This was posted 7 years 2 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Pre-sale: Pipo X7S Intel Quadcore Windows/Android Dual Boot Mini PC USD $112.99 Inc Shipping @ GearBest


Everyone went crazy about the PiPO X7 deal I posted a while ago and they've now released a dual boot version running both Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4. It was only available in gold but now silver and black versions are available (luckily!)

I reviewed the PiPO X7 on Home Theatre Life before and found it to be and impressive unit for the price.

Specs are essentially the same as its predecessor, but with the added dual booting ability.

Let me know if you have any questions as I've got experience with the its predecessor, the PiPO X7, and I know how hard it can be to make a decision with some of these devices. Can't have Ozbargainers wasting money!

Price shows up as AUD$149 with the coupon code applied.

Technical Specs:

Chipset: Intel Baytrail quad core processor with Intel HD graphics (Z3736F)
Storage: 32 GB eMMC + micro SD slot up to 32GB
Video & Audio Output: HDMI 1.4, 3.5mm Audio
Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Fast Ethernet
USB: 4x USB 2.0 port
Other Features: Power button
OS: Windows 8.1 with Bing/Android 4.4

Previous deal here:

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    heating issue solved?

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      I'm not sure unfortunately. I'd hope they'd learn from last time. If you're wanting a box that runs cool, try either the Minix Z64W or Ainol Mini PC. They're the ones that I've personally tested that have had impressive thermal performance.

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    I don't think it should be considered as a deal, as it has been at this price and there's no added discount or anything. I agree that it could be a good use for Kodi and stuff. I think it's also same price on Geekbuying as well. Wanted to buy it if goes below USD $100. I don't think it will happen anytime soon though.

    • It's still about $10 under the price of most vendors. Unfortunately, I dont think it'll get sub-$100 for a long time. My theory about the super low price of its predecessor is that they were using a tablet licence instead of the mini pc license. Hence, the price jump.

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    Also worth noting this is listed as a pre-sale so most likely won't ship before 9th May.

    • Thanks. Title updated.

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    There is no real excuse for a China company to post USD prices on AU forum to appear cheaper.
    Drop-down menu says $171.68 for AUD. Not a whole lot less than an atom-based laptop. .

    • I agree with you but these devices tend to fit HTPC use cases better. If you want a portable PC, the costs may not stack up.

  • I'm local. Issue with posting in AUD is that, depending on who you use to handle the currency conversion means that you'll get slightly different prices. Easier just to use the source price.

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      Easier just to use the source price.

      Put it in the body.

      • Will do. EDIT: Updated. Price is AU$149 with the coupon applied using the on-site currency converter.

        • thanks.

  • Hey, you had this code last month, a bit slow in posting :)

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      Glad to see someone following my site :D.

      To be honest, it was only available in gold at that stage and I figured most would prefer the more subdued black or silver. Hence why I holded off sharing it here until now. Don't want to waste anyone's time.

      • +1

        the gold reminded me of Kylies pants.

        • Perhaps an Aussie exclusive version then?

  • Would be keen to buy the predecessor as missed out and only need windows

    • The PiPO X7 is roughly the same price as the X7S as PiPO. You wouldn't need to use the Android part if you didn't want to.

  • nvm

    • Not a strange question. You can use them as a normal Windows PC for browsing the net, light gaming, watching Netflix, etc.

      Alternatively, due to their small size, you can connect them to your TV, install Kodi, and have a great media center for under $150.

  • Before ordering it, just remember, Gearbest have a history of not sending out Pipo X7 units for a long time because they calculated the pre-order number wrong. My girlfriend ended up getting something else after waiting for over 20 days for it to ship.

    I think the deal itself is decent though.

    • gearbest won't stop sending me newsletters after I unsubscribed 5 times… that's spam at it's finest. Then they make you jump through hoops to contact support, so instead, reported as spam.

  • Would this be a perfect unit to connect to a standard 50" HD TV, to then get 1080 to the TV and use it like a computer on a tv? Can browser youtube or Iview etc?

    Would it be slow with only 2GB RAM?

