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Deals Direct FREE $10 Voucher (Deducts Shipping Charge)


Unfortunately there is a looping issue at checkout when trying to complete your order if it's $0. At things stand, you'll only be able to complete your order if it's over $10 before the voucher (ie you have to pay something). There are a number of items that are $10.90 for example that come to $0.90 after the $10 off voucher; you can also combine two items to reach the $10 minimum but doesn't appear a freebie is achievable at this time. Don't forget your CashRewards (or others) 4% cash back.

Some Freebies (Prices include postage to NSW, other states may vary)

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    Bleh, shipping is $6.95. Kills the deal.

    (unless some items have free shipping, but I haven't spent more than five minutes checking)

    • +1

      Meh, too hard - keeps going in circles, then shipping kills it

  • +5

    code works but does not proceed with check out. every time ends up with error saying "Some items in the shopping cart have been updated since last view"

    • -1

      Same here does not let me checkout keeps going in circles done it about 5 times and nothing.

    • mine works . I did choose Bpay as you have to still choose a payment method even if item is FREE

      Try clear cookies or go incognito

      • +1

        no. didn't work for me. anyways thanks for posting

  • code works, but when i checkout with free order total comes up with cart updated since item added error and loops back to checkout start… as above! d'oh!
    ps i bet you code was not supposed to apply to postage, which is kinda rich!

    • Below is for an account that didn't receive the email

      Order Sub Total $6.95
      Shipping to 2200 $1.95
      Coupon Discount (10GIFT) -$8.90
      Total $0.00

      Congratulations - your coupon code is valid. Your coupon saving has been calculated above.

      • post for me was initially $9.95 then $4.95

  • SanDisk Micro SDHC 4G FREE after code - out of stock

    • +2

      you got to be fast on ozbargain

  • +1

    keeps looping in the checkout..

  • Same as above…code applies, but then get stuck in the "your cart is munted" loop…

    Edit: Worked with credit card :)

  • Its work well as long as you do not use Paypal for the payment.( Try pay with Visa or Master card)

  • +3

    Doesn't work. tired on incognito as well

    • -2

      choose BPAY as payment

      • Minimum $5 for Bpay Check out.

      • +1

        It loops no matter payment type.
        and item doesn't matter either.
        neither does browser.

        My guess is code might be the same to all who received it but it must only works on those with accounts made before code was released to prevent this type of abuse.

        • Nope - just made a new account and it went through!

        • made new account - paid via paypal - went through without a hitch.

  • +1

    I used easternculture's tip and paid by credit-card and my purchase went through alright.

  • +1

    Didn't work with paypal but worked with credit card. Got a Canningvale double quilt cover with a RRP of $80 for $15 (inclusive of $4.95 delivery fee) with the coupon code. No free shipping for me to NSW, had to pay $4.95. THANKS OP, now I don't have to sleep with an annoying microfibre quilt cover.

    Remember to use for a 4% cashbackk

    • +1

      Thank you :)

  • CC went straight through. Cheers easternculture

  • ack, if the 10% off your first purchase email would come through (assuming codes stack) I could get the UGREEN USB 2.0 Female to Micro USB Male OTG Cable for free. With shipping it is down to 90c after the 10gift code but I want to take it all the way to free

    edit oop on closer inspection I think the 10% off is applied automatically. Its $4.95 + $6.95 shipping on the product page but it shows up as $3.95 + $6.95 on the check out page

  • +3

    Neg revoked.
    It seems that code cannot be used for a free item.
    I just bought the 4g micro sd card thats cost's 0.90 i used my credit card.

  • +1

    Thanks Ozbargain! 8GB USB worked via CC.
    Also used the cashback!

  • Seems to work, did not finalise checkout, still looking for something to buy. :)

  • -1

    Do while loop for me

  • +3

    Only working for NSW… Other States postage $6.95+

  • +4

    just bought 8gb micro sd for $2.60
    it was trap :( I dont need it

  • Freebies won't work >.<, try getting some 1$ items and pay with credit card (not paypal)

  • Put $3.95 item in cart shipping = $7.95
    Put 4.95 item in cart shipping = $6.95
    TO 5000 SA

  • Shipping to WA is $7.95 minimum, so nothing free for me

  • Thanks OP got myself the thigh exerciser for $3.90 delivered to Vic. My physio was trying to get me to buy one for my knee trouble for 50 bucks - woo!

