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90% off Quilton 3- or 4-Ply Toilet Tissue 38x8pk $25.78 ($0.08/Roll) @ Woolworths [EDR Req'd]

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    How did they cancel my order, I intended to give my mom 16 rolls on motherday.

    • Just make her sit on the couch and do your 16 rolls on the carpet in front of her!

  • Those that have orders cancelled does it come up as so in your online account? Mine is still showing as being delivered…

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    Hi Devok

    Your Woolworths Online order has been cancelled.

    Your Order Number: 124****
    Delivery time: 1/05/2015 11:00 AM - 1/05/2015 2:00 PM

    We look forward to seeing you online again soon,

    Your Woolworths Online Team

    Way to go WW, we won't be seeing you again, bye.

    • really..? don't take it to your heart! you know if it is too good to be true..it is probably not!

      PS: I don't work for woolies!

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    Cancelled…..people who got luck congrats and others stop blaming TA .It would have cancelled neverthless. people need someone to blame and contacting WW wont get the order cancelled.Once WW realised how they have mucked up they would have eventually cancelled the orders.TA is a great contributor to OB and i wont blame him for this. We all tried some succeded and some failed.thats life

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    Woolies should honour the orders as it was their IT dept who screwed up. Don't penalise the customers for being able to get around their system.

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      Which entitlement have you been deprived of?

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    ok fellas lets forget this deal like it was never posted and move on to next best deals, shall we?

    • -1

      Totally agree.

      • duplicate

      • Totally agree too.

  • I did mention right after TA post that this will be canceled and looks like a error, I was hoping I was wrong.

  • Will be interesting to see if anyone actually gets their order…most are being delivered tomorrow so will have to wait and see.

    • if you chose C&C you'll be able to pick it up. Delivered sorry cancelled :(

  • Order Cancelled!! Rang them and they said there was a website error which has now been rectified…

    • Fantastic, so we'll all be getting our orders filled then? Just being cheeky because I don't think anyone would accept it was a website error.

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    I don't blame TA, like many people said with the sheer numbers of orders coming through, there was always a chance It was going to get cancelled. In saying that though, I don't understand why he would have gone into the chat and asked, that's like pissing off someone who is already pissed off ( worst comparison ever).
    ah well you win some, you lose some

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      Like honking your horn at police when your speeding?

  • Mine just got cancelled, I emailed them to ask why. I know why of course but I'm seeing what I can do.

  • how does the refund works if you paid by card ? will it be reverted back or do we need to ring them ?

  • err… cancelled .. i deleted my e-gift card details…

  • Sad….

    Your Woolworths Online order has been cancelled.

    Your Order Number: 12436013
    Delivery time: 1/05/2015 8:00 AM - 1/05/2015 11:00 AM

  • Cancelled…

    • Update, one of my orders slipped thru, placed C&C at two stores! I now have a mountain of TP for my bunghole.

      Thanks TA!!

  • Anyone in Perth had there order cancelled yet?

    • Yes, mine got cancelled.

    • One person said they did a couple hours ago. One said not cancelled. My two orders south of SwanR, both still good, just checked email.

  • no refund.

  • Received email at 11:09am that my order has been cancelled ;( . How about the refund ?!

  • Order was cancelled :( Roughly 3 hours after it was placed.

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    If ever you got one of TightArse posted deals (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/27551/nodes) then please refrain from criticizing him. You already have saved some money.

    A mistake is a mistake but he has contributed a lot. I would say thanks for the other deals he posted.

    • totally agree with you

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    haha because you guys are all too greedy. I order 16 of those gold one + other stuffs to make it $30 with C&C and I got the confirmation email ready to pick up :)

    • I wasn't greedy and only ordered 16 to make $30 but they cancelled mine :-(

      Mine was a delivery though so maybe that's why. Enjoy your 4ply rolls though :-)

      • I couldn't place an order with 16 after 4 codes stacked up and it seems like whoever got it delivered got cancelled :)

    • don't count your chickens

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    I agree with others posts about not hating on TA, he has given us great deals!

    Plus even if woollies didn't pick up on the HUGE amount of TP purchased, and even if he did inform them by asking a question, he may not have been the only to inform them by asking the question when it didn't work.

  • Cancelled :(

  • ACCC

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      power71, that's ACDC dude!

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      I agree we need to do something to TightArse but reporting his actions to the ACCC may be a bit far.

      • Yes, we are sending him on moon. Sir, Will it suffice?

  • I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!! I just collected my 19*8 toilet paper ordered last night 10pm. I used two codes total about $30. Pick up this morning. It seems I am lucky. I am in Adelaide.

    • Got a pic?

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      pic or didn't happen

    • Upload a pic of the TP and/or the receipt.

      Will make it possible for others to complain and get the deal :)

    • I Guess if you want Wooli to honer your order.
      Pick it up as earlier as possible

      so they don't get a chance to cancel your order.

    • Which branch? Mine at harbour town was cancelled. Ordered 24 last night at around 10 pm too.

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    ******* update on the people paid by gift cards *************

    I have called wooli regarding the refund. They say if you paid by gift card they will refund you with a coupon code with the amount you paid.
    It will come through to your email.

