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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4G 32GB $599 + P&H @ Unique Mobiles


Samsung Galaxy note 4 4G 32GB $599 + P&H
White, Black Or Gold Colours To Choose From

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    Aus stock or gray? If it is not Aus stock, I'd advise giving UM a miss. They have one of the worst warranty departments I have ever come across. I sent my GN2 back for warranty repairs (when it was DOA), they took a month to look at it, and sent it back without even looking at the issue, and lied throughout the process. Would avoid this deal…

    • its imported

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      I think you would have problems getting things fixed even with Aus warranty these days, have you seen the exclusions Samsung has on warranty, it's ridiculous.

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        ^this, Bought a Note 4 from JBhifi November, 2 months later the phone started losing connection every couple days for a few minutes.

        Brought the phone back to Samsung Flagship store in Melbourne central 4 times! every time they'd tell us they couldn't find any problem.

        They'd say it's because of weak connections, but she was using Telstra till recently before we both change to Telechoice and i never experience this on my Nexus 5. ok maybe the sim card is damaged, i requested a new sim card from Telechoice and she's still having problem. went back there and they sent it to Sydney, came back and couldn't discover any problem. After the 4th time i bought a white Note 4 for her while waiting the phone to come back from sydney. Guess what, perfect connection. The person who handed the phone back to us told us to keep the receipt, keep the phone in the drawer, try our luck again in a few months and ask for a replacement when Samsung AU receives more stocks. I had to pick up my jaw from the floor when i heard what he said.

        Wife initially wanted to go back and argue again but we both been very busy with work and our beautiful 8 months old son. it's just not worth the hassle. we now have a shinny black Note 4 sitting in the drawer with 4 fr!cking reports from Samsung everytime we sent the phone back for repair!

        Conclusion, when you buy a flagship phone from a big company like Samsung in Australia to support local business, you are guaranteed one hell of an flagship experience, Thank you very much Samsung!

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          Try changing the battery. I had similar issue before, fixed by replacing the battery. When compared to the new battery the batter was swollen. You need to compare it side by side with the new battery to notice.

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        That's why I stick with Apple product, walk in and out of the store, no hassles.

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          Yes Apple's customer service is better but that doesn't mean their products are.

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    This is grey import.

    Aus stock is expensive on their website.


  • Does this version use exynos SoC?

    • N910F(white) = snapdragon
      SM-N910U(black/gold) = exynos 5433

      Actually im not sure why it says its the F model for white when it says its the U model in specifications..

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      It says Exynos 5433 In specs on black one

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    White, Black Or Gold …but all Grey

  • Seems a bit strange since the ad says its Aus stock…… http://us6.campaign-archive2.com/?u=19dd7e2b37b76db1ad85005d...

    • Yeah they stuff the type of stock all the time, usually there is another email apologising after lol

    • Check again. It will be Stock in Aus…:)

  • coupon only works with the imported stock.

    • Yeah trust me if I didn't I would have put Aus stock in title :)

  • Missed out on the S5, how does this deal compare?

  • Hi, Assuming UM doesn't provide Australian tax invoice?

    Which model is better? Snapdragon or Exynos?

  • Guys,please read the page(click the deal), then you can see this very clearly says 'import'. Also, for the record, Only 2 models of note 4 selling in Australia. THEY ARE N910G(snapdragon805 cpu model 4G) and N910H(not 4G but samsung Exynos 64bits cpu).Back to the topic, the one UM are selling is N910F which is euro model(same as N910G snapdragon805 model). THE best part of owning it is you may have first firmware update always since samsung had focused more on EURO markets than other part of world. THE worst part is warranty is never cover by AUS SAMSUNG. However if u need 'root' your phone, just forget about warranty, you will lose it anyway once you root your phone. So it is your choice. I will take the deal on this price if I need a good phone rightway. However since someone says UM provides 'painful' services, I will reconsider it.LOL

    PS. I had N910G bought from TGG during last Christmas. I had pretty good deal note4+gearlive=800 aud. I saw the best deal last month is from ebay nearly 680 aud after cashback.

    • The best deal last month was Ebay’s 20% off sale, which coupled with 2% cash back from Cash Rewards brought TTG’s sale price of $788 at the time down to $615, and that was for Aust stock.

      • Correct, we got it for abit over that with delivery, the 32GB version though. Good phone, love the beautiful display and expandable memory.
        We are yet to play a lot with it, want to make the most out of the stylus.

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