  • Ordered the OTG cable but the TransitCare didn't get removed for some reason :/

  • Cheers EC, I picked up an 8 port ethernet switch for $10.90 delivered.

    • Received the switch today, Great for the price.

  • Free shipping on baby and nursery items. I picked up 2 valance sets for under $2 with code

  • +1

    Oh man! The iphone 4 case sold out whilst I had it in my cart! What are the chances of that — at 5:30am, a case for a four year old phone…

    • That's rotten luck, I wouldn't bother buying a lottery ticket today if I were you…

  • There is no way to make a purchase :
    "Some items in the shopping cart have been updated since last view"

    Tried on a few items with both Chrome and IE.
    Online store with a dodgy Web site.

    • same here, may be it has stopped working now. Any getting success now?

    • yep, got same issue too

  • wonder if you could stack this with LOVEDEALS for further 10% off

  • SanDisk Micro SDHC 4G sold out

  • Thanks, shoebag for $1.90

    Paypal payment keeps loopong on mobile, but CC payment went fine.

    • Did you ordered 3 shoebags? Can you please share your order. Thanks

      • No just 1 shoebag for 1.90 after paying post

  • Thanks for the deal! Needed a card with SD adapter, so got this one for 6.90 delivered QLD:…

  • +3

    Woodworm Umbrellas for $20.90 delivered!

    • Why the neg vote? Is this too expensive for woodworm? (Am wanting some)

      • Edit: serious question, esp as I got negged for the above, why is $20.90 delivered for 3 woodworm umbrellas a bad deal? Looking at the history of woodworm on here this seems nearly as good as it gets. Or are the negs for quality rather than price?

    • +2

      Not sure why he was downvoted, perfect as I have lost all 3 of my previous woodworms now. Came out to $14.90 for me delivered in NSW, plus the 4.5% cashback.

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I also just bought 3 of these for $14.90 delivered to Sydney

      • Yea thanks a stack, also got them.

  • Thanks OP, worked without issues.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got a 10kg kettlebell for $11.90 inc delivery. Very happy!

  • I used my $20 voucher and $10 was used towards postage. So glad!! brought s3 gel case and plantronic headphones inc mic to replace my s3 headphones.

  • Postage is so much in QLD, any way around that?

    • +2

      move to NSW :P

  • +1

    I cant. ANy ideas for things to buy under $2 because of the $8 postage fee? I wanted to get an otg usb for my phone or an sd card reader

    • Im in QLD and postage was $6.95, i brought the UGREEN OTG Cable and cost me .90c delivered

  • Just tried the coupon code on my existing account (placed order with code last night). It doesn't seem to work anymore. Can anyone else confirm this?

  • doesn't work

  • +1

    cheapest 32 micro sd card i could find, happened to be class 10 too. $12 shipped. thx op…

  • +1

    jus bought 3 pack of woodworm umbrellas
    $19.95+4.95 shopping - $10 = $14.90.
    very happy!

    • I was just going to post that as a deal. That seems to be the best price ever for Woodworm Umbrellas.

  • jus bought 3 pack of woodworm umbrellas
    $19.95+4.95 shopping - $10 = $14.90.
    very happy!

  • Was going to get the Gym Ball for $5, but it's $7.90 for me. That's at least $2.90 more than I'm willing to spend. lol

    • +1

      I dont know why but after I saw your comment I ordered one for $4.90.

  • +2

    FYI, I was able to buy the Sandisk 4gb micro sdhc via another link even though the main one said sold out. paid priority shipping to get it above $10, it arrived today.

    just search for "micro sd" and change the order dropdown to "lowest price" , looks like a lot of the products are back in stock or available via different search paths.

    Also, curiously there's a 1gb transcend micro sd (not sdhc) card with adapter for 2.95 if you search for "microsd" (no space). but with ridiculous shipping costs for me (7.95), using the code it comes to .90c for me so I bought it anyway!

    good luck people, hopefully the code still works for y'all.

  • Got my delivery today :)

    Now just hope I get my memory card from the other deal:

  • Confirmed order on a 4GB microSD card for 90 cents. Thanks!

  • Loop is still happening for $2.95 :(

  • code expired?

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