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Earn 2 Velocity Points Per Litre Fuel and Dollar Spend at BP


Velocity Frequent flyer is arriving soon to BP (from 16.04.2015)

You can earn 2 velocity points for every litre of fuel(capped at 150 litres) or 2 velocity points per dollar spend in store (capped at $100).

Not applicable to selected purchases including but not limited to Tobacco and Fleet and Gift Cards.

Purchases made using BP Plus cards are ineligible to earn Velocity points.

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  • +2 votes

    Great! Thanks OP. I always fuel up with BP, now I can get Velocity points on top of my AMEX points

  • +1 vote

    This belongs in the forums, there is no saving. It's just an announcement, not a bargain…

  • +1 vote

    so thats 4 points/$ if you have an amex platinum edge


      does amex plat edge give 3 points per dollar for bp purchases? i thought it was only coles express/shell or caltex..?


        oops sorry, didnt see it was 2points/L

        i dont have that card, but i thought you would considering BP is a major petrol station, and you get 2points/$ at major petrol stations. if you know that im wrong, feel free to neg my above comment :)

      • +4 votes

        So if I put a full tank of fuel in my car 25 times, that gets me $5. $10 with this promotion. That would take me over 6 months of constant refuelling at BP to accomplish.

        To put this in perspective, I spent 5 mins applying for a virgin credit card with 7500 points bonus. I would need to fill up my tank 187 times to reach this. That's probably over 4 years with my petrol consumption.

        So for the people downvoting me; you can either spend 5 mins of your time to get x reward, or you can spend 4 years filling up at exclusively BP petrol stations to also gain x reward. Of which the reward is ($5 x 7500 points) = $35 LOL.

        • +4 votes

          As inherentchoice said, it depends on what you use them for. For me, I'm a frequent flyer and use points frequently and for me they are worth way more than $5 per thousand. With something like this and the points I get from other services, I can upgrade my flights all the time. Is it worth it for everyone? probably not, but most deals on this site aren't.



          Riiight. I upgraded on a Virgin flight using points once. I spent many many thousands of points to get premium economy, which included unlimited drink and food. They sit you at the front of economy and the seat is exactly the same. The flight was so short that I got 1 x small coke like the rest of economy and was offered no more food or beverages.

          Good luck people who want to fill up 200 times to get this same privilege.

        • +1 vote

          @watwatwat: Must have been ages ago? Premium economy aka Business is sectioned off with a partition and the seats are huge compared to economy. Plus you have exclusive use of the front toilet so no more pee on the seat from the scummy bogans down the other end of the bus.

        • -2 votes


          My experience was actually on Virgin America, which I assume is pretty similar. Are you sure you're not getting mixed up with business/first class? My plane had a purple partition as well but I wasn't actually seated inside.

          All in all, I find these points are not competitive to earn nor are they useful to spend, so those are my thoughts on the situation.

  • +8 votes

    Cheaper to get fuel at Woolworths with Everday Wish Gift Cards. You can get discounted cards (5 - 7.5% off) using Entertainment Book or Cash Rewards. Plus docket savings of 4 - 20c off per L.

    • +1 vote

      And it is for this reason that I rarely ever fill up at other stations anymore.


      Didn't know about the discount on gift cards. I'm gonna try stacking that with my employee discount and see how much I'll save.

      Been a good week so far on OzB, free slurpies, takeaway and now cheap fuel.


    Great. So at BP on my Platinum Edge I already get 3 points per $, and now if I also swipe my Velocity card Ill get another 2 points as well.


      How come you get 3 points per dollar at BP? I've never been able to score that. Usually 2 points/dollar but only at caltex or shell..


        I get 2 points at BP always, and an extra point via the AMEX Local Champion, which gives me 3 points per $ at my local BP.

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    So if you don't have your VFF card can on you can you claim your points with the receipt later???????????????


      no, but you can get a temporary card from BP which can be registered and linked(within 30 days).

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    Unleaded 95 at my local BP is only 10c more expensive than Unleaded 90.
    Unleaded 95 at my Woolworths Petrol is 13c more expensive than the E10.
    If you can get 5% off (e.g. when there is a BP gift card promo from BigOneSwitch) at BP, 4c discount voucher at Woolworths Petrol is effectively a 1c discount at BP for Unleaded 95.

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