address anywhere before the @ and it'll still get to you, but the site will think it's a different email.

      eg: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] would all get sent to the same gmail account, but deals direct will think it's 5 different accounts.

      The advantage of Block's advice above though is if you start getting a bunch of spam, you can more easily see what site you used sold on your email address.

  • +3
    • Got one for myself. Woohoo… USB 3.0!!

      • +1

        Its write speeds is like 7 MB/sec.. slow even by USB 2.0 standards

        • $4.95 delivered, 32gig and 187nos of 5 stars reviews on Amazon. I am not complaining.

        • @trump3:

          huh? if you followed his link, it's only 16gb. still cheap though. :)

        • Still faster than the other drives available at the same price point..I believe that most of the other drives available had 4 MB/sec write speeds.

        • @salem:

          Sorry. Typo. 16gig only. :)

  • did anyone excounter the "TransitCare Full protection against parcel loss: $2.95"? the checkout by default add $2.95.

    there is another option "standard delivery" without the $2.95. but selecting that doesn't change the total cost.

    • +1

      yeah I am facing the same problem
      Used IE instead of Chrome and problem went away

      • Ahhh!!

        Good one!! =D

        I am still scratching my head why I bought a 16gb usb for $2.95 when I already have a few laying around unused.

        Must be the bargain!! LOL

        • Extra contribution to landfill.

    • Yeah I got stuck with that as well and their online support is closed on weekends. Sigh - have to get it taken off on Monday.

      • +1

        as @ozdesi reommended, IE works. dont use chrome.

        i have no idea why, but when i used IE, the transaction went well.

        i hope this helps.

  • +3

    Nice one OP, got this for $4.95 delivered http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/sandisk-16gb-ultra-microsdhc-u…

  • +2
    • Same

    • Am I missing something price on those is 21.95 each right?
      nvm voucher takes $10 off but free shipping promo makes it super cheap.

  • Looking to buy a 32GB SD card for my camera, anyone have any recommendations?

    • +1

      Sandisk Ultra Class 10, though Samsung are very good as well

      • I currently have a class 10 Kingston that I got from MSY in there, is the Sandisk Ultra going to make a difference?

        • Not really… admittedly though, when you get into the speed demon class, apparently some have higher/lower transfer rate capabilities. Depends on how much data you push through and how quickly. Other than that, if you aren't experiencing data faults then you might as well keep using the Kingston.

  • The loop, I can't get out of the loop.
    Edit - loop is IOS problem, check out fine on PC

    • Me too, worked on home PC,
      I got mostly loops on ordering & on paypal checkout using both a winxp-laptop, and Win 8.1 tablet, on free Wifi in my car.
      At home on big i5 PC with Win 8.1, every page worked for 5 orders.

      Anyway great deal thanks OP will vote up.

    • I get it on chrome :/

  • Thanks got a 16 GB micro SD card for my mini drone.

  • the coupon code you have provided is not valid. Anyone?

    • Yep same for me "The coupon code you have provided is invalid."

      • Try clearing your browser cookies first. :)

      • Code 10GIFT just worked for me. Perhaps you accidentally included the inverted commas with copy and paste ?

        Thanks OP, got a 16gb class 10 sd card for 4.95

  • Just got a few 8GB flash drives for 90c each, thanks!

  • I knew sleep was over-rated… ****

  • +2

    5m HDMI cable for $4.90 and 2m for $1.90 delivered to Sydney.

    Logitech Z50 Multimedia Speaker delivered for $11.90

    mmmm, don`t really need it. :)

  • +3

    Goddamnit! I just bought another 16gb microSD from this deal for $4.95. And then remembered I still have a 32gb microSD from an earlier deal lying around unused. Why U do this 2 me, ozb?

    • +1

      And you also paid to much! :P
      delivered for $2.95

      • +1

        yea… there are few exactly same items with different listing and price

      • Some cards are class 4 , class6 or class 10.
        The speed difference can account for extra price

        • phew! yeah, I got a class 10. the class 4 kingston isn't worth it for a raspberry pi. saffers had me worried there for a minute :) not that the speed matters if it never actually gets put in a device, but it's the principle! ;)

        • @salem: post the link pls

        • +1


          I bought the 16gb ultra for $4.95 to go in my Pi2 :)
          It will be interesting to see if there is a speed difference to my 4 and 6 class cards.

