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88% off Coke/Sprite/Fanta/Lift 3x24x375ml $9.65 ($0.13/Can) @ Woolworths [EDR Req'd]


CVPF3SHP, NYTPM6XC, KPCMFTFR, WEF93EWX, 6YDXAV5F - in that order as per screenshot

(note NQ8LUZ - $10 off $50 - can also be added but hasn't been included - thanks/credit to aussie28)

price-beat at officeworks to save another 5% = $9.17 ($0.13/Can) :)

also 76% off Coke/Sprite/Fanta Varieties 24x2L $23.65 ($0.49/L) (screenshot)

KPCMFTFR - $5 off $30+ soft drink? - thanks/credit to sween64
WEF93EWX - 10% off $25+ soft drink - thanks/credit to Crownie
CVPF3SHP - $5 off $50+ soft drink - thanks/credit to smog
6YDXAV5F - 10% off $15 - thanks/credit to talktoronak

Woolworths Week 1 Everyday Rewards Vouchers/Codes

NYTPM6XC 10% off $35 or more spend on softdrinks. Includes water, mineral water, energy drinks and mixers. (Barcode 9348593000566)
ZEJZJFZU 500 Bonus points when you spend $60 or more in one shop. (Barcode 9348593001006)

Note there is a $30 minimum for online orders (you will need to add more items to your cart in this case). If the system only allows you to add 2 codes: You will need for link your EDR card to your account. You may also need to increase the quantity of your order then decrease it once the codes are added.

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      • 1 calorie, 5.3kj*. But yeah, that is insane. 300ml of chocolate milk (less than a can), has over 2200kj.

  • +1

    Deal of the Century, made an exact $30.10 Order for pick up at 9AM tomorrow. Will call them and run to collect as soon as store opens :P

    Woolworths Select Croissant Butter 4pk 200g
    $2.00 $2.00
    Csr Raw Sugar 1kg
    $2.78 $2.56 $3.00
    Pringles Share Pack Original 150g
    $2.05 $2.05
    Toblerone Milk Bar 50g
    $0.99 $0.99
    Coca Cola Can Multi Pack 24x375ml
    $27.49 $43.88 $11.10
    Fanta Orange Cans Multi Pack 24x375ml
    $27.49 $21.94 $5.55
    Ocean Spray Cranberry & Pomegranate Fruit Drink 1.5l
    $2.90 $0.89 $2.01
    Steggles Chicken Pieces Premium Breast Fingers 400g
    $3.40 $3.40
    disney pixar domino stars dominos each
    $0.00 $0.00
    Sub Total $30.10
    Delivery Fee $0.00
    Total (Including GST) $30.10

  • Thank you so much OP

  • +1

    Why are people buying 7 Crates for $42 when 3 Crates cost $16.5. Just add other stuffs on Special and make it minimum $30 and pay with BigW 7.5% Off cards.

    • How do you get 3 for $16.50 ie which codes did you use?

      • You can but then you have to pay normal price on other items to make it up to $30 for the order to go through.

        • Yeah that's fine, but which 3 codes?

        • +1

          @unity1: says it in the OP add the items and then apply the codes as per the screenshot in the OP it should be $16.33

        • @aussie28: Sorry not thinking. Thought I only had to use 3 codes for get 3 cases for $16.33

        • Normal price, you mean advertised price. Get the 1/2 price or less than 1/2 price specials or milk. Get it to $50 and then use $10 Off code.

          Say 3 X 24 Pack Cans — $16.5
          17 X 2L Milk (substitute with any specials or what you need) —- $34 for your groceries

          Use $10 Coupon

          Total to Pay : $40.5

          Cashrewards : $1
          BigW Gift Card: $3.03 (7.5% off via Entertainment Book)

          Final Net Price : $36.xx

          Isn't this smarter than buying 6 X 24 Pack
          Rinse and Repeat with another/new EDR Card + Online account

          WIN WIN WIN

        • +2

          @unity1: it's now 5 codes for 5 cases for $22.75 ($0.19/can) :)

    • Better to buy 7 in a single purchase and then use the codes for other items on another account for maximum savings.

