IKEA Fraud? Help? Worth talking to ACCC?

Our family has came across a dilemma, we bought a bed from Ikea, which was an ex display model. We were advised by the floor staff that the bed would be dismantled for us to go inside the house upon delivery.

Next day waiting, they came to our house with one person. Making my partner do the carrying too. The delivery person refused to bring in the bed and the frame was still fully assembled from store. Now i do understand this is a courier and not from the ikea brand but is it right for the staff to tell us one thing and not expect another.

Is this allowed? We called up and they told us to just look at instructions and buy our own tools which none were provided.

EDIT: the bed frame was intact

EDIT: The bed came in assembled

Since then we have contacted the IKEA customer service. First lady was not at all understanding at all and got very aggressive at my partner. I then recalled then in a calm matter and the lady I kid you not said "are you from the same person who called me before! Look up the website and look for the brochure and buy the tools!." So I told her I felt this wasn't fair as we were told differently so can I speak to the manager because I feel this is unfair on my part because tools weren't even included. This is when she retailiated really badly and she replied with, you should already know how to do it, fine, great.. I'll connect you then (all in a demeaning manner. Probably the most disappointing customer service I have ever came across.

Fast forward, I asked to talk to the supervisor who was a lot more helpful and patient. Was only willing to accept refund if I returned it myself even on these circumstances with my own expenses. I was disappointed at.the fact this was a company giant and was not able to resolve to any better solution but their supervisor was a lot more respectful to their customers.

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    calling this "fraud" is an exaggeration

    it discredit everything you have to say about this situation.

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    1stworldproblems….. :-/

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      bought a bed
      came pre-assembled
      hissy fit over miscommunication
      had to buy additional tools
      wants advice on raising matter with higher authorities

      Yup. Checks out as a first world problem

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    I dont know which Ikea OP went to but all the ones in Vic have a seperate 'deliveries' desk where you pay for delivery, with an impossible-to-miss-gigantic sign showing delivery costs AND seperate assembly costs. Lemme guess you paid for delivery only?

    If you cant read a sign and you dont own or know how to operate a screwdriver I dont know how you've survived in society until now.

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      I've assembled plenty of stuff but didn't any tools whatsoever for this particular bed. The main point is that the service told and not so much about whether we the individual can reassemble with their own skills. There were additional cost although I do I understand where you're coming from but it just wasn't something I was expecting which is why it came to this situation.

      If it were someone who had full knowledge of the companies policies from the thread or elsewhere then I think it is already expected what would of happen when it came to delivery.

      The biggest concern is that I even had to go though that much trouble to talk to a supervisor for a solution that was still not worthwhile.

      An example is a fireman called to a fire at your house and on the phone they said they will help you. So what you are expecting is them to water down the fire but in reality you only just discover they aren't even firemen at all!!! They just wanted to misguide you so they can light their cigarettes from the flames from your house dressed as one and equipped with the same truck. All this happens while your house is burning down and your personal belongings. Okay abit of an exaggeration but you get the point :P

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        A bit? You're under-exaggerating there. Everyone knows Ikea is famous for being DIY, even the dining area is DIY (cleaning up after your own table). Just because you dont read and like to assume everything doesn't make you right. The poor example of firemans and calling this 'fraud' further discredits your story. You might as well say they basically just murdered your entire family and took every cent away from you. You're the 'fraud' here for wasting internet space and time.

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          I seem to be making other forum users furious from this post.

        • How about this analogy, you buy a lego set and see it in the picture and was told it was gonna be sold like that. When you open the parcel, you find it is in pieces.

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          But that's how you did buy it, but you wanted it in pieces… There's a good reason that part of the store is called "As-Is"

        • @aerona:

          You paid for delivery but NOT the assembly service. What the heck did you expect?

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    I'm still waiting to hear where the Fraud is? That word is thrown around like chips haha.

    This is the case of the typical consumer, lack of communications skills, massive overreaction combined with 1st world entitlements haha.

  • To answer your question: no it isn't fraud, and it's all hearsay if you complain to ACCC.