    Just be patient for A day :)

    • I think some of us would like the option of using the credit at BigW, Masters, etc. Voucher codes are limiting

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      if you call the customer support you can request a physical gift card in the mail.

      i am pretty sure it is illegal to only offer you a refund by an inferior form of payment compared to the the original form of payment for the purchase,
      especially when it is no fault of the purchaser.

      i still think it is dodgy defaulting to online only coupon code and getting you to jump through hoops to get your original refund in gift cards.

      Earlier this morning I wrote to the ACCC about this.

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    So when is a sale actually complete? I always thought it was when the seller accepted your offer and you paid that amount in full.

    It seems to me that woolies has offered something for sale, people have made an offer to buy and woolies has accepted that offer by sending them an email stating it was a "Woolworths Online Order Confirmation" and that "your order is on the way" deducting the money from their account and stating a time it will be delivered…

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      To place the order, you clicked you agreed to the T&C that govern the contract of sale.

      As discussed many times before, Woolies can cancel any order. Similar with many other online retailers. Best to read the t&c you agreed to.

      • Not saying that Woolies cannot cancel your order.
        Just that even if you tick the box of terms and conditions you cannot sign away your basic rights.
        For example imagine buried in the text somewhere it says you must give your house to Woolworths for no cost. Even though you ticked it, it wont hold up in court.
        Basic rights and comsumer law over rides anything you ticked..

        • You did not cite anything in the t&c that override consumer law. Obviously, signing away rights to property is not included in these t&c.

          The goods legally remain the property of Woolworths until the purchase is fully paid, governed by their t&c you agreed to. (If the use of a discount code is deemed invalid by its owner - Woolworths, it can not be used, so the purchase is underfunded.) It's not an easy legal area as many would believe. Good luck fighting that case.

          As I have pointed out from previous discussion of cancelled orders, Woolworths argue that the order was not fully funded, resulting in an automatic cancellation.

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        A sale is not completed until the goods are completely paid for and transferred to the purchaser.

        Woolworths has previously argued that use of coupons not issued to the purchaser &/or used in conjuction with other coupons they were never intended to be used with - means the use was invalid, resulting in full & complete payment not occurring. That results in order cancellation.

        • Yes I read the terms and conditions. My argument is that they have accepted the offer when they send an email to you confirming the order and stating the goods are on the way. Once they have accepted an offer they can't then turn around and cancel.

          Yes I agree they can cancel an order for any reason BEFORE they have accepted your offer.

          As to the coupons - they have accepted them as payment when you made the order. If you were not entitled to the coupon then they should reject the offer to buy at that time.

        • +1

          Afraid the world does not work as you want. But irate pirates & commercial transactions have never been a good match ;-)

          Sale is not complete until the transfer of the goods & full payment is made - which overrides your argument on both counts.

          Their t&c do not limit when during the transaction an order can be cancelled.

          Once Woolies determine a code has been invalidity been applied (as owner of the discount offer, they determine how & when it can be used), payment using those codes are invalid, resulting in failure to fully pay for purchase, hence an automatic cancellation. No different to payment by other means, where there are insufficient funds.

          All discussed before when Woolies cancelled orders after so many OzBargainers (& plenty from other sites that posted the same deal) stacked codes. Lots of unhappy shoppers who said they would never shop with Woolies again ;-)

          90 minutes wait to see if my TP is supplied. No cancellation (yet), but order can be rejected at time of pick up. Another OzBargain gamble ;-)

        • @brucefromaustralia:
          Another good bargain from Woolies - for those who received their order. I've now got plenty of TP from this deal ;-)

          Have received a minimum of 20% off (on top of usual 50% off sale prices) on all Woolies purchases since January.

  • I want my money back not store credit this is bullshit!

    • did they offer you store credit or gift card?

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    My order was also cancelled at 12:12

    Never shopping at woolies again!!

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      **until the next deal

  • I ordered my 16 last nite around 10:30 sydney paying $30.88, up until now still no cancellation email, i m going to pickup tonite after work, does this mean i m fine?

    • People have picked up ordered to find later they are cancelled. I have 1 to go get in an hour. No cancellation so far.

    • They probably wont give it to you but its worth a try

    • I had a WW ordered cancelled as I was driving to the store! Its not pleasant

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      Just play dumb and ask for the manager

      • right just ask for the manager don't bother to talk to people who can't decide

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    so maybe my order was less fun but more practical…

    Item Description: Unit Price: Quantity: Price:
    Moro Pure Olive Oil 25.00 1 25.00
    Omo Front Loader Ultimate Liquid 9.99 1 9.99
    Quilton Gold Toilet Tissue 4ply Pure White 140sheets 7.00 6 19.98

    Subtotal: 54.97
    Less Discount: -10.00
    Delivery Fee: 0.00
    Total Payable (including GST): 44.97

    • +1

      Why are in OZBargain if you want to pay that much?

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    The anti TA/Pro TA war is ridiculous. Its perfectly reasonable to criticise someone for a mistake regardless of whatever else they have done it the past. Its not as if people (granted some are) are baying for blood from TA, they are just saying he stuffed up.

