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Buro Metro Task Chair $252.60 ($237.60 + $15 Shipping) @Australia Post / OfficeMax


Edit 3:
The sale has ended and the price is now $369 ($354 + $15 shipping). Hope everyone that ordered enjoy their chair/s ;) Also, thanks for all the kind words and up-votes :)

Hi all, first post so let me know if I need to edit anything.

I have been hunting for a good office chair for a while, and this seemed to have been discussed positively on the Whirlpool forums. AusPost seem to use OfficeMax, and Google cached results show this chair was $319 previously. Other places are slightly more expensive:
- Staples: $349
- Officeworks: $379

I did a simple search on Ozbargain and could only find these ones:
- Staples: $299 (Jan 2015)
- Staples: $279 (Jan 2014)

Please note that shipping was $15 only for metropolitan areas (Category B on their website). Also, AusPost and OfficeMax have their own separate (albeit pretty much the same) website anyway.

Notable Features (Copied from previous deals):
- Australian Made
- Suitable for 8hr usage
- 150kg Usage Capacity
- 10 yr warranty

While there have been reports of success using Officeworks' price-beat in the previous Staples deals (eg. Curiosity, knackers), Overtime2000 has kindly attempted but not been as lucky (see posts below). I have ordered mine already from AusPost, but if someone does have success please let us know <3

Edit 2:
xeion had success with Officeworks: $237.60 + $25 shipping (?Country) = $262.60. OW 5% off: $249.47
So theoretically for Metro shipping: $237.60 + $15 shipping (Metro) = $252.60. OW 5% off: $239.97

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  • Was just about to post this also

    Excellent price

  • good deal, was looking for a chair too, seems like you have done your research :).

  • I managed to get OW to price match it last time for $251, and used gift cards that were discounted by 5%.

    It's worth attempting to price match it with OW.

    • on phone with OW now will let u know

      • So….just hung up after speaking to OW
        After taking my details and about to put the order through the girl told me - its a "special order" item, so unfortunately not eligible for price matching.
        Girl on the phone apologised several times

        oh well
        Will order from Officemax

        • I'm on the phone to them now, waiting for the same response :/

        • Not sure what I did differently, I managed to get one sent to store (in 14-16 business days)

          Edit: Price was $249.47 as delivery here was $25 from AusPost

        • i went instore, and got them to do it .. it depends who you get … the phone people will usually say special order.

        • @Curiosity: are you willing to share your invoice so i can try my luck on my local ow

        • @andyken:

          Yes please! A receipt would be great. I'd love this chair for that price.
          Serves me right for not checking ozbargain twice a day, every day! This deal seems to come and go so fast.

  • Terrific chair… bought one from the January 14 Staples deal and have been very happy with it

  • Can the arms be taken off?

  • Thanks Op. Got one.

  • Should be able to get 5% off via Officeworks price beat

  • Been looking around for a chair for a while now. Can people who own this chair give me some feedback? Specifically any of the downsides. Thanks.

    • Hmm, me too. Was keeping an eye out for second hand Aerons as they hold their value pretty well second hand - maybe get one for $600 and sell for around the same next time.
      May jump the gun and get this if there are good feedback, only thing is prob not a good resale value.

      • I have had this chair for over 3yrs and used it for over 1yr 8hrs per day and had no problems. The seat padding is thick and dense. cheap chairs you are sitting on wood after a couple of years. Aerons are better but for the price this was the best chair I could find.

      • +1 vote

        Was keeping an eye out for second hand Aerons as they hold their value pretty well second hand

        Don't give up too quickly! I bought my used one off ebay in 2011 for $280. It's very well-made - everything still looks and works perfectly fine. I love how the seat pan is mesh too - my hot ass stays cool. :)

    • Lots of feedback in the whirlpool thread.

    • can't go very low
      can get in way of any nearby rugs if moving around

      aside from that its best chair i used and i regret not having this for many years

    • Got this a year ago from OW, nice chair suitable for long siting..thick cushion hasnt collapsed yet (most others do after like 6 months if you weigh decent)
      Great price!

  • My workplace use to have these chairs…. after about two weeks my bum started to hurt and had a bit of lower back pain. Feedback was passed along to management by others as well and they were swiftly replaced.

    So try before buy - not all bums are made equal!

  • Been waiting for this one … thanks OP.

  • +2 votes

    Is there a click and collect option? Would love to just be able to go to the big AusPost in the nearby supermarket.

    I'd also like to try before I buy, where can I do that? OW?

  • Is it squeaky? I hate squeaky chairs. Must be zero squeaks! If it is squeaky, do you know of a comfortable non-squeaky chair? TIA.

  • I'm gonna plus this deal, but my wife would so kill me if I bought this.

  • How does this chair compare to DXRacer chairs ($299)? http://www.dxracer.com.au/dxracer-pc-gaming-chairs.html
    Dxracer still doing free shipping until 11th April.

