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Edifice Limited Edition Red Bull Watch EFR-537RBK-1A. $239 + Free Shipping @ Star Jewels


To see the new release specials for our Warehouse Clearance Sale, please click http://www.starjewels.com.au/super-specials-watch-jewellery-...

We were able to get some extra stock of the Citizen Ti BM6921-58E and have released it for this installment of the Specials. http://www.starjewels.com.au/super-specials-watch-jewellery-...

Please allow up to 7 working days for these items to be shipped.

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  • Price in title please (and in post for other options)
    Edifice Red Bull is $239.00
    Citizen Ti is $160
    Free shipping to Aus and NZ

  • +3

    +1 for you guys as even though I find the red bull watch ugly as sin, I have bought many watches from you and the service has always been great.

    I would buy the Citizen eco drive titanium on special for $160 if I wasn't already wearing one. Fantastic price that watch IMO as B&M stores are still selling it for the RRP.

    • +2

      Thank you. Appreciate that. Will have to smack the buyer……Its a good seller for us and honestly looks much better. The image does it no justice. :)

  • Any good price for ladies watch rep?

  • Possible to get it similar pricing as your stainless version for $149?

    • Not sure of the inventory or the price. Please give me 15-20 mins to check. Thanks

    • +1

      Last 4 in stock. This was the normal stock (rather than the promotional purchase) but with only 4 left, we will get the last 4 down to $149. Thanks

      • just wondering where the price updates?

      • hi, so will we be getting at this price or $239?

        • chunee, are you asking StarJewels to drop the price on the black EFR-537RBK-1A from $239 to $149?

        • The EFR-537RB-1A is $149 & the EFR-537RBK-1A is $239. Thanks

        • @Thrift:

          yes thats what i was assuming was going to happen as i would have purchased the EFR-537RBK-1A @ $149… the silver version is not appealing…

        • @Star Jewels:

          Edifice Limited Edition Red Bull Watch EFR-537RBK-1A was $212 + Free Shipping at the last deal.

          Would you be able to match the lat price or do better considering this is the warehouse clearance sales!!


        • @Torres: Stock arrives at different times at different prices so its really hard to keep repeating the same price. The recent fall in the AUD has not helped lower the prices either. I doubt that we will ever see this again close to $212. Thanks

        • @Star Jewels:

          I knew you are going to say that. Thanks for your reply anyway!

        • @Torres: My pleasure. Thanks

      • Could you clarify which item? Do you mean the Citizen Ti BM6921-58E or Red bull?
        Anyway if it is Citizen Ti, I will buy one for $149 - Please clarify how to buy it at that price, because when I go to the website still $160.
        Many thanks

      • +3

        Thanks Star Jewels, just grabbed an EFR-537RB-1A.

        Are you likely to get any stock of Citizen CA0021-53E (black titanium chrono)? Last last year you mentioned you might be getting some "in the new year".

        • +3

          There is a LOT of new stock already here and arriving for the launch of the new website. I'm not sure of the exact models as yet but please keep an eye out for the new site in late May - Early June.

        • And thank you for your order.

        • +1

          @Star Jewels: Thanks Star Jewels, arrived yesterday and it's a really nice watch. The neon illuminator is awesome.

  • Almost pulling the trigger on the BM6921-58E but also like the AT2150-51A, I think I need an Eco Drive on my wrist, any better price on either of these models? (what can I say I'm a tightass)

    • +1

      We are unable to lower the price on any item already on specials. Thanks

      • No worries, I'll think on it then, cheers for replying!

        • My pleasure. Thanks

  • +3

    that seiko kinetic is the star buy IMO

    that titanium citizen is good on paper but damn is it boring looking

  • So watch is 45mm wide? Same width as the Citizen Toyota 86 watch?

  • +1

    Nice looking watch.

  • Will you ever stock the ERA-200D-1AVER or the ERA-200DB-1AVER?

    • +2

      Looks like only the ERA200DB-1A is available locally. We will be able to check availability and prices on Monday and will post back here for you. Thanks

      • Cheers!

      • Any luck with this?

        • +1

          Turns out its a retired model locally. None in stock I'm afraid and they are not getting any more stock in. Thanks

  • Is this better than an apple watch?

    • +3

      Can't compare apples and oranges.

  • Possible to get Edifice LE EFR-534RB-1A similar pricing as your stainless version for $139?
    During the last deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/171474

  • +1

    When will this one be back in stock and on special?