    A lot of people are jumping on the TA wagon defending him, I think its important to realise most people are bagging him jokingly, much in the same way as if a friend was to walk into a door frame you would call him a god damn fool.

    • -1

      Context is very difficult in text messages.

    • +1

      Fair enough if they're just bagging him jokingly but I'm not convinced by some of the comments that I saw. I reckon some people got really pissed off and they showed their true colours - a bunch of ingrates who want everything but give nothing! I mean come on, TA wouldn't have shared the screenshots of his conversation with Woolie Rep if he had some ulterior motives. I can understand 100% his reason to contact Woolie to confirm the orders. To be honest, I was thinking about that as well but I couldn't be bothered.

      I'm not saying TA is an OZBargain saint therefore you can't critise him. Of course you can, this is OZBargain, not North Korea! I'm just asking people to consider what they're going to say before they regret it and look at TA's past contributions. Please don't just jump on the bandwagon full of people scolding TA - words can be hurtful too, especially if you've got tens of people hurling nasty comments to you - because people have feelings.

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    Just received my cancellation email, would have been the first time i'm ordering online. The email they sent me was very bland, no apology or anything, like i did something wrong, pah. Will try to avoid WW in the future and shop at Coles/Aldi only, not that it makes a difference for them, but for me.

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    I was denied my coke and sprite packs 2 weeks ago. An 'Out of Stock' notice was sent as I was in the store to collect. I simply walked down to the soft drink aisle and loaded my trolley and waited for the other items. The girl looked annoyed that I uncovered their little lie.

    • Well played Sir!

    • "I simply walked down to the soft drink aisle and loaded my trolley and waited for the other items."

      LOLOLOL, that actually IS a 'cool story bro' (not to mention pretty hilarious)

  • For those who did not get their order cancelled and are doing pickup, please let us know how you go, i don't want to waste my petrol going there for nothing tonite.

    • I'll call them to confirm before I go :)

      • i just live chatted and my order is ok to be picked up during the collection window. I didn't get the super cheap deal though mine work out at 20 cents or whatever.

        • that's good enough. Let's me know if they honour it at store

    • Picked mine up this morning without any dramas, but was told I was one of the few lucky ones as 17 orders were cancelled in my store alone

  • they just cancelled mine :(

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    Hi all.

    Been thinking what to write for the past 3 hours. I've had the worst morning imaginable with what's happened. For those of you that know me personally, you already know the toll it's taken. It's completely ruined my day.

    Firstly, an apology to tonester and the community at large. You need to believe me when I say the only reason I went on a chat session with Woolworths was to get acknowlegement the deal would be honoured. The accusations flying around this forum that I had other motives are beyond belief. When have I ever done anything that hasn't in some way benefitted the community? I'm human, and maybe I screwed up. But I've also learnt a valuable lesson. Don't think I'll ever make mistakes like this again.

    For those that read the original transcript of the chat, I believe an assumption can be made that Woolworths was already aware of the OzB post. What I can say in my defence is I've since called the online team at Woolworths trying to get details as to when they were informed of the OzB 'leak'. They would not give out any information, except to say that orders would have been cancelled with or without this 'leak'. They questioned why I needed to know, but for obvious reasons I wasn't going to divulge any information. I obviously have no proof of this conversation, so hopefully you'll just accept my word for it.

    So in summary, YES, I f**ked up and I'm beyond angry at myself. I'd give anything to take back the last 5 hours and start over again. But I can't. All I ask is to please stop with the hate messages. They really hurt. And for what it's worth, my order was cancelled as well.

    I hope this can end here.

    Thank you for your time. TA.

    • +7

      looking forward your next deal TA

    • +3

      TA, we are waiting for your next deal.

    • +24


      Chill mate. 99% of people on this website love the effort you go to. Majority of those complaining expect everything for nothing and barely contribute. Those who have been around for a while have taken advantage and have had some great savings thanks to the many, many posts you make.

      Don't let the people b****ing ruin your day, it's not at all your fault at all.


    • +2

      Hi TA, I understand now, at the end, its only toilet paper, your overall deal did more saving for me than this toilet paper..Cheer up TA.

    • +1

      TA, it's okay mate, don't be so hard on yourself.
      And for the people hating on him: FFS, it's just toilet paper! Take a spoonful of concrete and harden the eff up!

    • +4

      Your solid contribution of 1700 posts for the community speaks for itself.

    • +3

      Don't stress too much TA. Shit happens

      • but the point is without this deal how do we get it off?

    • No point crying over spilt milk, what's done is done so let's move on :D
      We are looking forward to your next deal!

    • +4

      personally my order wasn't cancelled and I picked up without drama,,,, But even if it had your contribution to OZ is amazing and has saved me one hell of a lot more over time than I did with cheap dunny rolls > my personal shopper assured me when I picked up that orders were being cancelled from 4am for deliveries and pick ups that were meant to be dispatched in the "pm" http://postimg.org/image/uasgr1bhl/

    • +1

      All good TA, shit happens, I don't blame you but woolworth.
      It's nothing compare to your contributions.

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