    I know they're marketed as gaming chairs, but they can also be used as office chairs

    • Those only seem to be rated for 120 kg.
      Have you seen the size of the average gamer or Oz bargainer?

    • No inbuilt lumbar

    • Depends on how big (height or weight) you are. Have a look at some YouTube reviews on that $299 DXRacer F-series. It's made for the "gamer with a smaller frame". One reviewer reckoned anyone over 5'8" would not fit on that chair.

  • Do we know how long this deal lasts for?

  • +15 votes

    I have little interest in the chair, but +1 for OP's layout of the deal, research and comments. best I've seen in awhile. Imagine if every post was this good!

  • Is there any stores that have this on display? I'd like to try it before buying.

  • I was in the whirlpool thread. I paid $315 for it and 4 years later I'm still on the chair and I still think it's great. I did pull the arm rests off though.

  • I assume this is boxed up when you receive it and you need to assemble it yourself?

    • the delivery man scoots down the road on your chair, then hands it to you

      • +4 votes

        ok, ok, I'll hand it to you … it was a very dumb question :) (you even get a "+" for your apt response)

  • Perfect timing! got one!

  • Going to call OFW tomorrow to try and get it price matched. If not, I will order through officemax/auspost. I might actually call them up too to see whether I can collect from a local Auspost shop.

  • Thanks OP

  • Have one of these chairs at home. For the price it's very good quality.

    Price is best I've seen too.

  • Got one. Nice work OP.

  • Just checked on Officeworks and it was coming up with free Vic Metro shipping/free pickup!

  • Great chair, great comfort! I can really recommend. Tested myself

  • I've been considering a new chair for awhile, so I'm taking a chance with this. Good jorb, Ozbargain.

  • After looking at OW page, I saw that "This item is ordered directly from the manufacturer, therefore not available for next available delivery day. Special Order items are not eligible for price matching."

    It would really depend on whoever you're asking for price match

  • Wow the aupost website is atrocious. Clicked place order, and did not get a confirmation or acknowledgement of payment, so tried a few times again. Then checked my credit card account and got charged 4 times. wtf

    • Well it seems you're the proud own of 4 wonderful Buro Metro chairs.

      btw.. I had no issues whatsoever and got confirmation page pop up as well as a confirmation email.

      Could have be a momentary lag in your connection.

    • Padman, you in Sydney? I'll take one off your hands if a cancellation is not in order…

      • I'm in Adelaide. And my cart had 2 chairs, so I've technically ordered 8 :O

        Will try and cancel the orders

        • Oh damn. Good luck mate. Pretty sure they'd honour as it would be bleeding obvious something's amiss. I can't believe I missed the deal. Logged in this morn after getting home from work to order and it's gone!

        • Hi Padman. I'm in Adelaide, and I'll buy one off you if you've still got an extra one.
          I tried getting one this morning, and was too late :-(

    • I experienced the same problem. Customer Support has said that this happened to a number of customers. They said that the order is definitely in the system, but also said give them a call if either a confirmation email or the order itself isn't received in a couple of weeks.

    • I'm sorry to hear that happened to you padman. I had no issues with my order from Australia Post; the website didn't give me any strife and the confirmation email was sent pretty much straight away. Let us all know how it turns out, since I'm sure there are a few Adelaide Ozbargainers like samd who would still want in on this bargain (cheapest now is Staples $349 or $319 for 2+, so minimum saving of ~$66 each). Heck, I'm tempted to grab another off you and I'm in Melbourne

      • Turns out the system managed to charge me but did not have my complete order - only had the product, my phone number and email. They got back to me and put a new order in at the discounted price. The other charges will be reversed out, so I won't be getting 8 chairs!

        Thanks for the post!

  • Bought one for home office. Good deal for a good chair. Thanks OP.

  • Just bought one! Thx

  • Is there any places I can try this one out?

  • Hmm, can't seem to buy one anymore, link goes to a blank page and the Add to Cart button is gone if you browse for the product.

  • Has this expired? Links seem dead :'(

  • Damn, back to normal price now… that was fast

  • My other choice the IKEA Markus is down to $274 pickup (using the family
    voucher) in WA.

  • Damn :( was going to go to OW today to price match…. You snooze you loose.

  • I am an idiot for waiting.

  • anyone willing to share the invoice from OW ?

  • Wow … delivered this morning. Was expecting two weeks.
    Nice chair. Allow about 40 mins for assembly as instructions
    could be improved. Driver said his truck was full of them lol!

  • received mine this morning, fully assembled :)

  • ya got mine today. Anyone else got theirs already assembled?

  • I got mine assembled too!

  • So do they come covered at all? Seems strange - Any signs that they have been used?

  • Got mine fully assembled today. New and wrapped in plastic. Not a bad chair for the price. Only thing lacking for me is seat depth adjustment.

  • Still waiting for delivery. I'm in VIC.

    • I'm in Vic also, but country.
      Checked my credit card and it was charged yesterday so assume it was dispatched yesterday. I'm expecting mine tomorrow most likely.