    How would you go recording TV using this - say with an external HDD or USB plugged in for storage? Can you connect a wireless mouse and keyboard?

    • Can do most of the above, but I'm not sure about recording TV on this. 2GB RAM may be too little and the Atom may not be up to the task of encoding a full HD stream. Could try a lower resolution.

      • The only thing would be if you captured it in its native format and played it back like that. Then no encoding is necessary

      • No encoding required, only demultiplexing. I have a 5 year old atom 330, capable of recording multiple channels simultaneously. (Caveat: running linux)

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    Note: you shouldn't order these without factoring in an additional ~$20 for cooling equipment. This includes a thin thermal pad over the processor, heat sinks, thermal adhesive for the heat sinks, and a thicker thermal pad to disperse heat into the case. Without the mods the box is essentially unusable.

    • I'm hoping PiPO learned their lesson here and added more cooling. I did get thermal throttling when testing Asphalt 8

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    I got the X7 at the last deal and am quite happy with it. I haven't had any thermal issues that I'm aware of, but perhaps there has been throttling in the background. I've got it connected to the living room TV, running Plex Server (2 x 2TB USB drives attached for content) and Plex Home Theatre. It streams 720p to Plex clients fine, as long as no video transcoding is required. Also, because it only takes about 7w of power, I leave it on permanently, and run CrashPlan on it to take backups from the other PCs around the house. Intend to set it up for Steam in-home streaming from main PC but haven't tried yet.

    The one significant issue for me has been the limited 32GB HDD. I imagine that they've partitioned some of that for Android in this version, which would make things worse. It's not a huge deal, but you have to ensure you install most/all software on the SD card or external HD, which has some impact on performance.

    • I'm tempted to get this as a steam streamer… Let us know how you find it once you get a chance to set it all up.


  • I don't trust presales of these chinatabs/phones.
    Remember Pipo P8? Claimed to be ready to be released last April didn't make it out till like October/November if I remembered correctly.

  • Does it has a remote control? It is a deal breaker for me.
    How reliable is the wifi in streaming? I has a dual band ac wifi at home, but it appears to be only 2.4MHz.

    • No remote unfortunately but there are plenty of cheap USB remotes that can be connected up. Wifi on the X7 seemed stable when I tested it but I believe the wifi is 2.4Ghz only

  • Sounds like a great unit has anybody used this for a CCTV/NVR Server? Seems cheap enough and could just put in a 2TB USB Drive for recording and leave it on 24/7.. Hopefully after some small cooling mods.

    • Unfortunately no Internal SATA port on this model so you'd be restricted to USB only.

  • Hey Michael,

    I'm looking to replace my HTPC with something smaller. Was leaning towards a mini ITX desktop but if I can go smaller, keep the wife happy (who says size doesn't matter) and keep costs down then everyone's a winner. After having recently discovered Kodi, WMC doesn't get much love but need to keep it for now as she still uses it for FTA recordings and music playback.

    What are you thoughts on an X7 running WMC7 (Tinytwin tuner and USB HDD) and Kodi? Kodi will run under Windows.


    • +1

      That should be fine, although if you want something even smaller - have a look at the Ainol Mini PC. It literally fits in your pocket so you wouldn't even notice it but the CPU is a tiny bit slower. I've already reviewed it and thought it was great. Cooling performance was excellent on it too.

      • Thanks. I'm moving from a SilverStone LC20B which is enormous in comparison to any of these. Will likely go with an X7. The Ainol looks good but from what I can tell doesn't have ethernet, I have no use for the battery and I'd really struggle to buy the brand name.

        Since there will be much less internal storage, recordings to be moved to the NAS. Any thoughts on how one of these would handle something like MCE Buddy encoding to WTV to MP4?

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          Encoding would be sketchy on these as the CPU is really only suitable for basic tasks such as work processing, browsing and media playback. Encoding will work, it'll just take a while. If you have a powerful NAS, perhaps look at getting it encoded there instead.

        • Only just got around to reading all the comments in the previous X7 deal. Don't think I'll be pre ordering anything from GearBest

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