This was posted 6 years 10 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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88% off Coke/Sprite/Fanta/Lift 3x24x375ml $9.65 ($0.13/Can) @ Woolworths [EDR Req'd]


CVPF3SHP, NYTPM6XC, KPCMFTFR, WEF93EWX, 6YDXAV5F - in that order as per screenshot

(note NQ8LUZ - $10 off $50 - can also be added but hasn't been included - thanks/credit to aussie28)

price-beat at officeworks to save another 5% = $9.17 ($0.13/Can) :)

also 76% off Coke/Sprite/Fanta Varieties 24x2L $23.65 ($0.49/L) (screenshot)

KPCMFTFR - $5 off $30+ soft drink? - thanks/credit to sween64
WEF93EWX - 10% off $25+ soft drink - thanks/credit to Crownie
CVPF3SHP - $5 off $50+ soft drink - thanks/credit to smog
6YDXAV5F - 10% off $15 - thanks/credit to talktoronak

Woolworths Week 1 Everyday Rewards Vouchers/Codes

NYTPM6XC 10% off $35 or more spend on softdrinks. Includes water, mineral water, energy drinks and mixers. (Barcode 9348593000566)
ZEJZJFZU 500 Bonus points when you spend $60 or more in one shop. (Barcode 9348593001006)

Note there is a $30 minimum for online orders (you will need to add more items to your cart in this case). If the system only allows you to add 2 codes: You will need for link your EDR card to your account. You may also need to increase the quantity of your order then decrease it once the codes are added.

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      • +1

        Guilty? It's Woolworths, who cares?!?

  • any idea why it says 'You cannot enter any more than 2 coupon numbers here per order.'

  • +1

    Damn it. Bought at 40c/can. Should have just waited.

    Will Woolies honour at 23c/can? Is it coupon exploitation? I know they have enormous buying power but surely 23 cents per can is nearly or below cost for them even?

    Surely they won't actually sell them at 23cents each per can? :S

  • Thanks OP and everyone who shared the codes :)

  • +1

    Just ordered a an hour ago and now reduced $5 :'(
    Wish i waited, hope there is a way to cancel the order

  • Coming up as $30.19 per each 24x pack. Then $24 per each after all discounts applied. I even used the "buy from catalogue option", clicked on the 2x 24packs for $33 option (SA catalogue) but my trolley amount is $60.38… dodgey Woolies…Dodgey!

    Edit - The price doubles when I chose delivery (even though I'm buying $400 worth of gear). Can you chose click and collect at a store, then change it to delivery post payment (as it should be free anyway)?

    Edit 2 - Just rang the call centre. They said there is an error in the system for my delivery area only :(

  • -1

    just tried, 2 coupons per order is now enforced

  • -2

    codes no longer working at all?

  • Thank you very much op.

  • Just to clarify, there is an glitch with codes. Before applying any coupons make your cart up to $58, I mean add some thing more to get eligible for online order,then apply the vouchers according to OP mentioned. This worked for me came down to $31.83 with some other grocery items.

  • Thanks OP, I also used the $10 off $50 spend online code NQ8LUZ and 15% off frozen foods code NEC6GX7Y and got the following.


    Coca Cola Bottle 2l
    $4.05 $43.98 $24.87

    Coca Cola Can Multi Pack 24x375ml
    $27.49 $61.60 $20.87

    Nanna's Multipack Pies & Desserts Apple Pie 4pk 450g
    $2.84 $0.43 $2.41

    Streets Magnum Multipack White 4pk 468ml
    $3.99 $1.20 $6.78

    Weis Multipack Mango & Cream 4pk 280ml
    $5.00 $0.75 $4.25

    Sub Total $59.18
    Less Order Discount -$10.00
    delivery Fee $0.00
    Total (including GST) $49.18

    • Thanks OP, I also used the $10 off $50 spend online code NQ8LUZ

      thanks for code - i'd update the deal but $50 is spending much more than $16.33/$19.41 :)

    • 15% off frozen foods code NEC6GX7Y

      min spend?