      • I am sure everyone has multiple EDR cards, most of the codes are once per account and also once per EDR card.
        Buy 3 X 24 cans for $16.5 and buy rest of the 1/2 price specials.

        • Only takes a few minutes to sign up both lol

  • 6 x 24 pack coke zero $42.66 delivered not bad….

    • +5

      When are people going to start reading the comments above. You could have gotten 7 slabs for $41.43

      • Isn't a. Max of six? Just got five for $33

        • +1

          6 of one type. I did 6x Coke and 1x Fanta

          7 slabs for $41.43 delivered

        • @random110: I dunno how I got $40.85

        • @random110: Cheers

    • +2

      6 x 24 pack coke zero $42.66 delivered not bad….

      Add some extra products to take the total to at least $50, then use (5th code) NQ8LUZ to take another $10 off.

      *If you add another slab of 24, it will need to be a different variety if the previous 6 were all the same.

  • I can't get this to work for Adelaide, is it just me?

    I can't even add the coke special to the cart, it just comes up at $30.19 each no discounts…

    • +1

      For some weird reason wasn't working for my local woolies but was working for one a bit further away.

      • Not all stores are equipped for click and collect.

        • Yeah I think our local store is…well anyway working now, 30 cents approx in Adelaide. 20 cents with 10 cents off. Bargain!

        • @treeman: just realised that too… got 6x24 cans delivered for $44.58, minus potential $14.40 of recycling refund = $30.18
          (less than 21c/can)

        • @muncan: I got the same as you mate, is that the best we can get?

        • @Food: unless you want to do a road trip then I think so.

        • @muncan: In around the corner from a bottles depot :D

        • +1

          @Food: Of course you are :-)
          ps. order 3 at a time now…. lol

    • Some adelaide locations don't work (I rang up). Chose another nearby store, try delivery or book a working store & change pickup location via phone on Monday

      • Got it working in another nearby store. Will pick up tomorrow if all goes to plan.

  • Thanks OP

    nice work!

  • I'm getting $85.32 for 12 cartons is this correct?

    • Have you used NQ8LUZ to take it to $75.32 ?

      • Yes used that and used first 4 as well :S

        • +1

          Oh. Maybe do it in separate orders (different email addresses) to get 7 for $42.xx. {equivalent of two free slabs).

  • +3

    Try code 6YDXAV5F for further 10% of purchase over $15.
    Works for me :)

    • How much did your slabs cost you in the end?

      • 4.98 per Slab.
        I bought 3 Slabs and some other frozen foods !!!

    • +2

      thanks - deal updated :)

      83% off Coke/Sprite/Fanta/Lift 5x24x375ml $22.75 ($0.19/Can) @ WOW [EDR Req'd] - CHEAPEST EVER

  • Can anyone help me please. I am getting 6 cases for $136.70

    • applied > CVPF3SHP, NYTPM6XC, KPCMFTFR, WEF93EWX ?

      • i did apply those, you can see in the screen shot

        • My bad. Have you signed up and entered your EDR card number? Need to be logged in for the discount to apply.

        • @ash2000:

          yes my EDR card is on my account

        • @monty.melb:

          Have you made purchases on that account b4? if so, try creating another account, new email, same EDR #.

        • @ash2000: yes i had made purchase before

        • @monty.melb:

          See comments above about Adelaide stores. (if you are in Adelaide still)

        • @ash2000: i created new account now 6 cases for $112

        • @ash2000: yes I am in Adelaide

        • @monty.melb: having same issue for SA

        • @usama91:

          Hallet Cove worked for me. Seaford Meadows didn't.

  • Whats the discounr without an EDR Card?

    • no edr => limit of 2 codes

  • So many codes no bothered about the amount of crates required if 3 is enough then fine by that,so how does one get this with what codes and delivered free.if I need to order four then great.
    But so many people getting different prices with so many codes anyone care to post up recent or best deal on this.

    • info on codes are in the original post, but simply apply them all!