    • +2

      Hi. I will have to check on Monday and will get back to you on here then.

      • thanks

  • +1

    Hey Rep,

    any specials for watches of 40mm or less? You mainly stock larger case sizes, my wrist is small =[


    • Hi. I will check tomorrow for you. IF we have any in the 30 selected specials, I will be sure to post here. Thanks

    • Agreed. need smaller size + sapphire glass type.

  • Rep. Been looking for the Eco Drive AR1110-11B to come into stock
    Can you post availability?

    • Hi. This is now a retired model so either we will not receive any more stock OR they will have some stock to clear and we will gladly buy lots of it. Stay tuned.

  • +4

    The red bull watch actually looks pretty cool, but the red bull logo makes it so tacky…

  • my jewler (a real watch repair guy)tells me the kenetic is the most prone to breakdown he has ever seen.. Has this been anyone elses experience too???

    Also +1 for loom brighness on citizen watches too if you get the wider sword hands too. About the brightest ive seem on anything non-swiss. Its still not tritium bright all night but its about the next best thing ive seen

  • is the citizen titanium made in japan?

    • It is indeed made in Japan. Thanks

  • Hey Rep are getting more of these in stock need to get one soon Edifice EFR-528D-1A

    • Hello. No ETA showing on this at the moment but there are a few on back order! I dont have the status on this at the moment as it could well be a retired model. Please click on the 'Sign up to get notified' link to receive an e mail as soon as the stock arrives. Thanks http://www.starjewels.com.au/watches/casio-edifice-watches/e...

      • +1

        Thanks Rep will do.

  • -2

    i was thinking about something in the 20$ range….

    • Check out the Guess watches deal that was posted yesterday.

  • Any chance of getting a special on the G-Shock GA1000-4A ?

    • +1

      Hi. At this stage, no and its not one that has ever been offered on specials by G-Shock but we will check tomorrow and update you here ONLY if a) they have stock and b) if they can discount them for quantity buying for us. Thanks

  • Hey Rep,

    I'm thinking of buying 5 or10 Citizen Ti BM6921-58E(depending on the price) for future gift purposes. Would there be any way of getting a special deal?, also can I ask for individual invoices in case of warranty issues(when given out to different people)?


    • Hi. I'm not entirely sure of the stock on hand (you wont be able to add quantity not in stock to the order)but price wise we are unable to lower the price. Individual invoices will not be an issue for accounts. Thanks

      • Fair enough mate. I will take 10 thank you. What do i have to do for you to seperate the invoices? I have added 10 in the checkout(adding one by one). I can process the payment right now just not sure if i should pay yet, since i need to make sure the invoices are sent separately first.

        • If its easier for you, you can place an order for 10 and then send an e mail to [email protected] with the list of the 10 names you would like. Thanks

        • @Star Jewels:

          Sure, just one last thing before i make the call. Can the invoice be issued with no particular recipient? I am still not sure who it could go to.

        • @JDMST: For warranty purposes, you need the warranty booklet as well as a copy of the invoice. The exact recipients name won't affect the warranty in any way. We put the name and order number on the invoice to correspond to the warehouse system only. Its not a Citizen requirement to have that on the invoice in any way. Thanks

        • @Star Jewels:

          I see. In that case, you can just put my name as the purchaser. And i will let them know to just keep the invoice and the warranty booklet with them. I will be sending you the email very soon after the payment is cleared. Thanks again for all your help!

        • @JDMST: That will work as well. Long as the warranty booklets are in place, we will not have any warranty issues. Thank you.

  • what is the difference between this and


    The one in ebay is better looking (without the stupid red bull logo) and cheaper too.

    So what is the difference at all?

    • Hello. Absolutely no difference in the features at all. The Red Bull one featured here is a limited edition release with special packaging and not withstanding the full warranty offered by us, our price will be lower than the above eBay listing. Thanks

  • Do you have a physical store?

    • Hello. You are welcome to come to our office in 109 Pitt Street with an appointment. Thanks

  • Hi Rep,

    Citizen Ladies Eco-Drive FE1020-02W is for $125 on EBay with free shipping

    Are you willing to price match that?

  • Hello. Please check our price online now. Thanks

  • Hi Rep,

    Could you please give a timeline when GA100CS-9A will be added to current promotion?


  • Hello. Sun the 19th is when this will go on sale. Thank you.

    • +1

      Thanks for that.

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