      LPDKJ3HM $5 off $35 spend on frozen foods

      • $15 spend for the 15% off

  • Everyone, don't forget to add 10DOLLARWWP for 10 dollar off.
    Got this code off cash rewards.. : )

  • With the 4th code. I had to add more items into the cart, eg: increase bottle qty to 20, apply the code, then reduce it back down to 17. Of course had to also make it up the number so it reaches $30 before I could checkout. Hope that helps.

  • +3

    NQ8LUZ worked well as well… got another $10 off when initial purchase is over $50.

  • Just did another order on a different account. Don't forget to go through cash rewards for an additional $1 cash back.

    Qty Item $/Unit Promo Disc Total

    Coca Cola Can Multi Pack 24x375ml
    $27.49 $120.86 $44.08

    Coca Cola Zero Cans Multi Pack 24x375ml
    $27.49 $20.14 $7.35

    disney pixar domino stars dominos each
    $0.00 $0.00
    Sub Total $51.43
    Less Order Discount -$10.00
    delivery Fee $0.00
    Total (including GST) $41.43

    • Or just sign up a new account.

      • Minimum spend for the $15 cash back is $120 so would not work.

  • Cheers mate,

    Wish Woolies would start throwing up some discounts on the glass bottled coke.

    Soooo much better tasting than the cans/plastic bottles.

  • I applied 4 codes on 6 cartons and came down to $42.66. According to OP, it's supposed to be $10 less than that.

    • +2

      add another slab and use code NQ8LUZ, Should be $41.43

      • bugger mine only came out to

        6 Coca Cola Can Multi Pack 24x375ml $50.16

        i copy/paste all 4 codes

        whys that?

      • +6

        HAHAHAHA. Holy crap. Just ordered 7 cartons for $41.43 and then paid with my wish gift card that I got for free from the NAB credit card offer.

        Glorious day for ozbargain. Thank you, kind sir.

      • +2

        Thankyou kind sir, worked for me! And to think I was just about to accept 6 cases for $42.66!

  • awesome ordered thanks!

  • +1

    He he Gerry's going to go crazy for them pro's

  • +4

    I can just imagine that the OzBargain dentist community rubbing their hands with glee…. Maybe the OP is a dentist! :)

    • +1

      nothing better than 2.4kg of sugar in a delicious acidic teeth rotting medium!

  • Thanks Tonester, ended up being $0.30/can in SA but I had to add another box to get over $30. That made it $0.34 per can which should be $0.24 after recycling them giving me just under $10 back. Plus the Cashback should bring it down to around $20 all told.

  • Sorry, the Coupon: "NYTPM6XC" has already been used the maximum number of times. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for clarification.

    • Only one use per EDR card.

      • Yeah, I cancelled the order to redo it with more codes, won't work, created a new account and doing it again.

        • That means you've already used the code. If you're creating a new account, I hope you have a new EDR card to use.

        • @watwatwat:

          Yes, isn't there supposed to be a $10 off for first online order code? I can;t find it.

        • @snuke:

          Read the comments on this page.

        • @watwatwat:

          Are you referring to this -
          If so, that is a separate code that works for all. It worked on my other account that has already done multiple orders.

        • @snuke:

          The deal is $41 for 7 cartons or however else you want to structure your order. I don't know what else you want me to say.

        • @watwatwat:

          I was under the belief that everyone got $10 of their first online order, irrelevant of any other deals.

  • my order came to 42.66 for 6 cases so $0.2962 per can.

    Had to add extra stuff to get free delivery to save ..$11

    • Read above to save $10 and get a free extra carton.

      Then you can still add $9 more stuff to get free delivery.

  • I'm getting 6 slabs for $44.57 (IN SA so small "10c tax" imposed) is that alright or could I go better?

    • Go better. Read above.

