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35 $0 Udemy Courses (Links in Post)

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  • Some good new courses there.

  • would the woman's attraction guide work for gay men as well?

  • Make Money Creating Videos is now $15usd

  • Keep getting spammed from these free courses..

  • It's gotten to the point now where I see TA's free Udemy posts, am intrigued by the title of one, and go to sign up, only to find I'm already enrolled in it.

  • B2B Sales Blueprint EXPIRED


    Sell for Profit on eBay

    Perfect TA. Just about to list my iwatch for triple its rrp. Some tips in there I had not covered off.

  • Lol seriously.. $89 for "how to tape an ankle, thumb, and finger"…?!

  • I would be interested in seeing how many free courses are on TA's account

  • Love the productivity ones. Surely the productive thing to do would be to just get on with whatever you have to do?

  • Holy crap, that photography course is comically bad.

  • thanks

    but a few of these course were free in your other threads
    so it says I don't need to purchase it.

    In future, please mark which courses are new and not duplicates from your other udemy threads..
    So we can save time from going to courses we already have.

    • but a few of these course were free in your other threads

      All new as far as I'm aware. It's possible a few of the courses had expired previously and the tutor has supplied new codes, or extended the same code with more capacity. So even though you may have already enrolled, others may have missed out because of the expiry, and now have a chance to grab them.

      • yes I am not saying don't include them…
        by all means do include them for ppl who might not have bought it..

        but just mark courses that are duplicates from previous udemy threads you posted…

        It would save us time from loading up the page.

        I am pretty sure this has been listed a number of times

        -Acupressure Massage Points
        -Goal Setting

        Maybe put a star next to it or write some word like (listed previously) or put a number counter (to indicate how many times it has been listed previously) to indicate that it has been listed in a previous posts..

        Acupressure Massage Points *
        Goal Setting (3)

        If you are not sure which course you have previously listed
        Then just copied all the courses in an excel sheet
        Hightlight them in green.

        Any new courses can then be added to excel sheet
        and highlighted in yellow.

        Next time if u add a course that is already green or yellow
        then you can highlight the yellow to become green.

        Also add column > counter
        And add a 1 to it for each row of that course.

        This method would let you know the courses that have been listed a number times.

        By having the counter, we can quickly identify courses we most like have add to the library already.
        This would save us alot of time (cos udemy site can be quite laggy to load 3 to 5 sites at a time in multiple tabs)


        I don't know how much extra work for you to do this but it would save us alot time from loading it up again.

        If it is too much extra work for you then don't worry about it.

        Don't get me wrong…
        But I am thankful, you are listing these free courses.
        As a result I so many free courses that I don't even have time to look at.
        But it is good that it is in my library.

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    I see that you have added my courses goal setting and killer confidence to your list. I feel honored and thank you for the post. I am creating more courses and would love for you to upload the to this list as well. Is there a way to get a hold of you or send you the link? I tried to send a message but I was unable to for some reason. I am a new user here. You can always message me on Udemy directly (Joe Parys) is my name and im an instructor.

    Thank you again and I hope everyone enjoys my free coupons!



    TA did you get my last message above?