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Delivery Hero $14 off $20 Spend (Mobile App Only)


Same deal as previous nights, but you must order via a mobile app. Enjoy :)

App Links for iPhone, iPad, & Android.

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  • Oh boy
    At last, will be able to order before expires:)

  • Choo-Choo!!! All aboard the upvote train taking us to the front page. Cheers OP for the discount.

  • what is the normal price?
    {Sarcasm intended)

  • Strange, my address says Sydney even with the right postcode and no way to change it. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

  • looks like someone was waiting for them to post the code with the deal already typed up.

  • 7 minutes to the front page. Thats gotta be a new record!

    • Not sure what I am going to do when they stop having these deals, I have forgotten how to cook for myself.

  • I was counting on this tonight. Thanks DH.

  • Hope they take notice of my delivery time tonight instead of delivering it straight away!

  • Didn't you say you weren't going to use DH anytime soon?

    • I believe TA was just posting but he won't be ordering.
      Hats off to TA !!

    • A quote form @TA himself

      Sharing the deal (much like you do LOL). If you're not happy with that, you can always neg it.

  • Thanks for posting, but after having it last night and for lunch today…PASSSS!
    (was delicious, don't get me wrong)

  • Didnt order last night because the thai place with $15 min order was closed last night, but now 2x PadThai, 2x Coconut Rice, thak you again TA

  • Getting a code is not valid message

  • Back on the food trail once more!

  • Shame that there's no places nearby to me.

  • Thank you very much. Two Pastas, Garlic Bread and 1.25 Coke for $10 Delivered :-)

  • Thanks TA, that sorts out dinner tonight while I wait for my Frozen Food delivery!

  • wonder how much DH is losing off these deals

  • I might have to try this one day

  • ordered on the mobile, it says the voucher is invalid…

  • If I order DH again, how am I supposed to finish off my 11 boxes of chicken tenders?

    What a dilemma.

  • thanks TA, waited whole afternoon for this! Almost started the stove to cook instant noodles!

  • Thanks OP. But sadly the places where I currently live require a $60.00 minimum order fee.

  • Thanks TA, much appreciated. This is becoming a norm.

  • butter chicken and beef vindaloo night woohoo ! hang on that's almost every nite !

  • Ordered…Cheers, too much delivery hero deals..

  • After a long break I'm back

    Full rack ribs + 2 corn $6


    In true ozbargainer fashion I'm now wondering if I will fit into my new kathmandu gear I just bought LOL

  • Great deals, but i wish more restaurants would sign up. getting sick of eating from the same (set of) restaurants in my area! lol

  • If my local indian is $18 minimum + $2 delivery fee, does that count as the $20 minimum?

    EDIT: It seems to work when i put it in at the checkout but haven't payed yet so we will see what happens

  • Jokes got it ty!

  • Little caesar resto in Glen Waverley

    1x medium lamb ribs $12.50
    1x garden salad $6.90
    Delivery $5

    24 dollars
    10 dollars tonight! A little expensive but Little Caesar is one amazing takeaway italian shop!

    • It is? I Haven't tried it yet! Will do it next time. What else is good from this area?

      • Never try others, i know little caesar because they are delicious!

        House special with white cream sauce is really great! just call and ask them if they can change it from the red sauce to white, as i personally love white ones, but usually i walk in for take-away not sure through delivery hero if you can change the sauce…….

  • +13 votes

    all my fresh food is going off because I keep delaying eating it due to delivery hero!

  • +3 votes

    The android app could do with some work!

    • The android app is s—-house. A hang cost me the ability to order with the voucher. I had it all applied, had the credit card number in and everything, and ordered…. and …. it hung with no order sent out. It wasn't my net connection, as I could browse JUST FINE. The only way I could proceed was to end the app and completely reboot the phone. By then, when I tried to enter the voucer, VOUCHER INVALID. Bad, bad. :-(

  • I wish there was more variety in the restaurants that would deliver to me - of about 17, there's 13 pizza places, 3 indian and one taiwanese (which I love, amazing chicken dishes there). still, $14 back is $14 i don't have to earn and pay tax on, so thank op :)

  • where do u add the code if it says no voucher?