  • Thanks! got 4 for $25… which I thought was plenty, now I'm wishing I got 7 :P Oh Well

  • Weird how everyone is getting different prices? I tried having 3 in the cart, but showed at $22, not $16? Meh. Ordered 4 cartons for $33.05. Good deal OP & those who've contributed codes, thanks.

  • 4 for $25 which codes and was this free delivery?

  • Don't forget cashrewards.

    • I never get the cash back from cash rewards. Twice they wasted my time. F*** cash rewards

  • Now $29.30 for 6 cases but minimum spend $30

  • +1

    Oh god the discounts keep appearing. They've moved from 3 for $33 to 5 for $22 with free delivery LOL.

  • Damn, just placed the order before I saw the 10% off $15 spend code. Should've waited 5 minutes.

    • still ridiculous price tho, be happy! :D

  • Thanks OP, I found these codes also work for the Solo 30 can boxes which are $13 at the moment. I ordered 2 x Coke, 2 x Coke Zero, 1 x Fanta, 2 x Solo (30pk); total = $44.93. Hope they don't cancel our orders…..

  • +1

    Anyone keen on doing a bottle deposit run to Adelaide with all those empty cans?
    We'll be needing Newman's mail van?

  • Thank you oz bargain I just got 12 slabs for $58.60 :D

  • for those who drink chivas regal 18yr old 700ml. You can get it for $63 by ordering 3x24x375ml plus using the five codes posted above AND code NQ8LUZ

    • Can't find the bws option from SA, moved or gone??

  • +1

    Cancelled my previous order and then placed the following order under a different account.

    Review Order
    Order Collection

    Qty Item $/Unit Promo Disc Total

    Coca Cola Can Multi Pack 24x375ml
    $27.49 $87.76 $22.20

    Coca Cola Zero Cans Multi Pack 24x375ml
    $27.49 $131.64 $33.30

    disney pixar domino stars dominos each
    $0.00 $0.00
    Sub Total $55.50
    Less Order Discount -$10.00
    delivery Fee $0.00
    Total (including GST) $45.50

    • Did you incur anything for cancelling?

      • No there's no cancellation fees.

        • Didn't show up on my woolworth account that I could cancel- called up and the guy cancelled for me.
          No fees as long as its not expected to be delivered on the same day as your calling.

    • +1

      Less is more eh? Here you go

      Now if only there was a pickup store near Hurstville…

      • TY

      • Yeah, nothing near us. I'm collecting from tempe tomorrow.

      • Tigerhacker and Rilebag: If you're interested, there's a reverse vending machine at the Kogarah 7-11 (cnr Princes Hwy/President's Ave). Recycle your cans to earn a movie voucher etc. Each can equates to approx 5 cents. There are brochures on the side of the machine regarding how to join.

  • Hmm. Ran out of email adresses to make new accounts for free delivery :<

  • +1

    With 5 codes, it's as low as 13 cents per can. Well done ozbargain.

  • +1

    I think by the end of the promotion we might be able to get it down to 10c per can……….

  • +1

    Thanks all, my waistline does not appreciate it, but my wallet thinks it's a deal too good to miss.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, didn't want but bought 10 anyway :)

  • Any chance this will get cancelled?

    I thought woolworths made it you could only use 2 discount codes. Why did they change it with us ozbargainers around?

    • +1

      Massive chance. Firstly, they may not have enough stock to fill the orders, secondly, they might cancel saying it's against their T&Cs to use more than a certain number of coupons, and thirdly, they would obviously be making a loss selling at these prices. Like previous deals, some may receive their order but I highly doubt everyone will. Let's wait and see.

    • +1

      Any chance this will get cancelled?

      multiple accounts => risk of cancellation

      I thought woolworths made it you could only use 2 discount codes. Why did they change it with us ozbargainers around?

      limit of 8 codes with edr

  • Picked up 5 cases (+some Easter bits to make the $30 :))…. OP - awesome work!

  • lol it's $4.05 per 24 box with all the coupons (minus the $50+ spend voucher) this is ridiculous!!

    • Cheap Cheap Cheap…..Woolworths the Coupon Code People.

      There is a reason why Coles is still a distant No 2 :P

    • $4.05? or do you mean $4.55?

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