        • @ozzyoi: I think that it is this card…which is now sold out: http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/sandisk-16gb-ultra-microsdhc-u…

        • +1

          @bluedez_man: I see. No wonder every time I tried to add it into my cart, it just says my cart is empty. Oh well.

        • @edfoo: I know..disappointing right? I checked it on the mobile site (which says that it is out of stock).

        • @ozzyoi:
          As per @dubrex above posted, http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/sandisk-16gb-ultra-microsdhc-u…
          Says "almost sold out" right now. When I bought it an hour and a half ago it was just "in stock", so I think they're selling pretty quick.

        • @bluedez_man: thanks. Yes me too. Everytime i add, it says cart is empty…

  • I want to get a couple of 8gb USB sticks. Which one do you guys suggest?

    • pick any, doesn't make that much different. also notice most of them going out of stock.

  • hmm for free shipping* some remote postcode exclusions apply… doesn't work for me
    T&C - http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/s/shipping-promotions/

  • Which ones the best usb otg cable? Pierce range varies but they all look the same?

  • Wow I am totally failing at this - cannot check out of the loop ahhhh bought 0

    • You are not trying to use the code on things under $10 right?
      i did that yesterday and was about to give up then it worked asl;ong as the shipping and item total price was above $10

  • Bah I really missed this deal 0 - all the good stuff gone now.
    Oh well guess I have enough flash drives - good luck to those who scored

  • im trying to buy this http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/samsung-otg-32gb-the-go-type-u… it says its in stock but if you follow the link, it says the page cant be found, anybody know how to fix this?

    • its out of stock but there is a delay until updated.

      • Thanks anyway

  • Come bit late, it seems all I want have gone, sad. :(

  • Should've known better. Opened this deal on my phone half way through the night but didn't act on it. Then I've been sidetracked with the kids until now. Oh well, still got something for nothing!

  • Quite interesting. Don't know how I missed it. I look at the site at least once a day. Though 15 hours ago would have been around 2-3AM. I hate sleep.

    • +2

      Lucky you. Only once a day?
      I'm a tragic addict:(

      • +2

        You not alone.

  • Thats why the moto G and nexus 7 2013 are a money saver, no sd card slot no temptation. Unless you happen to give out free 32g sd cards with your free antivirus software.

    • +3

      I see them as money savers also, but in the opposite direction. No SD card slot = no buy.

  • just received this :(

    Dear M,
    Our payment system detected risky factors on your order therefore we could not proceed with sending the goods.
    Your order has been cancelled and will be refunded back to your mode of payment within the next two working days.
    My apologies for the troubles caused.
    Fraud Prevention Officer - DealsDirect.com.au

    so far 2 of 5 orders have been canceled

    • got 2 orders from EC's deal 4gb micro sd cards (that I dont really want)
      waiting for my final order a gym ball, I cant tell if its get cancelled or no as I just found I put the wrong email when I ordered.

      good in everyone who get/getting his order…. enjoy!

      shame in everyone who was greedy!

    • That is the biggest load of crap. I'd be asking what the 'risky factors' were so they can be resolved and your order reinstated.

  • -3

    Same… so far 3 orders have been canceled

    If they cancelled for my orders, I will not buy from them anymore

    • Good for them, who are we kidding without such a massive discount, not many of us would be customers anyway.

    • how many orders/accounts did you make?

  • If your order is with Google Trusted protection. Go complain them if it gets cancelled.

  • -6

    14 out of 15 cancelled

    • Well you totally deserve it for being greedy.

    • Some people just have no sense of community.

      • -1

        Its small semi-disposable flash..

        I use them to backup recovery partitions, Windows, etc images. And give them away to people when they need to get some data off you. 15 is about a year supply for me.

        Not even that particularly cheap. Samsung 32GB EVOs were going for under $10 not long ago.. Often see 16GB deals around $5 mark.

  • my order got cancelled too, same reason as msmhw :(

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