    I'm assuming some stores arent particpating then

  • Thanks for posting. I was semi-relying on this to go up tonight.

    Anyone living just south of the Adelaide CBD should try Amigo's Pizzeria Black Forest if they want pizza.

    The 'Meat Classic' is the best meat lovers type I've ever eaten. They even allow you to add chicken for no extra cost.

    Trying their Hawaiian tonight, though.

  • Literally every place I try it says "the address is not within the delivery area". One of the places I ordered from just last week :(

  • For the first time I've actually placed an order. Thx TA.

  • I wonder how much this is costing stores, I'm assuming the stores are taking the costs since the pizza store I want to use it for won't accept vouchers, just cash

    • i am fairly sure it is Delivery Hero that takes the costs - and i assume certain stores opt out of the vouchers so as not to get totally inundated with orders on one night.

    • Delivery Hero absorb these voucher costs, not the stores. Store will always get the full order amount.

  • Wish there were more options to choose from.

    Still, burger + fries + salad + can of soft drink + caramel sundae delivered for $6.50 is pretty good. Cheers TA!

  • This deal seems to pop out every day this week, should we put this deal on some regular recurrence section? Probably easier than TA having to type/copy/paste every day.

  • +1 vote

    For any Neutral Bay peeps, try out Pizza Capers, found them to be ace. And now I'm full.

  • Thanks TA, I just had a fried ice cream and a duck fried rice for $6.90 delivered.

  • Fcuk my life… :(

    • +2 votes

      Lol. I feel for you man. Actually I feel sick from too much cheap food 😁

      • Oi clarky, I could not even finish yesterday's food (tastes good though), still plenty left. I wish I had a partner to share these DH coupons…

        Umm, need a bargain on GF/Wife/partner! ;)

        • +3 votes

          Ditto! With all this food, my 'slim' chances are slim

  • Not normally a fan, but have to love TA for these deals.

    Now to buy new clothes as my old ones don't fit any more…

  • Thanks TA, first order…!

  • stupid app only bs.. i ain't got no android/ios crappy devices.

  • Thanks TA, you are my Hero :)

  • Logged on tonight to see if there was a voucher for DH again, lol. Thanks TA

  • they've extended it for more than 1000 orders but only until 10pm

  • My local indian charges an extra dollar per main buying on delivery hero with minimum $30 orders and $3 delivery. But 2 mains and 3 cheese naan at $28 dollars isn't bad.

    They actually charge $2 on eatnow :(

  • Kinda wish that Delivery Hero will stop with these deals i'm on a diet and can't always resist like tonight:(.

  • Can't get it to work, keeps saying invalid.

  • Hey, I imagine this question has been asked many times before, but can you place an order for dinner tomorrow night and use the voucher?

  • Longest delivery wait? At 60mins.

  • Haha, My $20 order minus the voucher failed and it was lamest excuse ever. Delivery hero called and told me the pizza place cancelled the order because there oven is broken.

  • Gee getting a Windows phone sure seemed like a good idea at the time …

  • Crappy android app applied the coupon and let me get to the order it now! screen AFTER entering all payment information in….. AND FREAKING HUNG.

    I then had to end the application fully and restart in order to get in to anything other than a completely hung app.


    DeliveryHero app FAIL. They really should allow us to order from our real machines, or give anyone who encounters a bug in their app like the above (presumably they're doing this to force people to test and debug their app) a free go at a voucher equivalent to the one they missed out on.

  • medium / well done (ew) steak delivered 15 mins after the 1 hour waiting time.. but hey $6 not complaining

    • Could be worse i waited 1hr 50mins for an order that was supposed to be delivered within 1hr.. but hey for $9.40 for a large pizza + Tiramisu delivered not complaining. Tried a place i haven't ordered from before and the pizza was amazing, if anyone wants to know the joint in Elsternwick let me know.