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USA on SALE: Los Angeles Return MEL $918, BNE $934, SYD $935 @ Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand has just announced $300 (Economy) & $600 (Business) discounts to the USA. From what I can see, the best value is once again Los Angeles, with all-inclusive fares at just over $900 from the east coast of Australia. There are plenty of seats available at time of posting. Happy travels :)

Available for travel 16/04/15 to 30/06/15, and 17/07/15 to 31/08/15 (for return 16/04/15 to 20/09/15).

Proof of fares:

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  • Bah wish the NY flights were a little cheaper!

    • I'm sure there's cheap cheap cheap flights between LA an NY. I've never investigated it but surely america has something like Tiger or Jetstar.

      • Southwest Airlines is the best option, you can get LA to NY return for $330 USD.

        That includes 1 checked bag and TV streaming on your iPad/phone if you bring it.

        • Actually Southwest includes 2 checked bags, 23kg (50lbs) each!

          Plus you get honey peanuts and a cup of softdrink. I love Southwest.


        check virgin america for transcons. best in flight domestic product you will ever fly.

    • I travelled SFO>JFK for about $150 return on Virgin America couple years ago so shouldn't be too bad.

      • Really? Best we could do was US$300 one way Vegas>NYC and US$300 NYC>LA with JetBlue (non-stop, bags included) last October. Though we did save one night's accommodation in NYC by flying overnight (which I don't recommend).

        • US airlines arent struggling so much nowadays. Prices have increased and the $50 cheap flights are pretty much gone. The pendulum has swung as a number of the airlines have gone bust or been absorbed.

  • Excellent considering these dates are during their summer holidays.

  • What happens if you book this fare but don't take your return flight? I'm going to the US for a year and this is cheaper than a one way ticket..

    • Nothing. You simply don't make it on your return flight. Nothing they do except call out your name once or twice over the PA at the airport and that's it. You'll forfeit the return leg of the flight. I did this just a few days ago for a Jetstar flight.

    • Probably can get a cheaper price on a worse airline but not worth it.

    • Read the fine print. I'm pretty sure I've seen some hefty hefty fees apply with some carriers.

      • That's only if you want to cancel and try to get a refund. If you don't check in they will re-sell your ticket as standby. Win for them.

        Just make sure US Immigration knows you'll be there for a year … and of course have the proper visa(s)

      • I'll check it out. I'm going to study so I will have the appropriate visa :)

  • What is the route taken via Auckland?

  • Too bad. the cheapest flights I can find now are 1.2k

    • +2 votes

      Just booked my flights from sydney - $935 still available. Did you enter the promotional code US300?

      • Thanks, just came home and had another look. It didn't auto paste the code like it did before. Now the cheapest I can find is 1066.

    • Just booked $950 including stop over! Fares got a bit cheaper again. Would have been $904 without a 3-week stopover in New Zealand

  • So tempted but Aussie dollars downward dive really making this look less and less appeal ing

    • I haven't checked but if the same flight prices apply in reverse then it's a double win for the Americans to come here. Imagine if we could fly to LA for $700 return and then spend 3/4 of the price compared to a few years ago! A lot of Asia is more expensive now too thanks to both our declining currency and the obsession with USD pricing in Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China etc

      • I reckon, Thailand is still affordable compared to a lot of other places, but I really felt the price difference between when I went 2 years ago and when I went last month.

        • Painful, isn't it? I suppose in relative terms now's a good time for us to holiday in Japan. But looking at the prices that's very little consolation…

  • Arg I just booked with United Airlines via STA travel a few days ago…
    Would've saved $500 if we'd gone via Auckland with this deal!


    • At least you don't have to go via NZ

      • At least you're not flying with United…. oh wait.

        • united is actually awesome ( I fly with them pretty much all the time, at least twice a year to USA), the melbourne direct route has wi fi internet and is on the new airbus plane- also has USB data slots+chargers and power points built in under the seats.

          Would have gone without all that for $500 off though because I've got a mate in Auckland I could have seen for a few days. No dramas I guess.

    • Lol. @murphy84 - Don't worry about it. You're not the only one. $500 is not a big loss in the grand scheme of things. Life is full of little ups and downs. Forget you saw this Ozbargain post and move on. Have fun on your trip

      • thanks for the comfort :)
        You're exactly right. I saved some $$$ on the rooms with the hotels.com.au paypal discount 10% deal I found here too so that got me 2 free nights at the Rio hotel.

  • I just locked in some currency for my trip in July/August. Was a bit depressing considering the dollar was at 94 cents and 113 cents for the last two trips I made. I just need to book a flight now. This seems like a good deal but I think I might have to wait a little longer to be certain on dates

    • how much were your flights? so you didn't go through this deal?

      and i don't remember it being 113 cents, thought it was just 105 cents but yeah i was travelling around when it was 94 cents and was pretty happy with that now its crappy 76 cents - SUCKS - AUS ECONOMY SUX

      • oops I meant $1.03 not 1.13 haha. I have not bought my flight yet. I'm a bit nervous about buying this far ahead as I graduate uni late July and the dates arent in concrete yet. Would love to fly with air nz again. I flew with them for my last two trips

        • yeah i rate air NZ when you get a great price but yeah everything is just so expensive from aus now.

          i was living in london at the time and went to a friends bucks in vegas via air nz. my flights were cheaper than my friends flights to vegas from sydney! so crazy and it was around May 2011 so yeah dollar for dollar was freakin awesome.

          wish i smacked myself in the face and bought more crap back then.
          sad times we are now :(

  • anyone managed to get less than 1k from syd - not having any luck ..

  • Dissapointed - I thought at last I can buy the USA but when I got into the thread it turned out to be just stupid airfares.

    • I thought at last I can buy the USA

      with a debt of $US18Trillion, I think even at $918 it wouldnt be a bargain

    • I complain about health insurance payments. I can't imagine having to pay the USA repayments.

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