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      This should just redirect to the Ozbargain forums.

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    The fact you label this fraud shows you are probably one of those 'trouble' customers with incredibly high expectations that differ from reality

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    I bought an ex-display bed frame from Ikea in the bargains corner. They told me upfront that it is sold AS IS. If you want to disassemble it (to transport it home), it is your own responsibility, and thus reassembling is also your responsibility. I bought the bed at 60% off, so the trade off of not having instructions and having to do a bit of extra work was fine with me.

    I rolled the bed out on a trolley to checkout, paid, disassembled it outside near the delivery counter, handed the bed frames (in 4 pieces - top & bottom, 2x sides) to the delivery guys to be delivered the following day. The frame was delivered as i gave it to them the next day. I just put the bolts back, Simple upfront service IMO.

    TBH it was so much easier because most of the bed was already assembled, I just took apart the 2 sides to flatten the "delivery cubic volume" charges.

  • This isn't fraud at all. To be honest it's probably just the fault of the floor staff, they're human too and do make mistakes they probably thought it did come disassembled.

    However the customer service you received on the phone was completely unacceptable if they were rude and unfair, I'd probably complain about that.

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    Look, I may get negged for this, but judging from your previous posts, is English you second language?

    I very much sense you may have misinterpreted what they said.

    • No, I'm Australian lol. I think it maybe because I don't check my before I submit. :)

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        maybe because I don't check my before I submit.

        Prime example.

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      Svenska kan missförstås

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    OP can you please answer the question a few people have asked you previously. What special tools did you buy? Was it an allen key + screwdriver, or more?

    • It was just an Allen key and a hex wrench. Not much but I had to go purchase it!

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        We were advised by the floor staff that the bed would be dismantled for us to go inside the house upon delivery.

        At the very least, you could've figured that once inside your house, you'd have to assemble it again. Why you didn't just grab the tools while at Ikea (which are available right next to the home delivery section, I don't know.

  • Ok I feel sorry for you but you have no proof of what you agreed with the sales person and display stock is usually sold as is. All ican suggest is to Go and get $10 toolset from Bunning and resolve the issue.

  • All this because of a communication breakdown. Your life clearly isn't what you want it to be.

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    Bait and switch. Oldest trick in the book.

  • OP this is your best realistic option.

    My solution to scum retailers!

    Never buy from them again.
    Tell your friends, family, ozbargainers, and everyone you meet not to shop with the store.

    • Hi i just met you, Don't shop at IKEA

  • First world problems! :)

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      Second rate comment.

  • Does your tax invoice include "free dismantling and assemble on site etc"? I had a similar experience but it is for free delivery after payment made in full the shop delayed delivering my order. I went back to that shop they told me it was ready for pick up but I was told free delivery. They denied and I had to pull out my tax invoice to show them a side note I made the salesperson to add "free delivery" when I made the payment.

    • Thanks that's a wise option to get it on paper first, good for future references.

      • Yeah. Don't ever believe and rely on what they verbally tell you. Just ask them put it down in writing. I learnt it the hard way too but now I insist everything written down save me time to argue with them.

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    I bought lunch from IKEA cafe and had to chew it myself.

    • I'm calling UNESCO

  • Never dealt with Ikea? Your relationship must still be strong!

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    Gosh, what an overreaction.

  • There aren't any sales people in IKEA as is section. Maybe the associate didn't realise you were inquiring about an "as is" item.

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    You bought it from the 'as-is' section which means you get what you buy 'as-is'. The thing with IKEA is you do everything yourself, that's why they are so cheap. They don't take any responsibility in disassembling your furniture.

    • But OP had to carry it less than 10 metres… with only her and her husbands help! OMG.

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    The fact that you put 'fraud' in your title discredits your entire complaint. Unfortunately you are the whiny customer that exaggerates things to in an attempt to receive what you are not entitled to.

  • The ACCC are only interested in your story if it helps them justify their own existence.

  • "Fraud", "ACCC", "Dilemma" over a f***ing IKEA bed.

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