  • Feel sorry to my teeth…uh…

  • Thanks Tonester, much appreciated. Just bought 6 packs x 24 cans for $42.66. Couldn't resist.

    • +1

      Should have read above, You could have gotten 7 slabs for $41.43

      • -3

        a) I did read the above.
        b) I tried quite various codes and picked the combo that worked best for me.
        c) Why do you want to make me feel bad? Are we in a discount-measuring competition or something? Some people here are so negative. All I wanted to do was say thanks.

        • +3

          So.. if you read the above, you're telling me that you "picked the combo that works best for you", which was to pay $1 extra and get one ctn less on purpose?

          Lol, each to their own.

        • @watwatwat: No, I said I picked the best combo that WORKED for me.
          And I say again - why be so negative?

        • @thedude23: Describes my autism perfectly. Pity I can't even say thanks without copping a critique.

        • -1


          He made a very true comment that you seemed to get offended by for some reason. Grow some balls.

  • 5 cases of coke for $34 , thanxx op

    • +1

      Could have gotten an extra 2 slabs for just an extra $7.

      • +3

        lol bugger, although running out of storage still have stuff from staples a couple of years ago & toilet paper to last another year

  • +2

    Almost ended up ordering last night but I didn't pull the trigger because I thought I'd be healthy and save a bit of money to boot…

    But damn the updated deal is too good to resist. :O

    Thanks tonester and Frozensage. :)

  • +2

    I don't even drink coke really but I still ordered.

    • +11

      The OzBargain way.

  • Hmmm, I'm getting a maximum of 2 coupon codes per order. am I doing something wrong?

    • +1

      Link your EDR card.

  • Why did I just order 3 slabs or coke? :/

    • +1

      well you must do a lot of disco,, coke is after all the disco drug

  • +1

    Just ordered 7 ctns, now how to drink it all without getting diabetes..


    4 Coca Cola Can Multi Pack 24x375ml $35.00
    2 Tresemme Conditioner Platinum Strength 750ml $10.98
    2 Tresemme Shampoo Platinum Strength 750ml $10.98
    5 disney pixar domino stars dominos each $0.00

    Total $46.96 instead of $77.96!


    • +2

      Same exact comment a few comments up. Spend 5 seconds reading?

  • Ha, love the 5% off at officeworks! brilliant.

  • +1

    Thats awesome, got 8 boxes for $50, plus i get a $10 voucher because i spent over 50 :)

    • How do you get a $10 voucher? Is there a code for that?

      • Nah no code, just one of 'my offers' linked to my EDR

  • Nice got 6 boxes for $44 (SA tax added) thanks op

  • I wish I could give you 2 votes. Have my daughter's birthday party next month. Saved me a lot of $$$$$$. Thank you.

  • Legend!!!! love your work!!

  • +1

    Fantastic work guys! I added some other items I needed to buy anyway (cat food, dishwashing liquid etc) to get it over the line, $30.03 and I can collect tomorrow after work. Love your work.

  • +2

    7 boxes for $41.42

    used the 4 codes listed at the top then

    NQ8LUZ listed half way down page

    Thank ya

  • +7

    Have Type 1 diabetes and will have type 2 after this deal. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks tonester!

  • 7 boxes for $41.42 cheers op!!

  • Sweet. Ordered 3 boxes, as well as a few other random groceries.

    1 x Coca Cola Can Multi Pack 24x375ml $3.39!!!
    2 x Coca Cola Zero Cans Multi Pack 24x375ml $6.76!!!


  • Thanksssss Op. I am now hoping woolies will honour my purchase.

  • how to celebrate this successful purchase? with an ice cold can of Coke Zero! Thanks OP and other contributors!

  • Got it - thanks for the efforts everyone!

  • so 24L of coke for $16, sounds like a wonderful plan for diabetes!

    • YOLO!

    • 27 litres actually. But you don't need to buy the full-sugar. Diet Coke and Coke Zero both have 1kj per can. There are other concerns with the diet chemicals within, but that's another story.

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